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The heat of the afternoon sun faded as it set on Mount Olympus High School. The building was deserted now, except for a few teachers still marking tests. But there were two girls who still remained. The first was a spunky red-head with hair that flew from her head like flames. The second was a red-head like her friend, but her hair was paler, and flowed down her back in romantic waves. Both had beautiful features and smooth skin. But the second had a curvier figure and longer more elegant legs.

The two were talking in hushed tones, almost as if they feared someone was listening to their conversation. The first girl spoke up, "Come on Theresa, you're being completely paranoid. Your premonition doesn't sound like anything to worry about."

Her friend's lack of concern stung at Theresa.

"Atlanta I don't think something like this should be dismissed so easily. I'm… worried about what it could mean."

Atlanta sighed and looked at her friend. "Why don't you ask Persephone what she thinks?"

Theresa nodded absently. She was hoping for a more helpful answer from her friend. But Atlanta was right; her mentor would know what to do.

Finally they reached where they were headed; a locked janitors closet. Atlanta looked around to make sure no one was watching a slowly raised her hands up to her neck. Carefully she lifted a slender gold chain over her head. At the end of the chain was a round medallion. Bending down, Atlanta placed it inside the lock of the door. Suddenly the medallion began to spin, and the door opened with a click. Theresa followed closely behind Atlanta into the cramped space, closing the door behind her and throwing the necklace back to her friend. Atlanta caught it in midair as she pulled on the light switch.

The two girls watched the room flood with blue light as the portal to the home of the gods materialized before.

§ § §

The two entered the training arena. It was a large room that was a cross between their own school gym, and a Greek coliseum.

Their friends Herry and Archie were practicing their battling techniques, their mentors Aries and Hercules were standing to one side watching. Both boys held a long sword and wooden shields.

Atlanta smiled as she watched Herry lunge at Archie, trying to overpower him. But Archie was too fast for him, and when Herry lunged again, Archie leaped out of the way, causing Herry's weight to throw him forward. Losing his balance, Herry came crashing to the floor and Archie pointed his blade at his opponent's chest.

"Alright Archie!" Atlanta called.

Archie looked up startled. He had not heard the girls come in. Instantly he looked away, his face growing red at Atlanta's praise.

"Archie you can do better than that!" Aries called. "This fight would have been over sooner if you paid more attention to Herry's stance."

"I won didn't I?" Archie shot back at him, clearly annoyed. Aries just snorted and walked away.

"Don't listen to him Arch," Atlanta said as she and Theresa made their way toward him. "You were awesome. Aries just can't take the stick out of his butt long enough to see that." Archie smiled and helped Herry back to his feet.

"I'll see you guys later okay?" Theresa said.

"Yeah sure," Atlanta replied, briefly looking up at her friend.

Theresa left the arena and made her way down the hall to Persephone's office. Suddenly she felt her head begin to spin and her vision blur as she was unwillingly dragged into another premonition.

Theresa looked down at her still body from an unseen height. She was lying on the cracked surface of a dried riverbed that stretched on forever, with no sanctuary in sight. She squinted as she looked up at the setting sun, willing it to hurry so the unbearable heat would finally cease. As it disappeared below the horizon, Theresa could feel a sudden harsh wind begin to blow. Above her she could see dark clouds begin to form, and forked tongues of lighting streaking across the sky. Her air whipped around her face, making it impossible to see her where her unmoving figure still lay. Looking at the edge of the wasteland she could just make out a huge shadow advancing toward her still form. The shadow grew and rose becoming a tidal wave that sped faster toward the non-moving Theresa below. Sadly she could do nothing but watch as the total blackness crashed down upon her, drowning her in nothingness.

Theresa jerked herself out of the horrible vision. Closing her eyes she could still see the wave of darkness that had sucked her down into unknown depths below. She felt the warm flood of tears escape from her eyes and sank to the floor. Pulling her knees to her chest she began to tremble. She shook her head trying to rid her memory of the vision.

Suddenly she felt two strong arms wrap around her shoulders. Instantly she shrank away fearing the worst, she squirmed trying to free herself from the stranger's hold. But as she opened her eyes she saw two warm brown ones staring back at her, heavy with concern. She began to calm down as she recognized Jay, suddenly feeling safe in his arms. She tried to say something, but the words caught in her throat which was still rigid with fear.

Jay tightened his grip around Theresa, pulling her closer to him. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and buried her face against his neck. He had barely recognized her at first, she had looked so small and fragile trembling like that. He winced as he remembered the fear in her eyes when she saw him.

He could still fell her crying and shaking beside him, so gently he began to rock her back and forth. Slowly he felt her body go limp against his. He carefully held her away from him and looked down at her tearstained cheeks and red eyes. To him she still looked as beautiful as ever.

"Now tell me what happened." He said in a soothing voice.

She looked up at him, unsure whether she should tell him. She wondered if he would react the same way as Atlanta. No, she thought. Not him, not Jay.

"F-for a few days now I've been having this vision and…" she paused, not sure if she could continue.


"Yeah sorry. Well it starts with me looking down on myself like I'm floating or something, only…"

"Only what?"

"Only when I look down and see myself I'm just lying there, like I'm sleeping. I'm in a desert, I think, and the sun is setting. And as soon as it's gone everything gets dark. This wind comes out of nowhere, and I can see dark clouds cover the sky. Then the shadow comes."

Jay watched as Theresa paused. And for some reason he felt goosebumps travel down his spine.

"It's like nothing I've every seen before. It moved so fast, consuming everything in its path. And it grew, I can't really describe how but it became a huge wave of darkness coming at my body below me. Until…" she paused to take a deep breath, "Until it sucks me down into the blackness and all I can do is watch as I disappear." She looked up at Jay. "And when it's over I feel like I'm falling and I-" she stopped as her voice hitched. "I feel so …scared" The last word came out in a whisper.

Jay couldn't stand seeing her like this, looking so helpless. And for some reason he couldn't explain, it made him feel instantly protective of her, all he wanted to do was hold her and somehow make everything better.

"I was coming to see Persephone," Theresa said, shaking Jay from his thoughts. "I thought she could help."

"Good idea," Jay said, helping Theresa to her feet.

"Would you…" She began, awkwardly looking around.

"Why don't I come with you?" He finished for her. She looked up gratefully at him. They started to walk away but stopped as Jay caught Theresa who almost fell forward.

"Thanks," she breathed.

"Are you sure you're alright? Maybe we should go home," he said, keeping a firm grip around her waist.

"No! Please Jay I just…I want the visions to stop," she said. Jay could see her lip begin to tremble and her eyes start to glisten with crystal tears.

"Alright," he sighed as he rested his forehead on hers. "But if you start to fall again I'm going to carry you back home."

"Thank you Jay" she said, her green eyes looking up at him.

"Come on," he said and adjusted his hold on her so she could lean against him. She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, letting the smallest of sighs escape. Jay was surprised at how cold she felt against him. He had to resist the urge to scoop her up in his arms and rush her home.

At last they arrived at the doorway to Persephone's office.

"Persephone?" Jay called.

"Is that you Jay? Come in please." Her cool voice floated up to them from another room inside.

Jay led Theresa into the beautifully decorated office. Rich coloured carpets covered the floor while trees and flowers bloomed around them. He lowered her onto a plush down-filled pillow and sat down beside her.

"Oh Theresa you're here too, good I- oh Theresa what's wrong?" Persephone asked entering the room. When Theresa didn't answer the goddess bent down, her blonde hair swaying around her face, and knelt in front of Theresa.

"What's wrong?" She repeated, this time in a more authoritative tone.

Theresa hesitated and looked toward Jay. He smiled warmly at her and nodded. Slowly Theresa looked back at her mentor and told her about her haunting vision. As she spoke Jay could here the anxiety in her voice and noticed the way her eyes darted away from the strong gaze of Persephone's sapphire eyes.

When she finished, Persephone stood and started to pace across the room. Jay looked over at Theresa. Without a second thought he reached over and took her delicate hand in his. She looked down at their intertwined fingers, touched by his gesture.

The moments dragged on as they waited for Persephone to say something. Finally she looked down at them and spoke, "I am afraid I don't know what to make of this."

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Theresa asked, sounding desperate.

Persephone turned and smiled. "Yes, perhaps there is…from what you've told me Theresa I believe there is more to your vision than meets the eye."

When both teens stared blankly back at her, she sighed and continued. "Theresa it sounds as if you are stopping yourself from seeing the end of your vision."

"I-I didn't know. I could try again-"

"No, no you do not understand. You are still young, and your powers are still developing. Even with your best efforts I am afraid you would not have enough strength to see the end."

"Then why bother telling us?" Jay blurted. Persephone shot him a sharp glare, her eyes like two chips of blue ice. Instead of answering him she reached over and plucked a small bud from a tree beside her. She placed in the palm of her hand and gently blew on it. Theresa and Jay watched as it bloomed into a delicate rose before their eyes.

Placing it down in front of her, she asked, "Now, do either of you know how I did that?"

"Magic?" Theresa asked.

Persephone nodded "Yes, good magic, the kind of magic that runs through your veins right now. It is the purest form of magic there is. All good-magical beings gather their powers from their own source, my source is nature. Before you can achieve the full strength of your powers you must first become one with your source."

"But what's my source?"

"Yours is the strongest of all. Your source is love."


"From the moment I saw you Theresa I could sense you had a great power inside, but for now it remains locked away. And sadly for you can only use limited amount, which means that, by yourself, you will never be able to see the end of your vision. But I shall help you."


"If we merge our powers together I may be able to get you a few more minutes in your vision. But there is only a slim chance it will work."

"Please Persephone I have to at least try."

"Very well. But you must be completely sure, you may not like what you see."

"I'm sure."

Persephone nodded and knelt in front of Theresa and held out her hands. "Jay I shall require both of Theresa's hands, so if you wouldn't mind…"

Jay looked down and noticed that Theresa's hand was still gripped in his own.

"Oh right, sorry…"Jay mumbled, letting her go.

Persephone took Theresa hands in hers and closed her eyes. Following her mentor's example Theresa shut hers tight.

"Breathe deeply," Persephone instructed, "Concentrate on your vision."

Theresa thought hard trying to bring the vision to her mind.

Suddenly bright light flooded all around her. When she opened her eyes the garden room had changed into the familiar barren wasteland. Looking down she recognized herself lying on the dry surface. As she watched the sun set for yet another time she waited for the shadow, this time unafraid. She felt the sudden harsh wind blow her hair into her eyes as the storm clouds billowed overhead. She gazed up at the horizon and watched the silent approach of the towering black wall. She looked down at her eerily still body below and watched the shadow take her under.

Theresa waited to be pulled back to Persephone's office, but was not. Theresa looked down at the calm black sea beneath her. The storm cloud above her grew silent. They slowly began to part, letting a silvery shaft of moonlight cascade downward.

Then just as the light touched the surface, the shadow flowed away, unable to touch it. Theresa watched as the light grew and the shadow shrank away, draining down onto the earth. Silently it pooled away from her body below and disappeared completely into the ground.

Suddenly Theresa could feel herself being lowered downward. Her feet landed on the dry land with a soft thud, blowing small clouds of dust into the air. She lifted her head and saw her body, only now it was standing and staring at her.

"Theresa…"it moaned with sorrow and pain on it's face. "Don't let it get you Theresa."

"What? What's going to get me?" she called back. But there was no reply. "Please, what's going on? Why do I keep having these visions?" When Theresa's mirrored image just stared down at the ground, Theresa balled her hands into fists. "Answer me!" she cried.

Her body jerked its head up, and whispered, "The shadow."

"You mean that huge black wave? But-" Theresa's last words were caught in her throat as she watched small black tears run down the cheeks of her frightened twin.

Finally the girl's head fell back, and her body collapsed to the ground. Theresa raced toward her body, that once more lay still. But she was too late. Her sparkling green eyes were now clouded and unfocused. She watched as something black trickled from the corner of her mouth and out her nose. With a sickening jolt she realized it was the shadow leaking from her body.

She shut her eyes and felt the ground begin to shake beneath her. She heard a deafening crack as the earth split apart between her and her dead body.

"No!" she screamed. She looked over the side and saw the sea of darkness beginning to rise up to land once again. The earth began to crumble under her feet pushing her closer to the edge where the dark depths waited. She looked up and saw her body begin to slide into the shadow. Theresa could only watch as it hungrily lapped over her, and finally pulled her under. Finally the shadow erupted from the earth in a towering wall that fell down upon her. The last thing she heard was the ominous last words of her vision whisper in her hears. The shadow…

Theresa gasped as her eyes shot open. Her heart thudded wildly in her chest as she looked around. To her relief the sea of blackness had disappeared, and she was sitting in Persephone's office once again.

"Theresa, what did you see?" Persephone asked. Theresa looked at her mentor. Persephone's eyes were drooping and her face was very pale. The ordeal had clearly taken its toll on her.

"Did you see the end of your vision?" Jay asked. Theresa looked over him and back to Persephone.

"No," she replied. "I didn't see anything."


End of chapter one.

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