Machinations of the Force

I began this a few years ago, and it is not completed. My renoticing of Zoids fanfic dug it out. The chapters will be short, my memory of this fandom rather bad currently, and reviews and/or enjoyment greatly apreciated.

The Force flowed through a landscape of stars, peaceful in its stillness. A green, brown, white and blue planet was suspended below, touched or tainted with the intelligent presence of one who could, with time, wield the power that held the galaxy together. The planet orbited its small, yellow sun alone with only two moons accompanying it in a remote system off the Tingel arm of the galaxy.

A silver X-Wing fighter moved slowly from within the shadow of a moon and down toward the planet.

It had never happened like this before, a presence just appearing strong and bright out of hyperspace. For the past long standard months, Luke Skywalker had been searching for the remnants of the Jedi Knights. Rumors of sorcery, extraordinary luck or physical prowess had led Master Skywalker to those endowed like himself, those sons and daughters and cousins and clones and long forgotten descendants of the Knights of legend.

It had been a quick, trivial negotiation that had taken Luke to this edge of the galaxy, then the presence for which he had pulled out of hyperspace early.

"R2." He said. "Give me readings for the planet. I don't know what's down there yet, but there's something..." The presence eddied through the vastly familiar roilings of the Force, but this was territory far from the sources of the Republic, and even in these days of peace with the Empire there was danger. The resurrection of the spirit of Exar Kun was a reminder of that, and within recent and painful memory.

An article from a Republic database appeared before Luke, text and the slowly rotating holo-image of the planet.

Zi, he read, was its designation, it had but one spaceport, and it had joined the old Republic then broken contact with the advent of the Empire. It had no native species and had been colonized by humans.

The presence of a Jedi candidate was like a calling. And the Force was with Luke; the presence came from the spaceport.

The X-Wing started down.