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"They're glaring at me aren't they?"

"No," Marcus answered, straightening his tie.

"Don't lie," Adrian replied, "I can feel it in the back of my head, they are staring daggers at me, I can just feel it."

Marcus stopped fixing his tie, "Relax mate, they are looking at you, and it isn't a good look, but I wouldn't call it a glare."

He sighed dramatically, Marcus rolled his eyes, "They hate me, they hate me."

"Well you did steal their girl away from them," Marcus said.

"Yeah, well they still don't believe that she came onto me," Adrian said.

"That aside, you didn't exactly help things along," Marcus said.

"What do you mean? I was, am friendly to them, it's those thickheads that are the problem."

"Announcing your engagement like the way you did, standing up in the middle of the Leaky Cauldron, on Weasleys birthday, and saying 'We're getting hitched'," Marcus laughed, "You had to know that wouldn't go down well."

"Well it wasn't the smoothest announcement," Adrian admitted, "Anyone would think I'd killed their favourite pet or something."

"No, but you stole it right from underneath their noses," Marcus said, "If you hadn't taken her up on her offer, she'd probably be with Weasley or even Potter now."

"Yeah," Adrian grinned, "It's too bloody bad for them!" Marcus joined him in a laugh, and they quickly stopped as the wedding march started, turning to face the door, as they opened and the bridesmaid started to enter. Bugger those two, as long as he had her, it would be alright.