Chapter One: Tales of Harry Potter:

Sixty Seconds Before the End of Heart of the Warrior Book Two:

"Into my fire you shall fall," proclaimed the Shredder as he sliced the gas pipe before walking off, leaving his enemies for dead.

Inside the janitor's closet, Mikey and Raph were attempting to desperately break out, banging their weapons into the door, in an attempt to break it open.

"We need to get out of here, now," said Leo desperately, looking at Harry's worsening condition.

"Working on it," said Raph desperately while pounding the bottoms of his sais at the door frantically as smoke started to come between the cracks of the doors in the closet, followed by the door beginning to burst into flames as the gas started to slowly leak in.

Harry managed to pull his Portus-Amulet out from underneath his shirt and his wand out as well. The Amulet could not be accessed during the entire fight, as he wanted to keep it out of sight so the Foot did not remove it to cause him to lose the powerful Slytherin artifact again.

"Everyone, quickly," muttered Harry weakly, gathering up all of his strength, struggling to even speak a few words. "I'm getting us out of here."

Raph, Leo, Mikey, Don, and Splinter grabbed onto Harry as Harry touched his wand, activated the Portus-Amulet and not a second too soon as the moment they disappeared, the building they were just in blew into thousands of tiny little pieces due to the explosions.

The Turtles, Splinter, and Harry landed in a dark, dank storeroom, deep underneath the Dungeons of Hogwarts. Mikey turned around and screamed at some newt eyes floating around in a jar.

"Where in the world did you bring us, Harry?" whispered Mikey looking around cautiously, as if the ingredients in the jar would come alive.

"Snape's Potion Store Room," said Harry weakly. "I just hope he hasn't left for the summer."

Speaking of Snape, he currently was in the stages of brewing a very complex potion, for the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher who Dumbledore just hired earlier in the morning. This potion required a steady hand and few knew of it, as it just came into existence a few months ago.

Snape's concentration was broken by the sound of something crashing from high above from his Potions storeroom. Drawing his wand, Snape walked towards his storeroom. Snape walked over, opening the door and stood agape at the sight of what he saw.

"Hi there," remarked Mikey in a calm tone of voice.

Snape shut the door of his storeroom, giving his head a shake. He wondered if he had been working too hard recently and was prone to hallucinations due to being around Potion fumes too much. It appeared that those four Turtle brothers of Potter and his rat Sensei had taken up shelter in his Potion storeroom but even Snape found that fact a bit difficult to swallow.

Trying again, Snape opened the Potion storeroom door again and the same sight that left him the last time, greeted him once again.

"So, I really am seeing four giant turtles and a rat in my storeroom," said Snape calmly. "I either am accidentally getting high on Potion fumes again or Potter is in some kind of grave danger."

The Turtles and Splinter stepped back and Snape saw a grisly sight, an extremely battered and bruised looking Harry Potter.

"Potter, what in the blazes happened to you?" asked Snape. Harry had faded out again and he could not answer the Potions Professor. Snape turned to Splinter. "What in the hell happened to Mr. Potter?"

"Long story short, Professor Snape, he was ambushed and chased across the city by dark forces," said Splinter grimly. "It was an ambush, nothing from Wizarding kind but merely a dark and extremely sinister criminal force of Muggle nature."

Snape nodded grimly in understanding.

"I shall assume Potter did not want Dumbledore to know of his condition but I must say, it is extremely risky for him to come here of all places," said Snape. "The Headmaster likes to check up on me all of the time so all of you must be moved to another location."

"So, what would you suggest," said Splinter.

Snape grabbed the Portus Amulet and pulled out his wand.

"Grab Potter and everyone hang onto me," said Snape quietly.

Leo pulled Harry over and the Turtles and Splinter obeyed. Snape tapped his wand to the Amulet and they pulled towards the seventh floor, in front of a tapestry of what appeared to be someone teaching trolls ballet.

"You are to walk back and forth in front this room three times, thinking of home," instructed Snape. "Remember to think you want any of you, myself and any of Potters friends to be allowed access at any time, but to prevent any meddling old fools from stumbling upon you. I will fetch Potter some healing potions, as he will no doubt need them to lead on his road of recovery. Good day to you all."

Snape walked off, smirking at pulling one over Dumbledore but the old man should have known better than to not order Snape to tell him if Potter, the Turtles, and Splinter arrived in the middle of the Potions storeroom. Any chance Snape would get to work around that Unbreakable Vow he would, as Dumbledore only ordered him to follow his commands loyally and without question.

"Now that's a pleasant lad," said Mikey sarcastically as Snape walked out of an earshot.

The Turtles and Splinter did as Snape instructed them and a door appeared where the tapestry once was.

"Whoa, how did that happen?" asked Raph in awe.

"Since Harry's not awake, I'll say it," said Leo. "It's magic."

Mikey and Don nodded their heads as they helped Harry inside the Room of Requirement which now appeared to be an exact replica of the lair back at New York, down to the last detail with the exception of working electronics, although the Turtles did not know they electronics that materialized were only for show yet.

"This room is so cool!" cried Mikey in awe. "Everything we had just like at home, here, in Hogwarts. It's like so wicked and totally radically awesome to the max."

"Someone ought to cut down his sugar intake," said Raph to Don, who cracked a weak smile.

Splinter helped Harry onto the sofa in the living room of the makeshift lair. Some blankets materialized, and Splinter pulled them over his son, with a pillow appearing underneath Harry's head.

Splinter walked over, putting the Portus-Amulet on the table besides where Harry was laying. They sat around for a couple of hours, watching over to Harry to see if he would respond but he didn't, as he appeared to be slipping further and further from the physical world. Snape brought by some healing potions for when Harry awakened.

"Now what?" said Leo, looking at Harry anxiously. Harry appeared to have lapsed in a high state of unconsciousness, his breathing extremely shallow, and he appeared extremely weakened from the blood loss from the battle with the Shredder and the Foot.

"Only time will tell, although we must attempt to desperately pull Harry out of his current state in any way possible," said Splinter. "The sound of familiarity is the best way to do it. Attempting to pull the mind out by giving it something to focus on is the best way for mental recovery."

"Let me try something," said Leonardo. "Hey, Harry, it's me, Leo. Listen bro, you can pull out of this, you can recover, I know you can. You have recovered from adversity before. Remember the time you could not go anywhere near a cupboard due to your misfortune from your times at the Dursleys and how you eventually got over that."

Raph gnashed his teeth in anger. His brother's time with those Dursley idiots was still a sore subject around the hot headed terrapin, as Raph would like to meet the Dursleys one day to have a few words with them, with his Sais in hand most likely.

"It took a while, but you managed to accomplish it," said Leo. "Remember Harry..."

Flashback to when Harry Potter had only been with his new family for a few months after Vernon dumped him in New York when on a business and was only six years old at this present time.

"Hey Harry, want to practice your skills by sparring with me," said a nine year old Leo with a smile.

Harry sprang up eagerly.

"Sure thing, Leo," said Harry with a bit of a smile on his face.

"We need to the practice swords, so if you can go and get them, it will be a big help, so we can begin right away" said Leo.

"Where are they, Leo?" asked Harry curiously. "I can't wait to begin, so if you tell me where they are, we can get to practicing."

"They are in the cupboard right by Master Splinter's room, Harry," said Leo.

Little Harry's eyes went wide in horror, his time at the Dursleys no doubt coming back to him.

"C-c-cupboard," stuttered six-year-old Harry looking horrified at the prospect.

"Harry, what's wrong?" asked Leo looking concerned.

Harry sprang up, tears rolling down his cheeks, before running off to hide in his room.

"I later asked Master Splinter for advice and he reluctantly told me the Dursleys had imprisoned you in a cupboard for most of your time their, only to let you out to go to school, go to the bathroom once a day, and eat once a day," narrated Leo darkly. "The Sensei suspected while you might not be afraid of the darkness, the idea of cupboards of any sort terrified you on a subconscious level. Nevertheless, Master Splinter devised a plan with my help to help you get over your phobia, even if it was a bit sneaky and underhanded.

A few weeks later, Harry was blindfolded, as what he thought was part of training for blind fighting.

"Now, Harry, keep moving," said Leonardo. "A little to the left, now a little to the right, now go forward, keep going, you're almost there, and now stop."

The blindfolded six year old stopped, unknowingly in front of the cupboard.

"Okay, Harry, now grab the door and open it," ordered Leo.

Harry groped around in the air but managed to grab the cupboard door, pulling it open.

"Now remove your blindfold," said Leo.

Harry did and looked horrified that he went near a cupboard. Harry backed off slowly, falling to his back. Harry then scrambled to his feet, the six year old scrambling as far away from the cupboard as he could.

"Still, we did not give up," narrated Leonardo. "Master Splinter and I were determined to make you face your fears."

Harry was chasing Leonardo around the lair; Leo had his double-edged sword.

"Give that back, Leo!" yelled Harry, throwing his fist in the air. "I need that to practice with."

"You have to catch me first, Harry," said Leo.

The six year old had an enraged look on his face, that weapon was the first thing he had of his own, as he surely did not get anything from the Dursleys and Leonardo had taken it for some reason. Little Harry wondered if his brother had lost his mind or aliens swapped Leo's brain with Mikey's or something.

Leo ducked into a cupboard and slammed it shut. Harry stopped, backing off slightly.

"That was low, Leo," said Harry quietly. "Extremely low, you know I don't like cupboards."

The next thing the six year old heard was a frantic pounding sound from inside the cupboard.

"Help me, Harry, I can't get out," said Leo frantically. "I accidentally locked myself in."

Harry looked at the cupboard. Master Splinter was meditating, so he did not want to disturb the Sensei. The others went out in the sewers, doing who knows what.

Harry walked up to the cupboard, with trembling hands. He needed to get the cupboard open, as they did not allow much air or moisture in them, to prevent the metal ninja weapons inside from rusting. Thus his brother did not have much air left in there with him.

"It's just a cupboard, it won't hurt me," whispered Harry shakily. "It is because of those Dursleys that I am scared of them, I have to face my fear, my greatest, darkest fear and let my brother out."

Harry walked forward, trembling hand and raised his hand. He grabbed the cupboard and pulled it open. The six year old felt awed at the fact he did it. He went near a cupboard and nothing bad happened to him. Leo slid out of the cupboard, handing Harry back his double edge sword.

"You did it Harry, you conquered your fear," said Leo proudly. "Just wait until we tell Master Splinter."

Leo then pulled out a key from behind his back.

"Just so you know Harry, I could have gotten out any time, we just needed to have you conquer your fear," said Leo.

"So you basically tricked me," said Harry coolly raising his double-edged sword in the air. "I am glad I am not scared of going near cupboards any more but..."

Harry raised his double-edged sword and began chasing Leo around the lair with it.

"I'll turn your shell into a TV tray for tricking me, Leonardo!" cried Harry as he chased Leo around the lair, with his double-edged sword high in the air.

"If a remembered correctly, you calmed down, eventually," narrated Leo while cracking a smile. "It took a long time but you did it, eventually, although until you did, I begged Master Splinter not to stick me with you for sparring practice."

Harry's shut eyes twitched, in a bit of mild recognition.

"Hey Leo, I think he heard ya," said Raph. "Maybe talking to him does help."

"It is said that the voice of a loved one helps tremendously when recovering from brutality," said Master Splinter.

"Let me try," said Mikey before turning to Harry. "Listen to me Harry, you can fight this. You let nothing stand in your way of anything, ever. Even when I was being slightly annoying to you when you were trying to meditate that one time, you managed to keep at what you are doing and trust me, I remember.

Flashback once again, Harry is now ten years old and the time is just a few weeks before the original lair got trashed by Stockman's mouser robots. A twelve and a half year old Michelangelo walks up to his brother when he is meditating. It was spring-cleaning time around the lair and all the ninja weapons were lying out on a table as a result of this.

"Hey, Harry," said Mikey loudly. "Whatcha doing?"

"I'm meditating, Mikey," said Harry in a calm voice, still sitting on the ground, with his eyes shut. "Could you please go? I would like to be able to concentrate."

"Why, am I disturbing you?" asked Mikey, before leaping around Harry, hollering and making a lot of racket, which was breaking Harry's concentration.

"Mikey, quit it," said Harry although he was starting to slowly lose his temper.

Mikey was jumping up and down on the couch making a lot of racket, still breaking Harry's concentration. The turtle may have ingested a bit too much sugar. Harry felt he was exercising every bit of will power to not snap.

"This is your last warning, Mikey," said Harry.

Mikey leaped over Harry, knocking him from the breeze from his leap. This was the straw that broke the camel's breath.

The weapons on the table started shaking before shooting at Mikey. Mikey gave a piercing shriek and the weapons chased the Turtle around the lair. Harry opened his eyes, in awe, wondering what he did. Mikey ducked into his bedroom and shut the door. The weapons impaled through the door but Mikey was underneath his bed, shaking.

"Note to self, never disturb Harry again when he is meditating," said Mikey.

"In retrospect, I believe that was one of the first instances of your gift showing that we saw," said Mikey. "You accidentally called your magic in an attempt to shut me up. Harry, call your magic to you again and have it wake you up."

The Turtles and Splinter stood around Harry, but Harry still lay passed out from the damage the Foot caused him.

Speaking of the Foot, meanwhile back in New York in the Foot's Skyscraper Headquarters, Oroku Saki was pacing back and forth his throne room. Hun looked rather confused with his Master's behavior and decided to slowly bring it up.

"Master, profits are up, business is booming, and the Turtles and Potter have been destroyed," said Hun. "So why aren't we celebrating?"

Saki glared at Hun angrily before sitting down on a chair.

"Where are the bodies?" asked Saki angrily.

"Sir, that place blew to bits, burned all the way to the ground," said Hun. "So we can assume..."

Saki interrupted Hun by slamming his fist into a table in front of him.

"We can assume nothing!" thundered Saki. "My enemies thought of me destroyed in the past and this assumption cost them dearly. I can ill afford to make the same mistake. I must have proof of their demise before moving on to my other plans of operation."

"Hard, factual scientific data perhaps," said a pompous voice.

Saki looked up and saw Baxter Stockman wheeling into the room. Due to the fiasco with the Foot Tech Ninjas, Stockman had his entire body from the waist down removed by him for failing. A circular motorized device with wheels replaced his lower body, which had been removed at the hands of the Foot. Stockman also sported a neck brace and a metal hand, as Saki also removed his hand as part of Stockman's payment for failing him the last time.

"I did not summon you, Stockman," said Saki in a dangerous tone of voice.

"That was your first mistake," said Stockman pompously while holding up a complex piece of scientific equipment with his non-metal hand. "I can offer you proof of the demise of your enemies, this little piece of equipment will be the ticket. I can offer you detailed DNA analysis to see if anyone perished from the explosion at that warehouse."

"And I suppose you want something in exchange for this," said Saki calmly.

Stockman glared greedily at the exosuit the Foot fished out of the river.

"Only a simple exchange of goods and services," said Stockman. "I will give you the information and you can allow me full access to this fascinating artifact. A small glance of this artifact allowed me to create the Foot Tech Ninjas, no doubt full access would allow me to create technology undreamed of which could greatly benefit your organization."

Saki considered the proposal before responding.

"Deliver me the goods, Doctor Stockman, and you will be rewarded," said Saki. "Fail me and your next punishment will be your last."

Stockman gulped in horror before setting off to attempt to collect information of the demise of the Turtles and Potter. He must come back with something, or the Shredder would kill him for failing him once again.

Back at the Room of Requirement the Turtles and Splinter were still gathered around Harry. Harry still had not come out of his condition.

"We must keep trying to bring Harry out of this," said Splinter. "No doubt his spirit has been crushed after the beating he suffered at the hands of the Foot, no doubt he blames himself for this failure and our near demise at the hands of the Shredder. Blaming himself for not able to assist you four during the battle with the Shredder's Elite Guard. Mental scars are most times more difficult to overcome than physical ones but we must keep trying."

Don looked up with an anxious look on his face.

"Let me take a crack out it," said Don. "Harry, this problem you are undergoing with you somehow not waking up, this is not like you at all. You always enjoyed tackling a good problem, no matter how long it takes."

Flashback to Seven Year Old Harry and Ten Year Old Don test a remote control airplane in the sewer. The test flight was not going as they planned.

"I thought I had it working," said Don in irritation.

"Maybe it's something to do with it needing more air to propel itself, as we are in the sewers," suggested Harry, shrugging his shoulders.

"You know, you may be right, Harry," said Don. "The wind residence on the wings help keep it up into the air and regular planes have all kinds of hydraulics but we have to make do with more primitive materials because of our residence in the sewers."

Harry nodded, frowning.

"Let me go look for something," said Harry. "I will need to test this out but it might help us to be able to make this work."

An hour later, Harry returned with a couple of old box fans, and was attempting to slowly take them apart.

"Would an old fan motor work, Don?" asked Harry.

"It may, Harry," said Donatello nodding. "The blades from the fan can be used to propel the plane into the sky, but only if we give it a running start to make it work."

"After days of painstaking research, with you suggesting various ideas to attempt to make the plane work, we eventually found the plane satisfactory enough to take to the skies or at least the upper levels of the sewers," narrated Don.

"We are ready, Don," said Harry, from high above a sewer pipe.

"Got it, Harry, now give it a nice push, allowing it to give momentum," said Don, pulling out a remote control.

Harry pushed the plane and it zoomed across the sewer pipe, before flying off. Don piloted it with use of the remote control device he rigged up from some old circuits and wiring he found in a garbage dump.

The plane flew, maintaining its position in the air.

"We did it," said Don happily. "Harry, you're a genius."

"No, I'm just stubborn," said the seven year old quietly. "Plus, you did just as much work, Don."

Donatello agreed, piloting the toy plane wherever they could in the sewer. Now was the matter of getting it down but Don would worry about that fact later.

"So, Harry, do try and solve the problem of your condition," said Don. "Please try and wake up."

Raph growled in frustration.

"Come on Harry, get up," said Raph irritably. "You fought evil Dark Lords, giant snakes, and who knows what else but you can't get up from a battle with some Foot Ninja. You know what I think, I think you are too afraid to get up and face what happened."

"Cool it Raph," said Leo warningly.

"Harry, you need to get up and get up now," said Raph. "Even when the odds were against you, you struck back and endured. Remember the first time we encountered the Purple Dragons. I remember it quite well but allow me to refresh your memory."

Nine-Year-Old Harry and a Nearly Twelve Year Old but not quiet Raph was currently playing hide and seek in the sewers.

"Okay, Harry, it's your turn," said Raph. "I get a two minute head start to hide myself and now you got to find me."

Harry nodded, using his sense of hearing to attempt to learn which direction Raph went, but another sound was heard from above. The nine year old climbed the ladder and pushed the manhole lid off, with just a little bit of difficulty.

"All right, pay up," said the voice of the Purple Dragon known as Dragonface who was accosting a shopkeeper.

"But, I don't have that much money," said the shopkeeper in a terrified voice.

"Don't yank my chain, pops," said Dragonface. "The big boss runs this neighborhood and he wants you to pay up to be allowed on this turf."

The Shopkeeper ducked behind the cash register, pulling out a gun pointing it at the offending thugs.

"S-s-stay back," said the Shopkeeper. "I know how to use this."

Another Purple Dragon pulled out a pipe and knocked the gun out of the shopkeeper's hand.

"Now who's the big man, pops," said the Purple Dragon known as Two Ton, who was swinging a chain in his hand.

"Yeah, let's show him it ain't nice to play with guns," said the Purple Dragon called Spike, with a crowbar in his hand.

Harry looked through the window, pulling out his double-edged sword. The Purple Dragons turned and looked at the boy.

"Stand back, you punks," said Harry in a dangerous voice or at least dangerous for a nine year old.

The Purple Dragons laughed at the nine year old, not taking him seriously.

"Oh, this little brat is going to make us pay, I'm so scared," said Dragonface in mock terror before pulling out a club. "Let us see what this little snotrag has."

Dragonface raised the club but Harry grabbed it out of his hand quickly and tossed it to the side.

"Ya know what, I don't need a weapon to beat cha, kid," said Dragonface pompously before raising his fist but Harry ducked and before he knocked Dragonface down with a kick to the back of the head.

Dragonface flew down before getting up.

"Get him ya mugs, pound him into paste," growled Dragonface to his fellow dragons Two Ton, Spike, and Buzz.

The Dragons rushed Harry, holding up their weapons.

Raph popped up, looking up, wondering what was taking his brother so long but he saw his brother was about to be crowned by those street thugs.

Raph popped up, before throwing his Sais. Direct hit as it severed a light fixture, trapping the Dragons underneath. With quickness, Harry quickly propelled himself into the air and aimed a kick right towards Dragonface, knocking him right through the window.

"Ya haven't seen the last of the Purple Dragons, ya little bastard," growled Dragonface before retreating. His fellow Dragons pulled themselves up and followed as Harry ducked out, joining his brother to resume their little game after its impromptu intermission.

"Beat the odds now, Harry," said Raph, turning away so the others could not see tears rolling down his face and have it ruin his tough guy image. "Wake up. I don't know what we would...what we would do without you."

Harry's body twitched but he still did not wake up. Splinter got up, putting his hand on Raph's shoulders.

"Your brother hears you, Raphael," said Splinter. "He understands."

The Turtles and Splinter remained standing around quietly, waiting.

Back in New York, Stockman along with some of his mouser robots examined the wreckage for any body parts that could be identifiable but even with Stockman's DNA analysis equipment; he could not find anything within the wreckage.

"I don't understand, this is the place, I searched the entire area but I can't find anything that indicates anything mutant or otherwise perished in the explosion," said Stockman. "But I can't go back to the Shredder empty handed, he'll finish me off, for good."

Stockman shuddered at the very thought but a simple find saved his backside. One of the mousers walked up to Stockman, with the ribbon that Raph had tied to the bottom of his Sais in its jaws. Stockman took it from his creation, a sinister idea forming in his brilliant mind.

"So, if I cannot find any evidence, I will make evidence," said Stockman as he used his metal hand to punch two eye holes in the red ribbon to make it look like a bandanna before doctoring his findings on his DNA analysis equipment so he could fool the Shredder with false evidence on the demise of the Turtles, Splinter, and Harry Potter.

Back at the Room of Requirement, Harry still had not recovered. Splinter decided to try his hand of bringing his son back to consciousness. Harry had been out for at least six hours now and his lack of response started to become rather troubling.

"Harry, my son, listen to me, focus on my voice," said Splinter. "I understand failure has been a thing that has caused you great uneasy in the past but did you not forget our meeting with the Sensei of my Sensei, Hamato Yoshi. The time I took you to Japan on a trip and you had the privilege of meeting the Ancient One. I would like to take you back to that time, in an effort to remember the lesson you learned on that trip."

Eight Year Old Harry and Master Splinter had just arrived in Japan.

"Harry, we are taking this trip for a very express purpose," said Splinter.

"Because you don't trust my brothers to control me without you there, right Sensei," said Harry mischievously.

"Well that and the fact your training has hit a wall that I wish to remove but I will need a little assistance," said Splinter. "The recent slowdown in your skills has been caused only by a lack of confidence. This lack of confidence is triggered by your ability to see that you can fail. No doubt shadows of your past with those other guardians of yours, which we shall never speak of, are still plaguing you as the slightest failure sends you into many mistakes that greatly effect your performance."

Splinter and Harry walked a ways, including a short trek up a very steep mountain before reaching a temple at the top.

"This, my son, is the home of the Ancient One," said Splinter. "He was the one who trained my Sensei, my beloved Master Yoshi."

Harry nodded, taking in the features of the temple. It was quite an impressive work. A moment later, a Japanese Man with long white hair and a white beard with a mushroom hat wearing a robe walked out of the temple.

"Nice hat," said Harry, who could not resist.

"Well thank you, young one," said the man before seeing Splinter. "Splinter-San, tell me, what brings you to my humble home."

"Ancient One, I am just popping in for a visit and would like to ask you for some advice while I am here," said Splinter. "This is my youngest son, Harry. I have told you about him, the one we found in New York when his old guardians from Great Britain abandoned him. They were not fit to look after children, after some of the things I learned they did to Harry."

"Ah, Harry, a pleasure to meet you for sure," said the old man. "My real name is too long and complex to speak at this time and it would take up half the day to tell it to you, so you may call me the Ancient One."

Harry nodded but he could smell something. This Ancient One had chocolate and Harry was addicted to two things at this time or any time for that matter. Chocolate and Pizza, and they were even better when mixed.

"So what was your son's old guardian's name," said the Ancient One, with a mischievous glint dancing in the old man's eyes.

"Ancient One, you are up to something, aren't you," accused Splinter.

"No just curious," said the Ancient One in what he perceived to be an innocent tone of voice.

"Dursley, if I am not mistaken," said Master Splinter

"Hmm, Dursley, nope never heard of him," said the Ancient One before adding in an undertone. "Note to self, find out who this Dursley is, send them box of chocolate crammed with laxatives. Many hours in bathroom be a suitable revenge."

The Ancient One looked up, he may have been a seventy five year old man but he had the maturity level of a young child sometimes.

"Just clearing my throat," said the Ancient One before reaching into his pocket. "Now where is my chocolate?"

The Ancient One looked frantic when he could not find his chocolate.

"My chocolate, my chocolate, no, it's gone!" cried the Ancient One.

The Ancient One looked rather upset but Master Splinter had a theory.

"Harry, did you steal the Ancient One's chocolate," asked Splinter sternly.

"Maybe," said Harry meekly, the chocolate remains smeared around his mouth, giving it away.

The Ancient One looked at Harry and Harry backed off slightly before the Ancient One laughed.

"Oh, tricked by a young one, this old man is getting a bit weak and is slipping," said Ancient One. "You earned that chocolate fairly, young one. Now Splinter-San, you wanted to discuss some business with me."

Splinter nodded before the two had a conversation in Japanese. Harry was not proficient enough in the language to understand yet, although he would master in a couple more years.

"The Ancient One came up with a plan that may prove to be effective," said Splinter. "His methods are normally a bit strange but they do their job every time."

At night, Harry was in the room, when the shadows in his room began to move. The boy attempted to pull his door opened but he was unable to open it. Harry sprang up, looking bit unnerved as they circled around him, hissing in a spooky manner.

"We have been waiting a long time to have a word with you, Harry Potter," hissed one of the shadows.

"You need to learn a very simple lesson," hissed the second shadow.

"We will be the ones to teach you," hissed the third shadow.

The shadows circled Harry and knocked him down. Harry sprang up, attempting to attack but his efforts were all in vain as the shadows could harm him but he could not harm them.

"Much like the shadows of past failures, we will harm you but only if you let us to harm you," hissed the first shadow.

"Just who are you anyway," said Harry in terror.

The shadows began to laugh before morphing into three spectral duplicates of Harry. The eight year old looked up, gaping in horror.

"We are your worst enemy, Harry Potter," hissed the shadows in unison.

"Wait, you are me," said Harry in terror.

"Exactly, we show you exactly what you should see, your own worst enemy at this present time," hissed one of the shadows.

"That worst enemy is you, as long as you cloud your mind with the shadows of your failures," hissed the second shadow.

"Letting your failures get to you will be your destruction and your demise," hissed the third shadow.

Harry was more intelligent than the average child at eight years old and could take in a lot more without getting freaked but even this made Harry sit up to take notice.

"It's not my fault, it's not my fault, I tried my best, I could not do any better!" cried Harry. "I DID THE BEST I COULD! Why does my past failures continue to haunt me."

The shadows gave one final hiss before disappearing as suddenly as they appeared and the Ancient One opened the door before walking into the room.

"Then why do you beat yourself up over failure, Harry Potter," said the Ancient One. "An old saying you should take to heart is one that never fails, never learns. Perhaps you should apply that, as your abilities will become more efficient."

Harry looked at the Ancient One and the Ancient One remained quiet before talking.

"So, tell me Harry, what did you learn from this old fool on this night," said the Ancient One.

"Well I learned that I could not let my past failures get in my way and should not let them bother me as..." started Harry before the Ancient One pulled out a staff and tapped Harry gently on the head.

"Too many words," said the Ancient One sternly. "Explain, simply."

"I'm my own worst enemy," said Harry simply.

"Exactly, you should not let your failures dwell," said Ancient One. "Remember them but do not stress over them. Use them to enhance your skills rather then dilute them due to lack of confidence. Turn your failures into successes."

"That is what I want you to do, Harry," said Splinter. "Turn this failure into a success as well. Come back to us, my son. There is nothing to fear by failing."

Harry began to stir weakly.

"No fear by failing," repeated Harry weakly before opening his eyes.

"Harry!" cried the Turtles in unison.

"You came back," said Raph. "I always knew you could as stubborn as you are."

"Exactly, Harry," said Leo.

"You got that right," said Don.

Ditto," said Mikey.

"Welcome back, my son," said Splinter.

"I couldn't do it without you guys," muttered Harry weakly. "I was nearly gone, nearly let myself vanish, I nearly let the loss to the Shredder and the Foot kill me but you brought me back. Thank you."

"Take these Potions, Professor Snape has brought over," said Splinter, assisting Harry in taking them. "And get some rest so you can be back on your feet in no time."

"I took you to Hogwarts, didn't I?" muttered Harry as he took one of the healing potions.

"Yes, you did, Harry," said Don.

"I'll stress about how I am going to keep you guys from being seen once I get some sleep," said Harry weakly. "Good night, everyone."

"Good night, Harry," muttered Raph, with a relieved look on his face as the others nodded.

As Harry drifted off to sleep, back in New York, Stockman was making his report to Saki.

"This is your evidence proving the demise of the Turtles and Potter," said Saki incredulously holding up what appeared to him to be a red headband.

"No, that is merely a trophy of your great accomplishment. Consider it a gift. Here's the real proof," said Stockman, holding up his DNA Analysis invention, showing all the data he doctored to trick the Shredder. "Conclusive DNA evidence, both mutated and human, which can only draw one conclusion."

"The Turtles and Potter perished in the explosion," said Saki looking happy. "Excellent work, Stockman."

"Now as for my reward..." started Stockman with a greedy glint in his one eye.

"I will have a group of Foot technicians deliver it to your laboratory tomorrow morning," said Saki. "Now if you excuse me I have other pressing matters to deal with."

Saki walked off as Stockman watched him leave. After Saki had gone, no one was on that level of the Foot Skyscraper Headquarters but Stockman.

"The fool bought it, he swallowed my bait," said Stockman. "With the artifact at my hands, I will create the means in which to destroy him. He will rue the day he ever thought Doctor Baxter Stockman was a mere subordinate. Shredder will pay for his mocking of my genius. When the time is right, I will use the technology I create to destroy the Shredder myself."

With no one else nearby, Stockman decided to rehearse his evil supervillian laugh. It was decent enough but the laugh had nothing on Shredder's, who was the master of such things. Stockman began to make plans for his revenge for all the punishment Shredder inflicted on him.