Clark stood in front of the mirror adjusting his tie.

His flight to England left in one hour. After he left the U.S., he would fly himself. He didn't really want to go at first but Lois, his mom, and Chloe had insisted he needed to see the world. It wasn't his mom and Chloe that worried him. They knew about his powers and therefore he could make frequent visits. It was Lois that he wouldn't see for a year. There were phones and postcards, but it wasn't the same.

He hated when a chapter in his life ended. He hadn't really enjoyed his internship, but he had made a good friend in Peter Parker. He was going to really miss being next-door neighbors with Lois. He had to admit though that he was a little excited about learning different languages and cultures.

He was particularly irritated about Lex Luthor. The more he had tried to uncover, the more he became convinced that he was a big time crook. However, he hadn't been able to prove anything. Lex was too powerful and clever to be caught easily. To top it all off, Lex had made another move from New York to Metropolis. It worried him that Lex and Lois were living the same city, but there was no way she would let him change his plans. Particularly if she knew the reason.

He still couldn't believe they had graduated from college. He hadn't been impressed by the ceremony. They had caps and gowns and they had gotten their diplomas, but it had been so impersonal. He realized it was a big college and you couldn't exactly call people's names individually but standing up when your major was called had still been a let down. Speaking of let downs, poor Lois. She didn't think he had seen, but she had looked for her father in her reserved section. Lucy couldn't make it because of her new job but for her own father not to show up to her graduation. He wished she could have had the kind of family he had growing up.

Perry White had shown up to wish Lois well. She had already started her job at the Daily Planet and was loving it. Mr. White was being very fatherly toward her, something she needed. He was gruff but still a very warm person on the inside. He was very different from the alcoholic that had shown up in Smallville.

Clark had reached the airport now and was pleasantly surprised at seeing Lois.

"Lois, you came to see me off?"

"No, I'm seeing that guy over there off. Of course, I came to see you off."

Clark blushed.

"I'm glad you took my advice, Smallville, about not wearing those flannel, plaid shirts of yours. London frowns on that kind of clothing." She was adjusting his crooked tie. "But if I was a guessing person, I'd say you have plaid boxers on right now."

Clark stuttered and Lois lightly punched him in the shoulder.

"Relax, Kent! I'm sure you won't shame the American people too badly."

"Lois, I love—"


"I love plane rides."

"That's good because you're about to go on one."

He embraced her in a hug and he didn't ever want to let go. She was the love of his life.

Lois was surprised by the hug. She didn't get them very often, but she began to relax a little. Clark was a strange person. When she first met him, she thought she'd drop him off at the hospital and that'd be that. Clark had a way of growing on you though and she really didn't want him to go, but she wasn't going to stop him.

"Flight 632 now embarking," said the intercom.

"You'd better go, Clark."


Clark headed toward the gate.

"If you don't send me a postcard from every country, I'll come and hunt you down!"

Clark turned around to smile and wave.

Two people, who were destined to be together, took off in opposite directions. It would be a whole year before they became coworkers at the Daily Planet. Another year would pass before they brought down Lex Luthor and yet another year before they admitted they had feelings for each other. However, the years had a way of passing by.

The End