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Gibbs sighed and rubbed his forehead as his computer asked for something he didn't even know existed. He pressed a couple of random keys, hoping they would fix the problem, but ended up making it worse. He looked up and opened his mouth, ready to order the youngest agent on his team, McGee, to fix the problem, but stopped when he saw the empty desk. Remembering it was a Sunday, and therefore not a workday for the team, he closed his mouth and dropped his head towards his work.

He normally liked his Sundays off to work on his boat and have dinner with a red headed friend, but with a mountain of detested paperwork piling up on his desk and a mysterious phone call from his old flame - and present boss - asking for an appearance at work, it seemed like his boat and dinner would have to wait. An earlier call from Director Shepard's secretary informed him she would call again when Jenny needed him. There was one thing he hated more than paperwork, and that was waiting.

He took a gulp of his coffee and searched the computer for the elusive reset button. He smiled triumphantly when the small indistinguishable button was found and he quickly pressed it. As the computer reloaded, he turned to the lesser of two evils. He began flicking through his team's reports but was promptly interrupted by the ringing of his desk phone.

"Gibbs," he barked down the phone. "I'll be right up," he replied to the trembling wreck of a secretary temp. He put the phone down, pushed his chair away and stood up, feeling the bones in his back click as he stretched out. He picked up his coffee cup and turned to the stairs. He easily ascended the staircase and walked the few steps needed to reach the Director's outer office where the secretary sat waiting for him.

"You can g-go right in S-special Agent Gibbs," the woman stuttered at Gibbs' intimidating presence. He walked past her and through the double doors, into the

spacious office which held extra room for a conference table and a couple of large fake plants. Sitting at the conference table was the director and another woman, her back facing Gibbs.

"Director," he greeted.

"Special Agent Gibbs," she replied. "Close the door please?" He turned and shut the door with a click. "Please sit down."

Gibbs chose a chair and slid into it in one fluid motion. Once sat down, the woman turned to face him. He recognized her immediately. His team might joke about his eyesight but his memory was still as sharp as a tack.

"Mrs West," he greeted with a nod.

"Special Agent Gibbs, please, call me Mary," the small woman responded.

"What can we do for you Mary?" he asked. The woman wrung her hands nervously and her tired eyes said more than any words could.

"It's been four years," she explained. Gibbs knew that, but he stayed silent, letting the woman finish what she had come here to say. "I know it's a lot to ask from you, after all you've already done for me and my husband, but time's become an issue." Mary's eyes flicked up to meet Gibbs' ice blue ones. "My husband is dying Agent Gibbs." Mary's face creased up and a single tear rolled down her pale cheek. "The doctors have given him less than a month."

"I'm sorry."

"Thank you, Agent Gibbs." Jenny passed Mary a tissue. They waited as Mary West blew her nose. "He doesn't want to go without knowing… and it tears me apart that things have to happen this way. But he needs closure, we both need closure." Again Mary's eyes met Gibbs'. "Please find my daughter, Agent Gibbs."