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He pushed the trigger of the wonderful muggle contraption 'Febreeze' and sighed as the generic flowery smell spread over his last set of black robes.

"One thousand, four hundred, twenty two." He said happily as he hung the robes in his large wardrobe, as he looked around his now tidy quarters, when a piece of parchment caught his eye. He swooped down and scooped it up, expecting it to be from the pile of Seventh Year Gryffindor homework that was teetering precariously on the desk. He blinked as he skimmed over the parchment, not finding the twenty questions he assigned on the Himoblius potion…but…a mysterious…and unsigned love letter.


Dearest Severus…

I can only hope this letter finds you,

I wish for you to know my deepest secret…

My darkest…

My most secret secret.



Severus blinked and stared at the paper in confusion



It was a bright day…a happy day…a brilliant summer day.

Meaning the ultimate doom for any student that crossed Severus Snape's path.

Not to mention he was still utterly confused by the letter.

A fifth year Hufflepuff ran by screaming. Severus blinked and stalked up to the boy

"FIFTY POINTS FROM HUFFLEPUFF!" He shouted angrily. The Hufflepuff boy blinked

"I HATE HIPPOS!" He cried, before transforming into a ferret and scampering away.

Severus blinked again and sighed, before he could move an inch, Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the one that defeated the dark lord, drove up in an expensive bright pink race car. He hopped out and ran to Severus, tackling him in a hug


Severus let out a startled yelp and fell over, the potter boy landing on top of him. Harry nuzzled Severus's neck and the bemused potion's master growled


Harry blinked cutely and looked up at him

"Yeah Sev?" He asked, perking his head. Severus snarled

"What…do you think you're doing?"

"Seducing you of course!" Harry grinned; Severus looked utterly confused and pushed the boy off.

"Another day Potter."

I have to admit...that was kind of fun to write. I hope it came out ok. Xx

Challenge Guidelines by Invaderk:

Okichikipokido, which means "i love you"... yes, my friend made it up-Check.

A Harry/Snape relationship-Er...Check?

Febreeze- XD Check.

A racecar-Check.

A Ferret-Check.

A mysterious letter-Check.

Someone yelling, "I hate hippos!"-Check.

Er...I think I have everything...ah...what ever. skips off to write Fire and Ice