-Looks up at you from watching a preview of the Kingdom of Hearts 2 video game-

Well look who are here. I was wondering when you guys were going to get here. Well seeing that you all are here, let us begin shall we.

Welcome my fellow readers to another adaptation of my story 'Digital Romance'.

The name of this story is "Digital Romance 3: Quest for Foxwood". This is the sequel to Digital Romance 2: Forgotten Love and Chosen Destinies" and this is also the final saga in the Digital Romance series. So if you did not manage to read the previous two parts of the story "Digital Romance" and "Digital Romance 2" then I suggest that you should go back and read those two stories before you read this one.

However if some of you all did read the previous two adaptations of this story then let the story begin.

So sit back, settle down and prepare yourselves as you enter the world of………

"Digital Romance 3: Quest for Foxwood"