-You pass through a beautiful golden door and walk up a dazzling bronze staircase leading to the top floor of the building. Once you had arrived at the top of the building, you see a silver-tinted door with rhinestones embedded around the doorknob. The door opens up infront of you and I greet you humbly-

Mistress of Serenity: Hi there. I see that you have finally arrived. You are just in time.

-I lead you into a gorgeous ballroom. Inside the ballroom, there are crowds of other guests (mostly other readers and the characters from their fics) in addition to tables decorated with lovely tablecloths as well as trays upon trays of delicious delicacies (like cookies, chocolate-cake, fruit-cake Yush! I love fruit-cake, cheese-cake, ice-cream, etc) and drinks (like champagne, cola, Ruth beer, beer 0-o etc)-

Mistress of Serenity: You just make yourself comfortable and mingle with the crowd because after all it's a party!!

-Leaves you to mingle and----EAT (XD) and goes to the front of the room where there is a stage with a microphone and speaker surround-sound system (What? 0o the party is gonna go out with a bang)-

Mistress of Serenity: -speaks into microphone- Welcome everyone to the Annual Digital Romance After-Party. You don't know how happy I am to see so many familiar faces. I am even happier to see the faces of my fellow readers.

Even though some of my readers couldn't make it tonight, I'm still glad the rest of you came and speaking of my fellow readers, I would personally like to acknowledge the following writers:

Spiritual Wolf, Cager of Dreams, RomanceRighter, Madd the Sane, feral halliwell, Enigma Starflare, my friend Keyva, shenshen, ThunderDemon, Patamon299, Anime17, Kippi Okami, Kouji-wolf, Rogue Tramp, Pink Kunai

These writers are all the reviewers of my story Digital Romance and if it weren't for these readers the Digital Romance trilogy would not have been such a smashing success. Thanks to the readers above, the Digital Romance trilogy has a total of: 132 reviews!!

I thank you all especially my loyal readers/reviewers: Spiritual Wolf, RomanceRighter and Cager of Dreams, These three readers have been my royal reviewers for the whole trilogy and I appreciate it. You guys are the best.

–Hands Spiritual Wolf, RomanceRighter and Cager of Dreams each a golden trophy-

-Applause from everyone else-

Mistress of Serenity: And apart from my loyal readers/reviewers I believe the ones who should truly be receiving the most applause are them: the digimon and crew who acted in my epic trilogy. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a healthy round of applause for:


Guilmon, Terriermon, Lopmon/Antylamon, Impmon/Beelzemon, Guadromon, Gabumon/Garurumon, Monodramon/Cyberdramon, Marineangemon and Calumon/Marineangemon.


Takato. Rika, Henry, Mia, Kazu, Kenta, Alex. Mako, Ai. Susie, Jeri and Ryo


Wolfemon and Renamon


Centipedramon, Ankylomon. Skullgreymon, Firestegosmon……Churoo


Renomon, Amethyst, Emperor Julius, Empress Celia, Midus. Calpin, Sarumon, Fat-Brownie, the Renomon guards (including Maten, Shalpin, Atoll and Tydon) and the remaining Renomons and Renamons.


Terriermon: Thank you. Thank you. You are too kind –walks onto the stage and bows before everyone but a cane reaches out and pulls him back behind the curtains-

Mistress of Serenity: -sweatdrops- O……kay. –Laughs nervously to the audience- Heh! Heh! One more time everybody. Give a round of applause to my wonderful characters especially to the stars of the fic Wolfemon and Renamon.


Wolfemon & Renamon: -bow- Thank-you

Me (Mistress of Serenity): Aren't they just the cutest couple everyone?

Renomon: Feh! You were supposed to put Renamon with me!

Me: No. Renamon was always going to end up with Wolfemon. Duh! They're both the stars! Besides I gave you Amethyst.

Amethyst: -hugs Renomon-

Renomon: Oh….her

Wolfemon: Ha! In your face Renomon!

Me: -sweatdrops- Eh…………? 0o'

Renamon: Hey Mistress, isn't it time for you to tell everyone your big surprise?

Me: Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that. Remember when I told everyone at the end of Chapter 20 that I had a cool secret that I would only reveal at the After Party? Well here it is……

-Takes microphone and walks out into the audience-

Me: Y'know----it has truly been awesome writing stories based on Digimon for the past years. I am proud to say that I enjoyed writing Digital Romance, Digital Romance II and Digital Romance III. It was my best work ever!

However……now that I have completed the Digital Romance series (alas) the time has come for me to move on to my next brilliant project!

Want to know what it is?

I'll give you a lil hint. JADECY come on out!

-Jadecy walks out onto the stage-

Audience: 0o?

Me: -smiles- That's right! You've guessed it! (If you've guessed it XD) My next fic will be a NEOPETS FIC dedicated to my fellow neopets (and petpets) who have all worked hard narrating the Digital Romance trilogy. Some of you –coughsKilalacoughsJasoncoughs- may already know the name of my upcoming neopets fic. But for those of you who don't know, the name of my neopets story is:

Q.U.E.E.N: Knights of Neopia

It is an intriguing tale based on the adventures of six special teenaged girls. These six girls have magically been transported into the world of Neopia and have each been blessed with magical powers and gifted abilities. Empowered with the elemental forces of earth, water, fire, ice, light and darkness, these six girls must work together as one in order to save the world of Neopia from malevolence of

Jhudora: the Darkest Faerie.

There you have it. The plot for my upcoming neopets fic. I already know that some of you are intrigued to read Q.U.E.E.N. (Wolfemon: coughsKilalacoughsJasoncoughs) but for the rest of you, if you wish to read my neopets fic then feel free to. I want everyone to read my neopets fic for I assure you it is gonna be awesome.

-Big applause-

Me: Q.U.E.E.N: Knights of Neopia will be coming out soon in December 2006. I'm not sure when in December but……y'know whatcha gotta do for the 411 on Q.U.E.E.N…….

Wolfemon: –coughsaddMistressonauthor'salertpleasecoughs-

Me: Eh……you get the picture I hope to hear from you all when I start Q.U.E.E.N. If you have any inquiries about Q.U.E.E.N, don't ask me. I'm saving all the surprises for when the story comes out. D

Well…I think I have babbled enough for the night. Now that cat is out of the bag……LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!

Wolfemon: -pulls out DJ system- Let's get this party rocking!!!

-Everyone starts to dance and have fun. Some are happy! Some are drunk (mostly the digimon and neopets----ya get the idea).

A drunken Cyberdramon dances on the dance floor shooting fireworks from his back. Everyone is amazed by the fireworks.-

Me: -watches the party from afar- XD I did say it would end with a bang!

See you dudes in December for Q.U.E.E.N.

Signed Mistress of Serenity