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Chapter 10:

Edward lifted me gracefully off the air bed and looked up into the sky as a burst of colors lit up the sky, making him glow, making us glow. I kissed him hard on the lips and he kissed me back, equally hard. A light breeze swept through the clearing and danced my hair around his face. He pulled back and leaned his forehead against mine while we stood there, caught up in each other.

Then, he raced off through the forest. Driven by happiness, he kept going, for a few minutes until we raced his house. Guess he didn't have a car waiting. I was all smiles, I couldn't stop. Edward was so cheerful and joyful, he beat me at smiling! When we burst through his front door, Esme and Carlisle came up and Edward had to set me down for another round of hugs. Alice was no where to be seen, which I didn't mind, I knew she was with Jasper. From down the stairs, Rosalie ran to my side and sweep me up into a hard hug. It was somewhat difficult to breathe. I felt her button up the undone buttons, I needed the dress to stay on.

"Uh Rosalie, Bella needs air," Esme told Rose and we all laughed, me too once she set me down.

Carlisle grinned at me, it made he look even younger, "I'm glad it worked out."

I winked at Edward and he pursed his lips in mock anger, "And you'd think she would say 'no' to this?" he motioned to the full of himself.

My laughter rang like bells.

"Oh Edward," Esme held her face in her hands and came up with a beaming face once again.

"Enough, let them have their alone time," Rosalie signaled by winking for us to go up the stairs.

I winked back as leaned down to take off the shoes.

"You didn't trip?" Rose asked, she couldn't help it.

All the Cullens in the room stopped to look at me, eyeing up my face as I surprisingly said, "Not once."

"Wow," Rose breathed and sighed, "You're getting better!"

I shrugged, "I try," Edward took my hand and led me up the stairs.

While we were walking, Edward briefly stopped.

"Is something wrong," my face was probably alarmed.

"Not at all," we started moving again.

Soon, we were at his door. He turned around and blocked his door, "Bella, since Charlie is gone, you'll be sleeping here tonight, remember?"

"How could I forget?" I lied flippantly, hoping he wouldn't catch the hesitation in my voice.

His eyes narrowed, "Probably," Edward paused briefly, "So you'll have to sleep in here. Is that all right?"

"Duh!" for a moment I felt like smacking him.

"Just checking," he shifted and kissed my head.

"So, why are we waiting out here, then?" I yawned in the middle of my rant.

"I want to prolong this beautiful moment, because you look so gorgeous and excruciating lovely," he moved away from the door, but made no motion to open it.

I scratched the side of my nose, "Well, I'll just open the door then," and I did.

The light wasn't on, so I had to feel around on the wall for the switch. I found it and flipped it on. His room was the same, I could find nothing different. My feet dragged as I went to the couch and sighed, sitting down. The door swung shut slowly, Edward was somewhere in the room. Whatever, I thought and threw the shoes down across the floor. They almost reached the corner. But didn't and instead bumped against the glass wall. Since the couch was so comforting, I laid back and blew a tendril of hair from my face.

"I'm sure you'd like to change, right?" Edward was coming out of his bathroom.

Eyes twitching from wanting to sleep and being disturbed, I grumbled, "Yeah."

"Okay," he was looking over the back of the couch, down at me, "There's some pj's in the bathroom, want me to carry you in there?"

I shook my head, forcing my eyes open and he picked up my body. Edward set me down in the bathroom doorway.

"They're out on the counter top," he kissed my hair and patted my back, willing me forward so he could close the door.

Across the white bathroom counter, with double sinks I might add, was white silk top with cap sleeves and mid-night blue silk shorts. They were short, too. The dress was comfortable, but I wanted out of it. Shorts were on, I stretched and turned. A look in the mirror showed that my hair wasn't even frizzed or anything. Though, it was down on my back and I didn't like it like that anymore. I wondered if I could get a ponytail holder from Rosalie or Esme or Alice.

"Edward?" I shouted through the door.

"Do you need something? Are you okay?" he voice edged toward worry.

"No, I'm fine, but I need a rubber band or something to hold my hair."

"I'll get you one, come on out and I'll be back with one."

The room was still lit when I came out about a second later, the couch invited me to come and sit. So, how was I going to object? Once I relaxing into the comfortable leather, Edward rushed into the room with a blanket and a ponytail holder, like I asked him. What a nice vampire boyfriend, I thought.

"Here's a blanket too," he gave me the rubber band and spread out the black suede blanket over me, "Sleep Bella, what a long day we've had."

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and breathed hard into the Edward's face.

"Er.. Thanks Edward," I murmured and rolled to my side.

He cuddled with me and I was in his cool arms. Edward had a remote in his hand and clicked a button, my lullaby played on the stereo. He made a tape of it, he began to hum along with it. I sighed in his arm and began to drift along, not really asleep, but not really awake either. Much like a limbo, because I could still hear everything. That included Edward whispering to me.

"Bella, I love you so much," he stroked my hair, "I was so glad when you said you'd be with me. You don't know how much that means to me, how that makes me feel," Edward kissed the hollow below my ear, " Bella, my Bella, my love for you will never end, ever, I hope you know that. From the way you look at me sometimes, I realize you do know that and you want me just as much," chilly gasp blew over my neck, "our need will one day end and we will always be by each other's side. I promise. You have my word that we will be together forever."

Then I think I blushed and he chuckled, but then I fell asleep.

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