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Chapter 1

My hand shook while turning on the water. Partly because of the last encounter that I had with Edward. Sometimes I swear he is too perfect to exist here at all. It took all but a few seconds for the water to warm before I quick stepped in. The mist in the shower helped to briefly take away all the worries that I faced right now. Yeah, it was no more than usual; did he love me, why me, and my favorite one: would he stay with me always like he had once failed to promise?

The strawberry scented shampoo filled my nose as I was washing it out. Moving along the edge of the bathtub, I slipped and knocked my head against one of the shelves.

" Darn it!" I muttered and looked to see what I had slipped on.

A runway bar of soap. Geez, I' m terrible. I stiffened as I thought I heard a soft chuckle. Of course Edward was listening, I should have figured that out by now. What made my nervous was the thought of him in the bathroom with me as I shaved my legs! I strongly doubted in my mind that he would encroach on me like that. Then again, these past few months after prom and the whole cast getting taken off thing, I wouldn' t blame him. Falling down my own stairs so many times it hard to remember, I am glad that he was always there to catch me.

Waving childishly to the shower as I got out, I yanked a towel off the rack and dried myself off. My hair was a mess, I got a brush and pulled it through. The tangles weren' t even all out when Edward was banging on the door a few minutes later.

"Bella?" he tone sounded lively.

" Hmm..." I looked in the mirror at myself and almost laughed.

I had a smile on my face and didn' t even know it.

"Do you need some clothes?" Edward giggled though the door.

I peered around the tiny bathroom, " Shoot," I whispered and then said more loudly,"Yeah, would you mind?"

" Not at all," he replied and there was a short pause, "Can I come in? I won' t look."

"Sure," stupid vampire speed, he had gotten my stuff already.

"Hold on a second," I shifted the towel so it was covering everything.

"Now?" he asked gently, opening up the door.

I reached me hand out by the open crack," Uh huh."

"Oh, right," he sniffed the air, "Bella, how did you manage to hurt yourself this time?"

I grunted and took the newly produced clothes from his hands.

"Thank you very much," with that I slammed the door, knowing his hands were already out of the way.

Silently I blushed, thank goodness he could see me. In mixed up with some of my sweats was my bra and underwear! Holy crow! It embarrassed me just thinking about my perfect boyfriend going through my underwear drawer! Wait, I stopped myself from this train of thought for a moment, why was my sweats here instead of regular clothes.

"Edward?" I asked.

"You should wear your sweats today, don' t worry," his voice tried to calm me down though the wood of the door, but I was already worried!

I could almost imagine he sly look on his face,"Why?"

"Simply easier, plus you shouldn' t do anything else with your hair."

Now I knew he was up to something.

"Again, why?" I was truly perplexed.

"Bella," he was on the verge of growling, "do I have to come in there and dress you myself?"

This got me moving,"No," I squeaked out.

Somehow he must have sensed it because he said nothing more. Pulling the holey t-shirt on and looking in the mirror in disgust that my hair was a mess yet again, I reached for the doorknob. I found it without trouble and opened up the door. The hallway was dark and Edward was no where to be found. That was a bad sign. When I got to my door, I felt a piece of paper on the door handle. I couldn' t read it in the hallway because it was too dark. Inside my room, I flicked on the light. He wasn' t in there either. Gosh, did he finally get fed up with me and leave me? I couldn' t stand the thought. Only then was it that I remembered the note in my hand.

Slowly I opened it, afraid of what he might say.

Dearest Bella,

I have to go check up on something really quick. Sorry I had to leave you alone for this long amount of time. In all reality, it' s a very short time, but when I' m away from your sweet face, the gap seems grow bigger.

My never ending love,


Wow, I always loved when he wrote to me, partly because his handwriting was flawless. Just like everything else about him. It pained me to both read and see that he was going to be away from me. Mind numbing over because there was nothing else to do, I sat on the wooden floor and waited for me Edward. Seconds and minutes bled together as I waited for the arrival of my love. My back had been towards the window, so when I felt the cool breeze, I spun quickly around to face Edward. As soon as I saw his smiling face, I smiled and ran into his arms.

"Oh, hello there! When the last time I saw you?" Edward swept me easily up and kissed me gently on the lips.

I murmured, burying my face into his stone chest, "Seems like forever."

"Tell me about it," he touched his lips to my hair.

"So," I broke the long silence first, we had been standing there for along time just holding each other, "what was this thing that you had to do?"

A icy thumb lifted my chin up, "That' s where we' re going."

"Edward," I sighed fearing what he was getting me into and moved away a little.

"I love you," his eyes burned deep into mine.

I gave in, and he threw me over his shoulder and ran us outside my bedroom window. Wind whipped my hair around and stung my face for not even a minute.

"Where are we?" I asked before I opened my eyes.

He spoke carefully, "Home."

"Oh good!" I hopped down to the ground without even opening my eyes and caught my balance.

My lids were light when they finally fluttered open and I saw Edward's face just centimeters from mine. Oh, so he caught me. Wonderful.

"Alice was right," he dazzled me momentarily.

I lost my focus, "Huh?"

"Alice said that you would try and hurt yourself a lot today," his eyes danced as he gave that crooked smile that made my heart stop.

"Well,' I cleared my throat, jumpstarting my heart again,"that' s my problem."

"No, your wrong. It's my problem too. If I lost you, I-I-" he stammered and looked down ashamed.

I felt my face grow softwith tenderness," Aw..."

At the exact moment, the door opened and Alice bounded out, jumping up and down all the way.

"Bella! Guess what? Actually, don't! Oh we' re going to have so much fun!" she clapped her hands together and grinned at me.

"Alice," Edward moved his gaze from me to her, then he said something super fast.

She shook her head and looked at me,"Let's get started."

"No-" I was got cut off by Alice mile a minute chatter.

"Okay! Did your shower bummer hurt? Sorry, I don't mean to intrude!" she effortlessly picked me up into her arms and we were in her room before I knew it, "Pink, shoot! Where did I leave that darn-" she stopped herself,"Oops! Well, come on!"

She pulled me into her bathroom. "This will be great!" she giggled and pushed my shoulders down into a wooden chair in front of a huge vanity.

For the next hour and a half, she was messing with my hair and my face, applying anything to anywhere she saw fit. Prom all over again, except this time it was something bigger, she seemed a bit rushed. It made me have butterflies in my stomach. She eventually stopped, showing me here work in the mirror. My hair was totally flat, really shiny too. Golden-bronze powder covered my lids, I was freaked out about the brown eyeliner, but she assured me it was necessary.

"Okay, now comes the really fun part!" Alice's eyes glowed with so much excitement that I found myself getting excited too!

I rolled my eyes as she grabbed my hands and in a flash I was in front of her palace sized closet.

"What are you trying to do to me?" I bit my lip in anticipation.

She winked at me, "Just watch." Lighting speed caused her to be in front of me one instant, gone then back the next.

I was used to it, of course. Alice held in one of her hands a delicate light pink wrap-round dress. In the other, a pair of white summer slippers. Oh god, that' s not cool.

"Alice, are you thinking what I' m thinking?" I asked her, backing up against the wall.

"I' m sure I don' t know that. Neither does Edward," she giggled playfully and moved closer to me.

My hands were in front of me," I' m not going anywhere in that!"

"Yes you are Bella! Don' t play around with me!" she pulled playfully on my hand and got me somehow into her bathroom with the death traps.

The dress was on in surprisingly a short time and then I slipped into the slippers. I didn' t know how I looked, probably really stupid. Turning to the vanity, I saw I practically glowed in pink dress. It was like some sort of miracle! Wow, I turned from side to side, revealing curves I never even knew existed.

Alice knocked on the door, "Let me see you!"

"You probably already did!" I laughed and knew I was right.

"Did you think that I would buy you a dress that I knew wouldn't be perfectly beautiful?" she asked and waited for me to open up the door.

I was hesitant, but did it anyway, "Okay."

She had her hands clasped up by her chin and had a smile that couldn' t even compare to Edward' s. It hurt my eyes to look at it. Maybe it was just the blinding speed that she ran over to me and held me out in front of herself.

"Edward would have a heart attack if he could," Alice looked my up and down quickly, then flipped a piece of hair back into place.

"I let you dress me up and deck me out, so what' s this all for?" I fiddled with a loose thread before Alice quickly pulled it out, "Please can I know?"

"Not yet!" she exclaimed and shook her head rapidly.

I scowled and was back in her room.

" Um..." she seemed to think for a second, " Oh yeah!"

She zoomed back into her closet and brought out a camera.

"What's this for," I raised my eyebrows at her.

"The moments you will share will be totally worthy of a camera," she winked in my direction and set the flash button.

"Alice," I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"You'll thank me for it later," she wagged her finger at me and half carried me down stairs to the living room.

Everyone was there except for Edward. I heard loud gasps from all around, even from Rosalie. My eyes were on the ground and I could feel myself blushing red all over.

"Bella, look up," Alice poked my arm, which made me look up into the faces of my boyfriend' s family.

Their eyes were all golden, which means they had hunted recently. They wasn' t what made my eyes start to water. All of the Cullen' s faces held a look of awe. Like I was one of them, beautiful. That wasn' t possible, I' d be the first one to know if I was. Emmett' s smile was as broad as his shoulders. I thought Esme would almost start jumping with joy like Alice was. She always seemed to be the coolest, the most calm and collected. It was totally not the case now. Jasper was sending waves of calmness though out the room. I threw him a grateful look.

The blushing stopped for a brief second, I was able to continue my gaze around the room. Miss-entirely-textbook even had a little grin on her faultless face. That was a big shocker, I blushed just in spite of myself. The eldest Cullen had a sincere beaming face that lit up his eyes. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of all of them.

"Never could have guessed," Emmett came forward and brushed a piece of hair out of my eyes.

I flushed even worse, "I look... okay?"

"I' ve never seem you look so beautiful," Esme whispered by my ear.

"Thank you," I breathed and wrinkled my nose, "Where' s Edward?"

"Oh, he' ll be here soon. He just needed to make some final adjustments on what he needed to do," Carlisle patted my shoulder.

"Wasn' t he doing that before?" I asked, meeting Alice' s eyes.

"He got worried it wouldn' t be quite-"

"Don' t tell her a thing!" Edward' s voice boomed from inside the doorway.

I spun around to see where he was, but couldn' t find him.

"Uh, Edward?" my voice was filled with suspense, I wanted to seemy angel'sface.

Alice whispered into my ear very quiet and almost too fast, "I think you should wait for a minute."

"But... why?" I tried to form the words, I was getting too distraught over not seeing him for only two hours.

It seemed like so much longer, it hurt to think about it.

"Here' s the camera," she pushed it into my hand and smiled before she ran up the stairs.

I turned my head to find the rest of the family was gone.

"Oh," I murmured and walked over to one of the leather couches.

As soon as I sat down, I jumped back up because Edward was frozen in place by the stairs.

He muttered something to himself, then ran over to me. Not one finger did he lay on me as he slowly searched all over my body. This made me blush again. I hate blushing, I wondered if there was any sort of medication to stop it. Edward was dressed in black pants, a gray-blue button down shirt with a black shirt showing through underneath. Thank goodness those three buttons were undone, it allowed me to see his muscles more.

"Isabella," he took a small step to touch my face, his eyes tender and loving.

How could he still make me feel faint by just touching me?

I said the first thing that came out of my mouth, "I missed you."

"It' s only been two hours," he chuckled softly, then he ran his fingertips over my lips,"It' s been hell to be away from you that long. I hated it."

"Me too," I smiled and he did too.

He threw something out there, "Okay, you want to go somewhere?"

"Huh?" I asked, he never got me opinion on anything he was going to do.

"Forget it, come here," he briefly sighed and didn' t wait for me to move to him.

His arms wrapped around me like an iron vise and he lifted me of the ground. I could feel his lips touching my neck as we were out the door and at the Volvo.

"Hop in," he said as he opened the door and carefully set me inside, even taking the fleeting time to buckle me up.

The keys were already in the ignition before I could even blink. We were flying down the road at a speed that made my stomach jump into my throat. Looking down at my fingers, I twisted them around each other.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, not even bothering to pay attention to the road.

My stomach gurgled and answered for me.



"Because for one thing, you have eaten anything today, I' m worried about you going hungry," his voice became angry, I figured for himself.

"Okay," I snickered and glanced at the window to see that we had stopped.

I bit my lower lip, "Where are we?"

"I you really want to know?" I flipped my head around to see him with arms wide open and the door like-wise.

"Yes!" stupid seatbelt didn' t want to come off.

"Here," he unbuckled it and lifted my out and up into his cold arms.

The forest flew by at record speeds, I could feel his exhilaration. Now my eyes closed by themselves. Edward whispered something in my ear, I didn t catch it because it was too fast.


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