I'll update my other stories as soon as school is over. This is something I wrote up in math class I had to share.

It's time for Naruto and cast!
It's sure to be a blast.
Your pain will be the past
When you see us go so fast,
We're Naruto and cast!

Come join Team 7
And their jounin sensei too.
Together we save the day
From idiots like you.
We beat up all the bad guys
That's what ninjas do.
We save some lives
We use big knives
Now did you get the clue?

We're Naruto and cast!
Sakura's smart and
Sasuke's angst
Kakashi's real fast
While Naruto's dead last
We're Naruto and cast!

Meet Kiba and his dog
Who have a case of fleas
Asuma likes to smoke
So his team gets the wheeze
Tsunade's really drunk
Tenten is Chinese
We're all damn strong
So sing this song
Dedicated to the Leaves!

We're Naruto and cast!
Forever we shall last!
Please kiss us in our ass
'Cause you're in a lower class
We're Naruto-ee
Totally showy
Naruto and cast!
Those are the facts!

Yeah, Animaniacs theme song, twisted for my own (and your) pleasure. Been watching the old (awesome) cartoons and youtubedotcom. My second Naruto themed tribute to the days when Amercan cartoons were actually awesome, and TV was worth wasting your time on.