I tapped my pencil furiously against the blank piece of paper in front of me. Who knew how long I had been staring into space? It could have been minutes, hours, possibly days. Well, not days.

I tugged at a piece of my hair, and angrily threw the pencil across the room.

Edward caught it in his hand, giving me a surprised look.

"Frustrated my love?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Just a little."

He smiled, and handed me the pencil. He pulled up a chair, sitting next to me. He took the paper from the desk as I chewed on the eraser.

"Well, this looks promising." He pretended to read the blank paper.

I socked him in the arm, looking away.

"It's not funny. I have writer's block."

He ruffled my hair, and handed me back the paper.



"I finished mine, so I can help you with yours." Edward put an arm around me.

"Can I read it?" I looked up at him, sticking out my lower lip.

"No." He pinched my cheek.

I pulled away and went for the door. He beat me to it, throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me out. I pummeled his back with my fists, but he just carried me down the hall, and opened a door.

"Why are we going into the supply closet?" I asked as he shut the door behind us.

"Because I'm in need." Edward set me down, pressing me against the wall.

"Of what? A syringe?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

He chuckled under his breath, and traced my cheeks gently with his fingertips. I smiled at his touch, and he buried his face into my shoulder.

I kissed the back of his neck as he rubbed my back. I heard him growling playfully against my shirt, and gently pushed him backwards.

He landed on the floor, and I jumped on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around me, our lips meeting and breaking apart, and then meeting and breaking apart again.

He went for my shirt, but I pushed his hand away, pinning it to the floor.

"Don't ruin it." I said between kisses.

Instead, he broke free of my grasp and pulled out my ponytail. I shook my hair over his face, and he breathed in the scent.

"While we're in here, I'm going to need something." I said suddenly, breaking the kiss.

"What? A pair of plastic gloves?" Edward smiled and went to kiss me again.

"I'm serious."

His eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"What do you need?"

I bit my lip.

"A pregnancy test."

The door opened suddenly, and I looked up to see Carlisle, shaking his head.

"Come on out, Esme is ready to go."