Lois and Clark were attending a journalism seminar at Metropolis University. Lois was impatiently drumming her fingers and Clark had butterflies in his stomach. They had to complete an internship at a newspaper before they could graduate. They got to give their preferences but some of the papers were competitive like the Daily Planet. The Daily Planet had been their second choice.

Professor Roberts handed out the papers with their place of assignment and they had both gotten on at the Daily Bugle in New York.

After the group was lectured to about how to behave on the job, Clark and Lois headed to the dorms ready for their break.

"You know what's great, Smallville? No more dorms. I can finally afford an apartment because of the paid internship."

"I'm more excited about getting to see New York."

"I've seen it and-YOU'RE GOING TO NEW YORK?"


"Please, tell me it's not the Daily Bugle."

"I could tell you that, but it wouldn't be true."

"Why me?" she cried, looking up at the heavens.

"You're going to intern there too?"

"Would I be this upset otherwise? I thought you would pick the Smallville Newsleader or the Daily Planet."

"Smallville and Metropolis are nice but I want to try living in other places. I thought you were going to intern at the Planet."

"Perry White has promised me a job there when I graduate. I want to try out another paper before I become dedicated to one paper."

"We really need to tell each other our plans in the future. And so what's the big deal about interning together? We're friends, right?" he grinned as he put his arm across her shoulders.

"Friends not bosom buddies," she said as she knocked his arm off.

They got to Chloe's room and she was packing.

"Hey, Cuz! You won't believe what happened!" shouted Lois.

"You're both interning at the Daily Bugle."

"You knew, Chloe, and you didn't tell us?" said Clark in disbelief.

"And to think I call you cousin," said Lois.

"You're both mature adults. Well, at least some of the time."

They glared at her.

"You need to learn to get along with coworkers you don't like."

"That's rich coming from someone who's decided to write books and go into freelancing!" said Lois.

Chloe snapped her suitcase shut and said, "Help me carry my stuff to the car. I'd rather have Beth help, but she's already moved out, so I have to settle for two raving lunatics."

They all grabbed something and headed for Chloe's car.

"I can't believe you and Beth finished early," said Lois.

"We'll be back for graduation. It's not like you'll know we're gone being in New York."

"I know. I'm just jealous. I have to put up with three months of misery with Clark."

Clark rolled his eyes, while they put Chloe's stuff in the back.

"I do pity you just a little bit, dear cousin. I'll be in New York and you'll be in the middle of nowhere."

"Lois, Smallville isn't that bad," said Chloe as she hugged her older cousin goodbye.

"I agree," Clark chimed in. "You're outvoted, Lois."

"I don't see you eager to rush back, Smallville!"

"Guys! We're supposed to be exchanging pleasantries and goodbyes."

"Goodbye and good luck!" Lois and Clark said at the same time.

Chloe got behind the wheel, laughing. Those two were opposites and yet they were a lot alike in ways.

A couple of weeks later…

"Lois! Over here!" shouted Clark.

They were at a train station.

"Hey, Smallville! How was your Christmas?"

"Mom and I had a great time in Metropolis. I'm eager to start the internship though. She had to go back yesterday. How was your Christmas?"

"Okay, when I wasn't fighting with the General. Lucy and I get along great now. I guess we've grown up and all that crap."

They were about to board the train, when Lois said, "Oh, shoot! I have to get my pocketbook."

"You want me to get it?"

"I don't think they let men in the ladies room. I can get back in time. Don't worry."

Lois got it and boarded just in time. The train was packed. She was going to have a tough time finding a seat. Then she spotted Clark. He had saved her a seat. She rolled her eyes and tossed the jacket in his lap. She supposed he was a better traveling companion than some guy who took up two seats or talked at you in a foreign language that you didn't understand. And after all, it was a nice thing for him to do.

Clark and Lois were in for a surprising, life-changing internship.