Chapter Twenty Six: The Search for Splinter Part Two

Don and Mikey accelerated downwards from the building, screaming as they plummeted towards their doom. As they fell, everything seemed to slow down.

"Don, I have an idea," said Mikey. "Kick off of me."

"Right," said Don, kicking off of Mikey's shell, giving himself enough momentum to spring onto the wall. He extended his Bo staff out and Mikey whipped out his nunchucks, wrapping it around Don's Bo staff before hanging down, just about ten feet from hitting the ground. Don pulled him up.

"That was a little too close," said Mikey. "Seriously, a psychotic laser in an exhaust system. Makes you almost think they have something to hide by not letting anyone get it no matter what."

"Makes sense," said Don, who along with Mikey had scaled the building, right back up to Leo and Raph before speaking to Harry. "Harry, the exhaust system his booby trapped, could you somehow deactivate the defense system?"

"I'll have your answer in a minute," said Harry before walking over to the holographic floor plan. "Exhaust system defenses deactivate."

"Phantom exhaust port and defenses down," said the holographic floor plan in a monotone voice.

"Harry!" yelled Ginny; backing off as two ill tempered looking guards covered in slime entered the security control room entered.

Harry quickly rushed forward to protect his friend, weapon in hand and quickly bashed the flat end against the chest of one of the guards. He flew back before the other guard pulled out a stick. He pressed a button on it and it appeared to be electrified. Harry barely managed to block the shock stick with his double-edged sword but Ginny kicked the security guard out of the way.

"Let's go," said Harry, placing his invisibility cloak in his pocket as Ginny followed him outside of the room. Two more security guards had joined the chase, all wielding the sticks with electricity coming from it.

The guards raised their sticks up; their eyes appeared to be glowing a sinister blue color as they closed in on Harry and Ginny. Ginny pulled out the Tonfa that Harry gave her as Harry pulled out his double-edged sword. If they were going to go down, they were going to go down fighting.

The Turtles pulled themselves in the building looking around. They opened a door, revealing a very bland and blank looking hallway.

"Man, the inside looks just as boring as the outside," said Raph.

"There has to be more in here than meets the eye," said Leo. "Spread out and go through all these rooms. Meet back here in five minutes. "

The four exchanged nods, each picking a door at random.

The four security guards raised their electrified sticks but Harry and Ginny managed to leap over them at the last minute, causing them to lose there balance briefly, giving them time to turn down another corridor.

"This way," said Harry desperately as he and Ginny ran down the hallway, which appeared to be no different from the one they left.

Harry and Ginny heard the security guards coming, backing off slowly. As they hit the wall, Harry's arm went right through the wall.

"Harry, I think the wall may be like the barrier at King's Cross," said Ginny. "I think we can go right through to avoid them."

Harry nodded before Ginny and Harry stepped through the holographic illusion of a wall. A minute later, the four security guards, joined by the TCRI CEO, the man known as Mr. Mortu, arrived on the scene. Mortu, a gray haired middle-aged fellow with blue eyes and glasses, arrived and looked around to see where the intruders had gone. The intruders seemed to have been lost.

"This is unacceptable," said Mortu to his security guards calmly before they walked off.

Harry and Ginny looked to see where they were. It seemed like they were in some kind of mysterious chamber and the room contained a lot of advanced technology.

"Harry, you're the expert on Muggle technology, is this kind of stuff normal?" asked Ginny with a frown.

"No, I'm afraid I don't recognize any of this technology," said Harry looking around, looking rather amazed at all the interesting high tech devices that were in the chamber. "We must keep on the move, I sense Master Splinter is close."

Ginny nodded, following Harry around the chamber, wondering what exactly was going on here.

Elsewhere in the TCRI building, the four Turtles arrived back at their meeting spot.

"All of these rooms are the same," said Raph.

"I don't get this, none of it makes any sense," added Don.

Leo tensed up, hearing footsteps. He signaled for his brothers to conceal themselves. A moment later, a couple of TCRI workers wheeling a platform with a dozen barrels on it walked past where the Turtles just were.

"I'm glad we aren't on guard duty tonight," said one of the workers. "Someone snuck what appeared to be a portable swamp in the lobby. The guards managed to remove it but it wasn't an easy task and now a dozen of them have to report to decontamination."

"Poor slobs," said the second worker as they continued to wheel the cart with the barrels past.

The Turtles dropped down. It appeared that the two TRCI workers had come from an elevator.

"Don, you and Mikey see where that elevator goes," said Leo. "Raph, you and I will follow those two. Let's go."

Raph and Leo shadowed the two TCRI workers while Michelangelo and Donatello quickly made their way towards the elevator.

Agent .19 frowned as she was checking the perimeters around the building. It appeared that half of the security defenses have been tampered with, but that would require someone to get into the main security room to play around with the system.

The girl that had saw Harry and Ginny earlier had entered the room where her mother was. She attempted to sneak past Agent .19, as strictly speaking, she was not supposed to go exploring in the TCRI building due to the potential danger that some of the technology that existed.

"And just where have you been young lady?" asked Agent .19, not turning her back from her laptop as she continued to check the security schematics.

"I went out for a walk to catch a breath of fresh air," said the girl. "I had nothing else better to do and it was getting boring being cooped up in this room."

"And what did I tell you about wandering outside of this room?" asked Agent .19 rhetorically.

"You said not to do it," replied the girl in an exasperated voice. "I still don't know what the big deal is..."

"No, I wouldn't expect you to see, as you're reckless and young," said Agent .19 in a regrettable tone of voice. "Still, did you by any chance see anything when you went out?"

"Why?" asked the girl in a slightly challenging tone of voice.

"Hailey, I need to know if anyone has been near the security control room or not," said Agent .19 in a patient voice, trying not hard to lose her temper with her daughter.

"Oh yeah, mother, there were two people, a girl and a boy," said Hailey. "I couldn't quite see what the girl looked like, but the boy had green eyes, almost like mine come to think of it, maybe exactly like mine and his hair was also messy like mine, but black instead of auburn. Oh yeah and he had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. I still fail to see what this has to do with anything."

Agent .19 froze, frowning attempting to think, something about this description sounded extremely familiar to her and the lightning bolt shaped scar rang a bell. Her memory wasn't completely there yet, but she needed to see this mysterious boy to jar her remaining memories, including the all-important piece about her identity.

"Mom, are you still with the physical world?" asked Hailey.

"Hailey, this is extremely important, you need to stay here," said Agent .19. "I need to find this boy you saw and I need to do it. Locating him could finally bring back all my memories."

Agent .19 walked off quickly as Hailey looked on before following her mother from a close distance, completely disobeying her orders. She was curious at what made her mother react like that.

Don and Mikey were in the elevator that the two workers had left earlier.

"Wow, twenty two buttons and ten floors," said Mikey. "This is one whacked out elevator."

"Let's try one," said Don, pressing one of the buttons. The elevator shut before appearing to move up but as it opened, the floor they arrived on appeared to be completely similar to the floor they left.

"Maybe another button," suggested Mikey, as he reached forward, pressing a different button.

Of course, this was nothing as once again, the floor they arrived on was no different looking from the floor they left.

"All the floors are the same," said Don in an agitated voice.

"Yeah, just like the rooms," said Mikey before hearing a couple of security guards come for the elevator. They quickly flipped up, clinging to the ceiling as the security guards entered the elevator.

"Mortu is so over reacting," said the man who entered the elevator. "I wasn't even around that stuff in the lobby to touch it."

"Yeah but you touched Newman and he touched that stuff in the lobby," said the female security guard.

"Newman," grumbled the male security guard in a snide voice before pressing a series of buttons. A small screen above the buttons revealed a picture of what appeared to be a sinister looking alien brain, complete with eyes and a mouth. The elevator began to head towards its destination.

Harry and Ginny had reached the end of the chamber. There appeared to be a door, which Harry and Ginny opened, along with a long corridor filled with what appeared to be dozens of metal exosuits shaped like humans, with an opening where the stomach would be.

"This is getting a bit too weird for my tastes," remarked Ginny.

"Yeah, what is the deal with all the metal exosuits?" muttered Harry frowning before looking around. "Master Splinter is close, I can feel it."

Ginny nodded, as she followed Harry down the corridor.

Elsewhere in the TCRI building, Raph and Leo were following the two workers with the barrels on the cart. They walked right through the wall. The two turtles looked on in awe.

"Looks like those two have given us the slip," remarked Raphael.

"Maybe not," said Leo, pulling his katana out and placing it into the wall. "Holographic, just like the window. Come on, they ought to be on the other side."

Leo and Raph casually stepped through what appeared to be a solid wall on the surface but really was another illusion within the TCRI building.

The elevator that Don and Mikey hitched a ride on arrived at its destination. The two security guards stepped out with Mikey and Don following behind at a discrete distance. The two guards climbed into a tube that filled up with air pressure before shooting them down into a pit of some sort that vaguely resembled the inside of a stomach.

"They went down there," said Mikey looking down.

"Then we are going to follow," said Don.

"Yeah but that place looks like a giant stomach," remarked Mikey. "So I don't want to know what down there entrails, I mean, entails."

Mikey and Don climbed over the railing, slowly lowering themselves down towards the pit. They saw five or six security guards enter the area. There appeared to a series of platforms, with openings in them, going back like a bleacher. Above them, hoses of some sort lowered down, directly above the platforms.

Two workers came over with barrels, filling tubes connected to the hoses with some kind of blue fluid. The security guards walked over, as Mikey and Don hung upside down, watching closely. The security guard reached up and slowly pulled at his face, pulling some kind of artificial skin off, revealing a metallic head underneath the skin.

Mikey began to scream but Don expertly clapped his hand over his brother's mouth to avoid being heard. The other security guards quickly followed suit, revealing several metallic heads lying underneath the artificial skin from the face.

"Can this get any weirder?" asked Mikey rhetorically.

Of course it could as they peeled their clothing off slowly to reveal there was a metal exosuit underneath. Further down and in an opening of the stomach revealed that it was inhabited. Each of the suits had what could only be described as an alien brain within the stomach cavity, with slime dripping down the front of its face.

Mikey and Don held their hands over each others mouths to prevent from screaming as the alien brains found their way onto the platforms. The close and exosuits were put in another tube, which caused the contaminated exosuits and clothing to melt inside.

"Decontamination sequence beginning," said a voice as the alien brains were sprayed with the blue fluid that was loaded into the process. They all squirmed and screamed in anguish as the fluid was scouring their skin.

The lead Guardian arrived at the chambers of the Council. They sat behind their desk, staring at him.

"You summoned me my lords," said the Guardian.

"Security said they removed a tracking device from you this evening," said one of the Council Members.

"Tell us how did it get planted?" continued the second Council Member.

"Without your knowledge," concluded the third Council Member.

"The Turtles are a resourceful bunch," said the Guardian with a sigh.

"Security also removed one of their destroyed tracking devices from the lobby tonight," said the first Council Member. "Also a mysterious swamp was placed in the lobby, as an apparent diversionary tactic."

"We are very troubled Guardian," said the second Council Member. "We Utroms have remained hidden all these years."

"Never, in a thousand years, has one of our domains been breached on earth," said the third Council Member.

"My lords, the Turtles don't really know what is up in this building," remarked the Guardian. "I doubt they have any idea how to even get inside."

"Actually, security was involved in a short altercation with their human brother, the one known simply as Harry, and one of his friends," said Mr. Mortu who had just walked into the room at this moment. "He also managed to disrupt our defenses around the building, along with our holo-shield in one of the entrances. Thus compromising our security and anonymity among humans."

"Your point being..." said the lead Guardian.

"The Turtles are in the house," said Mr. Mortu grimly.

"Find them," ordered all three members of the Council in unison.

"Right away, Council," said Mr. Mortu before walking off to put all of the security on full alert.

Mikey and Don were still hanging upside down when an alarm went off in the TCRI building. Both of the Turtles exchanged befuddled looks.

"All security on full alert," boomed the voice. "We have a breach, I repeat we have a breach. Intruder alert."

"Uh, oh, I think we've been found out," said Mikey, exchanging horrified looks with Don.

"Blast in, intruders," said one of the alien brains.

"My skin can't take another scouring," whined the second alien brain.

"There they are," yelled the third Alien Brain, looking up and seeing Don and Mikey hanging upside down.

"Looks like the jig is up, Mikey," said Don, as a half a dozen angry looking alien brains flew at them on hovering disk, lasers blasting.

"Ya think, Don," said Mikey sarcastically as the two turtles pulled themselves up, avoiding the rapid laser fire, running like made.

Leo and Raph were walking in the hallway when two alien brains in exosuits with electrified sticks along with five more on hovering disks blasting lasers

"What are those things?" asked Raph as he ducked laser fire.

"My guess is big trouble," said Leo before turning around and running away from the attackers. "This way, come on."

Raph reluctantly followed but they were met with three more exosuits with alien brains in the hole where the stomach was and wielding electrified sticks

"Now what?" asked Raph, kicking one of the exosuits back before blocking one of the sticks with his Sai and pulling it out before throwing it at the exosuit leg, causing an electrified wave to go through the exosuit. The alien brain abandoned ship as the exosuit blew to bits.

"Through here," said Leo, pointing to a door through the side where the two groups were closing in. Raph followed him, but they were followed by the crazed alien brains in the exosuits and on the hovering disks, the devices kept blasting their high tech lasers at the two Turtles.

Leo and Raph rushed down the hallway, meeting Harry and Ginny at the end.

"What the..." said Harry before his eyes widened at seeing their pursuers.

"Come on, we need to keep moving," commanded Leo as he ran down another corridor, followed by Raph, Ginny, and Harry, with the lasers barely missing with their backs as they turned the corner.

"This is getting stranger by the moment," said Ginny. "First this weird building where nothing is as it seemed and now we are chased by those things..."

"Aliens!" winced Harry as he nearly missed getting blasted by one of the hovering disks. "It just had to be aliens."

"Lucky for us," said Raph sarcastically. "And to top that all off, we still don't know where Master Splinter is."

"He's close," said Leo. "Just a feeling I have."

"Leo's right," said Harry. "Right now, we need to keep moving."

Harry, Ginny, Raph, and Leo reached what appeared to be the end of the line as they were trapped but a door opened from the side of them, revealing Donatello and Michelangelo arriving on the scene.

"Interesting meeting you guys here," said Mikey.

"This way," pointed Leo to a pathway to the side of Mikey and Don. Harry, Ginny, and Raph followed Don and Mikey but Leo leaped up, knocking over a large piece of equipment, blocking the doorway so their pursuers were stalled in going after them.

They walked down a ways before reaching a large room. The sight shocked them, there appeared to be all kinds of high tech controls, along with a bunch of still alien brains floating in some kind of fluid inside large containers.

"What is this place, a morgue?" asked Raph.

Harry looked over anxiously before spotting something unnerving.

"I hope not, because look," said Harry, pointing to a section of the containers which contained Master Splinter.

"Master Splinter," whispered Mikey in a horrified voice, looking at his unmoving Sensei. "Is he?"

"I don't think so," said Donatello, looking over at the computer screen right by the controls. "From what I can gather from this technology, he's mostly is stasis."

"Well, let's cut him out," said Raph.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Ginny.

"Ginny's right, we might do more harm than good," said Leo.

"Don, figure something out," whined Mikey. "We can't just leave him here."

"Okay, give me a minute to figure out this alien technology," said Don, frowning in deep concentration.

A moment later, a huge explosion was heard from outside the room as the alien brains came back for more, in the exosuits and on the hovering disks. One of the alien brains turned to another.

"Careful with your weapons discharge, we cannot afford to damaged the techno-organic equipment in this chamber," commanded the alien brain.

Of course, the trigger-happy alien brain blasted wickedly at the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny, accidentally blasting one of the pieces of equipment.

"What did I just say?" asked the first alien brain.

"Sorry," said the second alien brain sheepishly before Leo, Raph, and Mikey leaped into action as Harry and Ginny guarded Don so he could attempt to figure out the technology.

From high above, Leo came down, katanas raised and sliced the hovering disk out from underneath the alien brain, causing him to fly into the guard. Mikey wrapped his nunchucks around a shock stick before Raph cracked one of the exosuits back with a vicious kick. He then picked up the stick, tossing it at the back of the leg, causing the exosuit to be filled with an electrical wave before the stick went dead. The exosuit went dead before the alien brain wiggled his tentacles, causing the exosuit to be brought back to life.

"These guys mean business," said Raph, barely pushing back the exosuit that appeared to have exceptional strengths and reflexes.

Mikey batted two of the exosuits back with the nunchucks as Leo engaged a shock stick wielding exosuit with a katana. One of the alien brains on the hover disk flew towards Raph, blasting its lasers but Raph's leaping kick caused him to spin out of control, blasting his laser frantically while spinning around aimlessly.

"Oh no!" yelled Harry as one of the laser blasts got dangerously close to the containment unit Splinter was in. Harry leaped up, taking the bullet, causing him to fly back into the next room.

"Harry!" yelled Ginny in horror before rushing into the next room. The Four Turtles followed Ginny and Harry appeared to be lying on the stairs leading up to some kind of platform with two circular electrical devices hovering over.

"Harry, are you okay bro?" asked Mikey, who looked down as Harry seemed to have hit his head hard on the edge of the stairs.

"I'm fine," said Harry groggily as he pulled himself onto the platform to regain his senses. Ginny and the Turtles followed him.

Mr. Mortu entered the room that they had just left, surveying the damage.

"What have you done?" asked Mortu in horror to his fellow Utroms before quickly rushing towards the next room. The horror had just begun as he had saw the six intruders had moved onto the Transmat. "Stop, you must listen to me."

The Turtles looked up, their sights fixed on Mortu, looking rather confused.

"You must get off that platform, immediately," said Mortu desperately as he saw a wave of blue light slowly flash onto the platform form.

"I can't move my feet!" yelled Mikey in horror.

Mortu rushed over to the computer, frantically attempting to override the Transmat controls.

"I cannot stop it," said Mortu regrettably. "It's too late."

Agent .19 rushed into the room, praying she was not too late. As she looked up, she saw the two electrical devices on the platform slowly fizzle to life. Moving forward, she saw Harry and she fell to her knees, clutching her head in pain. It was all quickly and rather painfully coming back to her.

Harry looked up to the woman who had entered the room. She looked rather familiar and if Harry didn't know any better...he only saw pictures...but it couldn't be...Dumbledore said she was dead. Before he could give this matter any further, the Turtles, Ginny, and Harry were engulfed by a blue light, slowly dematerializing partial by partial before vanishing completely into the light as it was blasted out the top of the TCRI building.

Agent .19 pulled herself up, looking around in frustration. It was all too clear to her all her memories having returned with the exception of a five minute period shortly after the defeat of Lord Voldemort and a few other select memories.. On Halloween night thirteen years ago, a miscalculation in her spell work had indirectly caused her to live, when she only intended to save Harry. As her son, the four Turtles, and her son's friend disappeared, Lily Potter, also known as Agent .19, looked on helpfully unable to do anything to stop them from being transported to Merlin knows where.