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Silly Thoughts

Hotaru Imai walked across the empty hall of the Dormitory Building. Her friend asked her to stay in her dorm that night, so they could review their notes together for the coming exam. It was already half past twelve, but knowing her friend, she was certain she would still be waiting for her.

As she stepped on the doorway and about to knock, she heard hisses from inside the room.

"Stop whining, Mikan! You'll wake the people up," said a voice of a man. Hotaru mused. How come there's a man inside her friend's room? And in this time of night?

"Sorry… But it hurts a lot!"

"Let's just get this over with! I want to go back to my room already."

"Oh Natsume, please stay! Just do it, okay?"

Hotaru grinned widely. She knew Mikan and Natsume were an item already, but they were still too young for that thing! With this, she grabbed a little tape recorder from her pocket. She had always brought it with her; it was perfect for blackmailing.

"Okay, ready to try again?" asked the male voice. Then after a few seconds, the girl whined.

"Aaah!!! Natsume, it really hurts! I can't stand it!"

"Come on, you're the one who wants this done."

"But… Don't you have any anesthesia?"

Hotaru suppressed a chuckle at this. Anesthesia? No wonder she's such a moron.

"I suppose there is at the infirmary, but in this time of night, I bet it's already closed." The eavesdropper raised a brow. Did Natsume just say there is an anesthesia in performing you-know-what? Is he nuts? Mikan has DRASTICALLY influenced her boyfriend a tinge of her stupidity.

A sigh emanated from the girl. "Natsume, now I'm ready for it. There's no turning back now. If you don't do this, I will not be able to go to sleep."

"Okay then."

And after a few seconds, "…Mikan, loosen your grip on my arm a bit! It's almost done!"

"…Is it out yet?" the girl asked.


"May I see it?"

"Sure, here it is. It's all yours."

"Oh boy, so that's why it hurts a lot. It's so big!"

"Yeah, I thought so too. So may I go back to my room now?"

"Sure… Oh my gosh, Natsume! Blood! There's blood!"

Hotaru's eyes widened. Her best friend's virginity just vanished in a blink of an eye! And… She didn't even do a thing to stop them. She's such an irresponsible friend… She knew they were both idiots, but she never really thought that they didn't know what would be the result of what they just did. She wanted to blame herself for just thinking of blackmailing… And now, her best friend's already pregnant at the age of fifteen. Her life is totally ruined.

"Go gargle with water, and put cotton in there to stop bleeding, will you?"

"Yes, Mr. Dentist," the girl chortled jokingly.

The raven-haired blackmailer blinked. Did she just hear that right? Natsume's a dentist?

"Don't call me again in the middle of the night just to get your tooth done. Go to the dentist next time."

"Yeah, I will, but it really hurts that I couldn't sleep. It won't wait 'til tomorrow, you know?"

Hotaru got it now. So Natsume was trying to pull out Mikan's decayed tooth, and the silly girl kept on wincing. Oh well, Mikan probably forgot that she was coming. She silently walked back on her tracks and to her dormitory, still clutching the recorder. The girl with jet-black hair smirked with a happy expression etched on her face.

She's gonna be rich.