Between Heroes and Villains

To whom it may concern

I ask that this letter be shown to the public in the hope that what has happened to me will never be repeated.

To the witches and wizard of the world,

I am known as the Boy-Who-Lived or the Boy-Who-Defeated-The-Dark-Lord, but that is not really me, I am neither. I am simply Harry Potter a man who lost his childhood the moment Voldemort killed his parents. Not unlike the many hundred who suffered the same fate, to be left as orphans by a world that didn't care.

You placed to innocent men in hell-upon-earth and you expect them to forgive you? Every day I was haunted by the murder of my parents and every night I was forced to watch Voldemorts reign of terror, to know every murder, to feel every spell placed upon the innocents, muggle and wizard alike. If you had believed me when I told you of my innocence, thousands of lives wouldn't be lost in the horrific way that they did. I spent everyday for ten years wishing the most horrible things to happen to you for how you condemned me, but in the end it didn't matter because I no longer care.

There is something I was told but never understood until the moment my friends told they would dance on my grave. 'Our world will forever be blind to what it does not want not see.' Our race is so far stuck in their ways that most wizards have no idea about the rest of the world. It is because of this that villains like Voldemort will never just disappear in the way that you hope, because someone will always have to lose their life in the process of making yours better. But Heroes will not always be here to fix your mistakes. I was forced to face Voldemort, forced to bloody my hands. I was told that my parents died so that I could stop him, they died so I could be free to live my life in happiness.

I was sent to hell-upon-earth because people are blind. You thought I was a villain, thought I was evil because it was easier for you. There is a fine line between Heroes and villains that is to easily crossed.

As you read this I ask you to look to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and feel happy in the knowledge that because of me they will live free until another unfortunate mistake occurs.

This is my legacy, safe in the mind of all wizards and witches. Everyone is precious be they muggle born or pureblood, muggle or magical, house elf or wizard because every life is precious. Consider this my goodbye to the magical world, not from the boy-who-lived or boy-who-defeated-the-dark-lord but instead from Harry Potter a man who is finally free.

Never forget what has happened because it is a part of all our lives but please don't let it haunt you. Instead look to the future and make sure these mistakes will not reoccur, live the life I could have led. Live free, live safe, live happy. Goodbye.

Harry Potter

Free at last

Hope you liked it. I change it from my first a bit coz of the mistakes. R & R. You know you want to ;)

Luv Bitch