February 2005

Disclaimer: It all belongs to George, I'm just playing in his sandbox

Title: Almost Perfection

Author: JadeMax

Genre: Mush, fluff – Challenge fic for K/J thread on He was almost perfect.

Author's Note: I apologize in advance for the bashing of any characters cheeky grin

Challenge Requirements:

The challenge for February is to write a K/J vignette or short story that incorporates the following:

A love letter

A dinner date


A misunderstanding

Flowers, champagne, and chocolate

And, of course, mush!

Almost Perfection

By JadeMax

Chapter 1

He was perfect.

Jaina sighed looking across the table at her breakfast companion, assessing him thoroughly. He'd just come in from outside to join her, not one to give up an early morning routine of physical exercise.

His excellent physique, his startlingly clear green eyes, so full of warmth for her. His rugged good looks, enhanced by black hair that was dotted with flakes of early morning snow. His overcoat was spattered with more white, quickly drying in the warmth of their cabin.


She jerked, looking up guiltily.

He was perfect and he did nothing for her. "Yes, Jag?"

"Are you alright?"

She looked at him for a long minute. "Yes."

"I know this wasn't the vacation we planned, but can't we make the best of it?"

She hid a grimace. Make the best of it, right. She pushed away from the table. "I know you're dying to get back to your exercise routine, don't let me hold you up. I'll be tinkering with the caf unit; it's not putting out the strength I want."

She could feel his gaze following her as she disappeared, thankful when he didn't follow. The war had ended several months ago, and with the adrenaline rushes gone, so had her feelings for Jag slowly died.

She sighed, rolling her shoulders to try and get rid of the tension. This week was going to be difficult. Snow had fallen the night before, completely unexpected, on the small retreat and now she was stuck. Stuck in a small cabin, light-years from anywhere, with Jag, a man she felt nothing more than friendship for. She could just throw something.

She heard the door in the other room open and close, Jag's presence diminishing as he did as told. She made a face. Maybe that was it; he always did as he was told. So boring, so predictable, so -

The comm. unit beeped.

She looked at it blankly. No one knew they were here, right?

Turning, she looked at it carefully, before reaching over to switch it on.

"Hey Jay, what's happening?"


He smirked, the holo of his face looking right at her. "Who else would care enough to track you down on some backwater world?"

She laughed. "Nobody," she said honestly, mentally adding Jag to the list. "How'd you find me?"

"I have my ways," he gave her a sly look. "So, I'm in the neighborhood..."

She gaffed. "Right."

"No, seriously. I'm right next door. I couldn't resist grabbing the last cabin when I heard the price."

"An arm and a leg?"

"Just my first born." His response was easy, familiar, and she could feel the tension draining away. "So, what're you doing for dinner tonight Goddess?"

She sighed, resting her chin in her hand. "I'm not sure, Kyp. I'm thinking I might roast a certain Chiss Clawcraft pilot with tubers and gravy."

Kyp snickered. "That bad? How about joining me for dinner? I promise I'll be more entertaining."

Jaina looked over her shoulder towards the front door, debating. "Just dinner?"

Kyp shrugged. "I was thinking maybe a little dancing, a little dinner, maybe a snowball fight?"

Jaina laughed. "Can I peg Jag in the face? It might loosen him up."

"Mind if we exclude him, Jay? Jag's not my-"

"-favorite person in the galaxy." She finished his sentence. "I know, I know. I don't know why you put up with him, anyway."

Kyp chuckled. "I could say the same for you. What do you say, I'm just across the pond."

She smiled. "Alright, sure. I've been looking for a way to get away. To be honest, he's driving me nuts."

"Routine getting to you?"

"Something like that." She waved one hand dismissively. "What time?"

"Whenever, it's not like I'm the one with houseguests."

"Ok, I'll see you tonight." She clicked off the comm. and his image slowly faded.

Turning away, she went back to the caf machine and pulled it off the counter. Until it was time to get ready, she would tinker with it. Maybe by then, she'd have found an excuse to give Jag. Or maybe she'd tell him the truth. Musing, she set to work on the caf machine.

Kyp watched Jaina's image disappear from the comm. unit and allowed himself a smile. So, she was getting fed up with Jag? He wasn't surprised; the Captain didn't have the zest to keep an active, intelligent woman like Jaina's interest for long. Not with his predictable, dull routine.

He whistled to himself, slightly off key, as he went about setting up his little cabin for having a visitor. Not just any visitor, but Jaina Solo, the woman he'd convinced himself he couldn't ever have.

Now that had all changed. He looked around the cabin's main room, the entrance way off to one side. There was a large Wampa pelt stretched out across a polished hardwood floor. One wall was dominated by a fireplace, two small couches and one large one, flanking the massive center piece. A staircase led up to the loft in one corner, spiraling up to disappear into the rafters, a second, smaller fire place out of view in the master bedroom.

The walls were untouched wood, sealed with a similar colored sealant to keep the warmth in. Lamps in two corners lent the room an almost homey air. Throw pillows dotted the couches and a blanket was draped across each of the seats. A coffee table, clear of all but his datapads, was the last piece to complete the ensemble. All were done in dark mahogany-like wood, keeping with the rustic theme. Two windows, draped with heavy drapes and one image of Coruscant before it's fall, were the last decorations in the room.

In the adjoining room was a small table, already sent in anticipation for that evening's dinner. Two places, with crystal glasses and fine china. He frowned, looking at the table. He wasn't being too obvious, was he?

Kyp shrugged, even if he was, it was better than Jag had ever treated her, of that he was positive.

He turned to the kitchen where the newest appliances were helping him prepare delicacies from several planets. That, and he'd been forced to learn to cook when he'd found himself eating andarian space noodles five times a week. Kyp looked at the pots simmering on his cooker and nodded. He'd become an accomplished cook; he hoped Jaina wouldn't mind, but he didn't dare order out for this. He wanted her to himself, if only for one night.

He turned away from the kitchen, and wandered into the living room, setting a fire in the fire place. How rustic, he found himself thinking, an old fashioned wood fire.

Kyp stretched out on the largest couch, his feet crossed at the ankle, and pulled the nearest datapad off the table. He had a surprise in mind for Jaina, only it was something he'd never tried before. He grinned in anticipation. She was going to love it... if he could pull it off. If. He snorted. When. Kyp Durron was embarking on the most important culinary experience of his life and he wouldn't fail. Not when it meant convincing her to leave Jag. He smirked. And convince her he would.

She wouldn't know what hit her.