Thank you to everyone who reviewed my story, 'Red'. The comments were really nice. I hope people like this story too.

Warnings: You might want a tissue.

"Sammy… mom's here." Dean whispered, looking lovingly at nothing.

Sam knew without anyone telling him that there was no hope for Dean; the bullet had done too much damage in its passage through Dean's body. Once again, his hero had part himself between his Sammy and danger. Also, even through Sam could only guess at the pain Dean was in, his big brother was trying to hang on for him. Just then, he knew he had to do the hardest thing in the world – he had to let go. He pulled his brother closer to him and with tears in his eyes, he whispered in Dean's ear, "Go with her."

"W-what?" came the question.

Sam ignored the looks of pity he was receiving from the people around him. He focused solely on his brother. "Go with mom; she'll take care of you. She'll take you to a place where there's no pain and nothing but peace."

"R-really? But…what about…you?" Dean asked in a small voice. Even more tears came to Sam's eyes. Here Dean was dying and all he thought about was his Sammy.

"Don't worry about me, just go." Sam replied.

Dean looked up and one last time, flashed Sam his most beautiful smile. "I…love…you …Sammy." he said.

Sam gave his big brother his most beautiful smile in return. "I love you too." With that, Sam felt Dean completely relax against him. Unable to hold it in anymore, still cradling his brother's still body in his arms, Sam throw his head back and screamed.

When asked about it later, every witness described the scream in the same way, "It was a scream of unbearable pain."