How it Went Down the Drain.

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Chapter 1-

Hermione sat gracefully in front of the big, black grand piano, which was in her living room. She opened it up and ran her fingers over the keys softly.

It was summer, and Hermione liked it that way. She loved staying at home with her family, sitting in the sun, day dreaming about things that she thought would never happen. She loved how every time she would wake up, she would hear the birds chirping and see a bright sunny day.

The two things that seemed to bother Hermione this summer was that her sister, Emma couldn't come home from her American Wizarding School. And two, her boyfriend and her best friend, weren't with her.

Now, you are probably yelling at me to tell you who exactly her boyfriend is and well, I will. Let me just put it this way, the lucky guy has bright red hair and dazzling, blue eyes. Alright if you are really slow and dense or just don't have a clue, it's Ron Weasley.

Hermione honestly, actually didn't have any other feelings except friendly ones towards Ron, until she drank a little much. Hermione swore to this day, that someone had put something into it. When the stupid after affects of the drink or whatever was in it, kicked in it made her do everything the wrong way.

Here let me show you what I mean, sit tight and enjoy the trip back in time!


It was seventh year and Hermione Granger was still a single young lady. Hermione had changed quite a bit over the years, she had transformed from a bookworm, that always wore baggy robes, to a wonderful, young woman. She had formed curves in just the right places, had a wonderful body, and never wore baggy robes again. She would wear robes that would show off her curves and body, mind you she didn't show off her curves like some people. CoughChoCough!

Anyway, I'm sorta getting off topic so let's get back on track...

It was a nice, bright, starry night at Hogwarts, that night held the last ball of the year at Hogwarts. It was also the last and final year for the Harry, Hermione, and Ron; the Trio.

Hermione had gone to the ball with Harry, just as friends well at least one of them thought so, and Ron went with Luna. That night was a wonderful night for Hermione, until she had too much to drink.

"Harry," Hermione paused and put a hand over her mouth, "I think... I'm going to go... to the bathroom." Hermione said standing up with the help of Harry's hand.

"Do you want me to help you get there? You might tip over if I don't help you," Harry said looking concerned.

Hermione hiccupped a little bit and said, "It's okay, I can...manage."

Hermione squeezed Harry's hand in reassurance and walked while swaying to the side a little, out the doors.

'What am I thinking? I can't get to the bathrooms myself,' Hermione looked around and saw Ron; she was going to ask him for help.

But it turned out that Ron and Luna were in the corner snogging each others brains out.

Like a sensible person, who wasn't drunk or drugged which ever you prefer, she should have left, but… she didn't.

"Ron!" Hermione half yelled, half screamed.

'What? What am I doing? Hermione stop yelling at Ron! What's going on? Leave Hermione leave!'

"Hermione?" Ron had went pink, especially at the ears.

Hermione just glared at Ron and started to run towards the bathrooms, still swaying to the side a little.

'No! Don't glare at Ron just smile and walk away! Noo, don't run away!' Hermione screaming at herself, 'What the bloody hell is going on?'

"Hermione!" Ron called after her, as he tried to catch up to her.

"Go away, Ronald!" Hermione screamed at him.

'Don't say that! Stupid! Stupid bookworm!'

"Hermione! Listen!" Ron said trying to calm Hermione down.

"Listen to what! The way you lied to me? The way you said you were just going with Luna because she asked you, and just as friends? Well you know what Ron? Friends don't snog each other!" Hermione yelled.

'Why am I yelling at Ron? Why do I care if he's snogging with Luna? Oh my god! Stop yourself! This is going to give him the wrong idea!' Hermione was about to rip out her hair in frustration... If she had control over her body that is.

"Hermione, the truth is that... I really wanted to go with you but, I thought I wouldn't have a chance. I mean you've grown to be a hot girl, so I thought you would go with some one popular."

'Sure all the guys always say hot not beautiful. Sheesh.'

For some reason no one can explain what Hermione did next, Hermione smiled softly and said, "I didn't though, I wanted to go with you..."

'What! No Hermione shut your big mouth! You wanted to go with... Never mind just shut up! CRAP! What's going on? Everything's going backwards!'

"Ermm...Well Hermione, I know this is a little quick but I can't wait...Ermm.. Hermione, will you be my girlfriend?"

'NOOOOO!' Hermione screamed inside her head but for Merlin knows why...

Hermione let out a squeak and ran up to Ron and hugged him...

'What has gotten into me?'

.:End Flashback:.

Yes, that is how it happened, that is how Hermione and Ron got together.

Hermione would have done anything to stop herself from saying yes, but she didn't... she couldn't actually. She would've broken up with Ron but he was just so happy with them going out, that she didn't want to hurt him.

Even though he can't kiss, it's like kissing a damn fish; Hermione felt if she did break up with him that would ruin their friendship.

Anyway, the one Hermione truly wanted to go out with wasn't hers to have, he was currently, either Cho or Ginny's property. So that made the Boy Who Lived untouchable.

Pfft... Ron, he can't even kiss!

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