How it Went Down the Drain

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Chapter 2-

Harry was in his own room at the Grimmauld Place; how he despised this place. The stupid house reminded Harry of Sirius and it hurt to think about him; Harry always took it out on himself that he made Sirius fall through the veil. And well I know it's not true...

Harry sat down on his bed and kicked at the floor board, he sat in silence as his thoughts drifted to Ron and Hermione.

'Great, just what I need to think about now Ron and Hermione, Hermione and Ron, just bloody great.' Harry shouted mentally in his head.

He then sat up and went over to his trunk; he then pulled out his electric guitar. Harry gently touched the strings and remembered all the times Hermione and himself would go out by the lake and he would just play his guitar. The squid like thing in the lake, would always make Hermione laugh, it would wave its tentacles up and act like its doing the Macarena.

Echo, echo...
We come, we go-whoa
No I don't want to be just another
Echo, echo...

Harry wrote this song, Echo, because he always felt like he didn't have a say in his life. I guess to be honest it was true, I mean look at Dumbledore, he always did everything for Harry, sure it might have been the best thing to do, but really now. Oh yah, and the prophecy too; it always predicted his life and well at least it came true the good way. Harry had defeated Voldemort during the middle of his seventh year, which was why Dumbledore had thrown the Ball. 'I remember when Hermione got drunk and went all crazy,' Harry sighed as he remembered when Hermione came back with Ron at hand. Her facial expression was so beautiful and happy, but her eyes said otherwise.

Everywhere I go
There's something I really need
Everyone I know
Is someone I want to be
Even though
I don't really know me

That was another reason that Harry had wrote this song, since the day he found out Hermione was going out with Ron, I know this may sound conceded but what ever, Harry felt like the third wheel. It had killed Harry to do everything with them, while they were either sweet talking, kissing and... Err! Giggling! Well Hermione was giggling anyways. Maybe it was just him that made him think that there was something in Hermione's eyes that looked... I dunno, troubled I guess, that would be the best word. By the way Harry, I don't think Ron could sweet talk even if he tried! I'm Sorry Ron but it's most likely true.

I better pick it up
Before I let it slip away
I better stick it out
Before I take another day
Into mouth
Every single word I say fades out

Any who, I guess it was Harry's jealousy, but we won't know unless Harry goes and figures out his heart issues. Whatever, Back to the Harry problems- What ever Ron said Hermione giggled and laughed, even if it wasn't funny! Sure, Harry loved Hermione's laughs and well, everything about her... But not when she's laughing at another guys jokes or something along those lines. Harry always told himself that it was just brotherly feelings. Haha! You keep telling yourself that Harry. But now he realized that they were everything but brotherly ones.

Echo, echo...
We come, we go-whoa
No I don't want to be just another
Echo, echo...

Can I open up your eyes?
Only when the clouds break?
Can I feel alive?
Even though the world shakes
Every night,
Here in my quiet satellite

But honestly to Merlin, don't get Harry wrong or anything, he doesn't mind if a guy says something funny and she laughs, its just when they're flirting with her! It annoys him like hell! When Ron and Hermione would go out with each other, he hated to intrude, so he would stay behind and that usually left him with either Ginny or-


Bloody friggen Cho.

"I'm upstairs!" Harry hollered back. 'Why do I even go out with her?'

Yah Jeeze Harry why do you go out with the stalker?

"Oh Harry sweetie! We have to go shopping!" Cho said sweetly.

'Cedric how could you stand her?' Harry pulled out of his thoughts and said, "Didn't we just go yesterday?"

No bloody kidding. Cedric how did you do it?

Harry swore he saw an evil glint in her eye when she had clenched her jaw and said, "Yah, but I need more-"

Ring Ring Ring

'Saved by the bell.'

"Hang on Cho let me get the phone," Harry said quickly and bolted his way down stairs.

Lucky guy!

"It better not be that mudblood!" Harry heard Cho growl.

Talk about being a bitch, sorry for the language you guys, but its true!

'I swear I will kill her!' Harry thought to himself.

You know what Cho you are a bad bad bad person... and I hate you! Bah!

"Hello?" Harry said as he picked up the phone.

"Hi, Uhh... Harry?" It was a feminine voice and Harry recognized it.

"Yah, are you okay Hermione?" Harry asked concerned.

"Yah I'm fine, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out." Hermione asked playing with something on the other end.

"Yes!" Harry said a little too loudly and quickly, "I mean... yah of course."

"Haha!" Hermione laughed.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Harry asked pouting.

"Oh stop your pouting," Hermione said still laughing, "Its just I never got such a quick answer from you before. Wait a minute, is Cho the Cow over?"

"Cho the Cow, eh? Yah she is. By the way I love the name." Harry chuckled.

"Thanks, they don't call me the brightest witch of our age for nothing." Hermione said. Harry could just feel her smile.

"Righhht," Harry said dragging the word on, "Anyway where would you like to meet my dear?"

"Anywhere would be fine my good ol' man," Hermione said smirking into the phone.

"How 'bout, I meet you at your house?"

"Sure," Hermione said shrugging "Sounds good."

"Okay then, see you in ten. By the way, I'm not old," Harry said laughing.

"Surre," Hermione said mocking Harry, "Bye!"

"Later!" Harry greeted smiling.

Harry hurried up stairs to find Cho glaring at him. "Err... Cho, I have to go, I'm sorry," Harry said as he scratched the back of his head.

"THAT WAS THE MUDBLOOD WASN'T IT?" Cho shouted her face red.

"Don't call Hermione a mudblood Cho," Harry said calmly.

Cho then shrieked, "Ughh! I'm your girlfriend not the fucking mudblood!"

"Who ever said you were my girlfriend. By the way, maybe if you wanted to have a serious relationship, stop sleeping around with the other bastards," Harry suggested while picking up clothes of the floor.

Ouch! Burnage! Haha.

"Ahhh!" Cho wailed and apparated away.

"I should really update my apparation charm..." Harry said smiling at the thought of Hermione. He couldn't wait to see her.

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