YYH, Brothers. By Weebee.

Summary. Shortly after Jusenkyo, Genma gets really drunk and says some things that he shouldn't. After learning that he isn't really Genma's son, Ranma strikes out on his own and ends up in Tokyo, where he meats a woman who seems to be prone to fainting spells…

Re-Release notes: I have gotten ahold of my older brother's copy of Yu Yu Hakusho, and do not see much wrong with the plot I laid out for this. As a result, I am posting it on FF.N for continuation. This is the first of my Re-releases. The next one I have planned is "contrast Match."

Power levels. Ranma is on par with Yusuke before he becomes a spirit detective. I know this seems under powered but this is Ranma BEFORE the Manga and Yusuke is a damned good fighter. His hand to hand skills do NOT, despite what most people think, seem to improve when he becomes a detective and he can still battle Youkai with them. Genkai's training also does not really improve his PHYSICAL strength, at least no more than Ranma would get fighting Kuwabara for that time or doing some other sort of training. There for, My decision stands. Ranma is about on par with Yusuke at the beginning of the series, maybe a bit better.

Disclaimer. I don't own Ranma ½ or Yu Yu Hakusho. Don't sue me, My computer belongs to the government and everything else I own belongs to my parents.

Prologue, Genma's mistake.

Ten years ago, 1981.

Genma Saotome trudged down the street, looking both sad and panicked. Earlier that day, His wife of six years had died while in the process of child birth. Although Genma was sad about this, he was also worried because he had made many promises that required a child in order to carry out. Why, His agreement with Tendo alone was very important and he had had three lovely daughters by now. As Genma walked, an idea occurred to him. True, it would be a lot less honourable than anything else he had done in his life, however he really needed a child. With a sigh, he walked towards the local city park.

In the park, Two young boys were playing in a sand box. One of them had fiery red hair, while the other had black hair. The redhead seemed to just sit there, not really doing much and looking bored while his brother ran around him. From a bench close by the children's mother watched, a fond smile on her face. As she drank a cup of coffee, she watched her two children play and thought about their father, who had been dead for the last three years. Realizing that she was out of coffee, the woman got up and walked over to her sons.

"Tenchi. Mommy's going to go over and get a cup of coffee from the cart over there. Watch Shuichi for me, okay?"

The black haired boy, who was her eldest, nodded. "All right mommy." He said, as she walked off.

"Hey Shuichi." Tenchi said, looking at his rather lethargic younger brother. "I saw a buncha gardens over there. You wanna go see them?"

The younger boy nodded, and his older brother lead him towards a plot of ground where flowers were growing. While he didn't really like plants, Tenchi knew that his little brother loved them and it seemed that the only time he was really happy was when he was in a garden.

Plopping down on the ground next to the plot of flowers, Tenchi watched his little brother as he carefully inspected each flower. He could swear that the younger boy let off a greenish glow as he tended the flowers, but dismissed it as being impossible.

Genma sat in the bushes in the park, looking around. His conscience was gnawing at him, telling him that what he was doing was wrong, but memories of all of the promises he had made ran through his mind and he squashed the small objecting voice. As he looked around the park, Genma saw two young boys sitting in a plot of flowers. One of them had bright red hair. Since both he and Nodoka had black hair… well, he used to have black hair, it was unbelievable that the two of them could produce a child with that colour hair. The one next to him seemed about a year older, and he was twitching as if he wanted to go and play somewhere else but had to watch the younger boy.

"He'd be perfect." Genma said, creeping through the bushes towards the children. Looking around, he saw their mother turning from a drink cart in another part of the park. Deciding that he had to make his move now, Genma jumped out of the bushes, grabbing the black haired boy and running.

The redhead looked up from his flowers to see his older brother being taken by a bald man in a white training Gi. Even if he found the other boy annoying, he was part of his human family and he had to protect him. Trying to command the flowers in the bed to grab the bald man, the boy realized that he hadn't gained enough power to do that yet and the flowers didn't move fast enough.

Getting to his feet, Shuichi Minamino ran after the man who had taken his brother. "Tenchi!" He yelled, as the man seemed to leap out of the park and onto a nearby roof.


Ranma Saotome shot up in his sleeping bag, rubbing at his eyes. It was that damned dream again. He couldn't remember much of it, just an image of his father running through a field with him in his arms, a four year old boy running after them and yelling something. "Who the heck is Tenchi…" Ranma wondered, getting out of his bed as he knew that he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. Him and his father were in China, on the way to some place called the Joketsu zoku village. Of course, they wouldn't have to go there if it weren't for the old man's stupidity. 'He just had to go to jusenkyo without knowing how to speak Chinese.' Ranma thought, walking into a forest clearing to do some Kata. To his surprise, Ranma saw his father in the middle of the clearing, an empty bottle of Sake sitting next to him. His eyes were full of tears, and he swayed even while sitting.

"Now whatami gunna do?" Genma slurred, raising the bottle to his lips, trying to drink Sake that didn't exist. He must have been here for a while, as he seemed to think that there still was alcohol in the bottle and gave a satisfied sigh before putting it down. "It's bad enough he turns into a girl, his cursed form looks nothing like me."

"Huh?" Ranma wondered, leaning into the clearing to hear the old man speak.

"Waddam I gunna do now? The second Tendo sees the boy's girl form he'll know he's not mine."

'Not his?' Ranma thought, his eyes widening.

"Well, I guess I can't take him to the Tendo place now. Maybe I can get him married to that Kuonji kid. After all, the Kuonjis never met Nodoka. It should be easy to pass Ranma off as mine with them."

'Pass me off as…' Ranma thought, before he connected the dots. In that dream he had, the boy who was chasing after him and his father had bright red hair and a thin build… just like his girl form. He knew that his father had done some really bad things, but kidnapping someone else's child? That was hard for Ranma to accept out of the old man. Then again, he had trained him in the Neko Ken… and he was talking about marrying him off to UKCHAN? He had to check this out.

Creeping out of the clearing, Ranma opened his father's travel pack. The first thing he found were a bunch of fighting Gi, and then a secret Sake stash and some food. Growling because his father had been making him go out and catch food for the last few weeks, Ranma continued digging. Under the food was a scroll case containing the technique scrolls for the anything goes martial arts, and under that was what he was looking for.

Pulling a manila envelope from the bottom of the pack, Ranma ripped it open and took out all of the legal documentation Genma had.

Genma's birth certificate, revealing that he had taken his wife's name. "I wonder who the Rokubungis are?' A marriage certificate, several other papers and… another birth certificate. Reading it over, Ranma's eyes widened.

"Ranma Saotome. Born, September 2 1981. Died on birth, along with mother."

With trembling hands, Ranma put all of the papers back into Genma's pack, stopping only long enough to grab some of the older man's food supplies.

Packing his own bag, Ranma headed out. He didn't know what he was going to do, but from what he had heard Genma talking about he didn't want to be anywhere near the older man. He couldn't go to that Joketsu zoku place, as Genma would head there first. Deciding that even his curse wasn't as important as getting out of here at the moment, Ranma struck out for the coast line.

The next morning, Genma Saotome awoke with a splitting headache. Trying to roll onto his side to avoid the sun, he rolled over a bottle of Sake, one of the reasons for the aforementioned headache.

Grumbling to himself, Genma forced himself to his feet, walking towards the clearing where his son had slept and where he should have done the same.

Entering the clearing, Genma saw that Ranma's sleeping bag and pack were gone. "Boy! Where are you!" He yelled, waking the third member of his party, the Jusenkyo guide.

"Sir. Why so much shouting. Want go sleep, yes?" The guide said, from his position rapped up in a sleeping bag.

"Did you see where Ranma went?" Genma asked, looking at the guide.

"No sir. I no see where young Mr. Customer go. I asleep all night last night." The guide said, yawning and climbing out of his sleeping bag.

Noticing the top of his pack open, Genma walked over and flipped it the rest of the way up,. Seeing that the pack had been searched the night before. "Hey! The boy stole my supplies!" He yelled, noticing that many of his secret foodstuffs were missing. Pushing the remainder of the food out of the way, Genma saw a yellow folder that had been ripped at the top. "Oh no…" He breathed, reaching down and picking it up. The first thing that fell out of the folder was Ranma's birth certificate. "The boy found out." He said, his face going white.

Repacking his bag, Genma slung it over his shoulder and looked at the guide. "Get ready to go. Ranma must have gone to that village you told me about to try and get his curse cured." 'I hope.'

The guide nodded, slinging his own pack over his shoulder, and the two started out on their trip.

About eighty miles in the opposite direction from the Joketsu zoku village, Ranma was beginning to stagger. 'Maybe taking off in the middle of the night was a bad idea.' He thought, almost tripping over a tree root. Remembering what Genma had been talking about the night before spurred him to continue. "I ain't getting married yet, and if he ain't even my real pop I ain't gunna let him arrange a marriage for me, especially to another guy."

A few minutes later, Ranma stumbled and fell to the ground. "Okay… Maybe I'll rest here for a bit." He conceded, rolling onto his side and shrugging off his pack.

A day and a half later, Genma and the Jusenkyo guide walked down a trail, with Genma in panda form thanks to a recent rain.

"Oh. We very lucky Mr. Customer." The guide said, as the two of them came into view of a small village. "We arrive on day of tournament."

Genma grofed noncommittally, following the guide into the village. Looking around, Genma saw two women fighting on a log. Dismissing them as unimportant, he kept looking until he saw… heaven! In the centre of the village, right next to the log where the two women were fighting, sat a large table with a red table cloth and more food than you could shake a sign at. Growling happily, Genma walked over to the table and sat down, starting to munch.

"OH Sir! You no do dat. That prize for tournament!" The guide said, panicked.

Genma grofed questioningly before having several spears levelled at his throat. One of the women knocked the other off of the log next to the table and jumped down, speaking in a dialect of Chinese and glairing at the Panda.

"She ask why you eat food." The guide translated, looking nervously between the girl and the animal.

Genma pulled out a sign which the guide read, before saying something to the girl.

The girl didn't seem to like this answer and said something else in Chinese. The guide gulped before translating. "She say kill panda."

Genma's eyes widened before he grabbed the guide by the arm and started running out of the village. As the two were about to leave the village, a gnarled old woman pogoed in to their path, looking at Genma appraisingly.

"Hmm… This one is Jusenkyo cursed." She said, tapping her staff on the ground. Saying something in Chinese to the crowd behind Genma and the Guide, they quickly got the message and walked away, two men proceeding into a nearby hut and coming out with a pale of hot water.

Splashing Genma with it, the old woman looked at him appraisingly. "You have insulted our best warrior by consuming the food that rightfully belonged to her. You shall fight her to make up for it."

Genma nodded. "Of course. I can beat that little girl no problem."

The old woman said something to the girl, who's red eyes narrowed as she pulled two maces out of nowhere. Struggling to speak in Japanese, she said, "Ignorant male pay!"

"Don't lose to this one great granddaughter." Cologne said, looking at Genma. His genetics would certainly pollute the Amazon gene pool.

The two combatants leapt to the challenge log, Genma taking the classic anything goes null stance while the girl took a cat fighting stance.

After five minutes of fighting, Genma landed a blow that sent the girl falling off of the log and to the ground. Her eyes wide, the girl looked between Genma and the old woman, who shook her head sadly before saying something in Chinese.

With her face in a look of revulsion, The girl walked up to Genma, grabbing his face in her hands and kissing him on the lips. In a supremely unenthusiastic voice, she said, "Wo da Airen."

The guide's eyes widened and he quickly translated. "Beloved Husband… Honoured customer. You been given kiss of marriage."

Genma's eyes widened. "Kiss of what?" He asked, backing away slowly.

"The kiss of marriage." The old woman said, her face twisting into a look of revulsion. "Son in law. You are now married to my great granddaughter."

Genma immediately grabbed the guide's arm and ran off with him, the girl looking pleadingly at her great grandmother, who shook her head sadly, before reluctantly chasing after them.

A day later, on the coast at the other side of the country, Ranma was glairing at the ocean in front of her. She had pushed herself to her limits in order to get here this fast, and was far too tired to swim back across the ocean in the way that she got to China. Wandering down the coast, she soon entered the outskirts of a port city. Seeing a small fishing boat, she had an idea. After a quick visit to a local restaurant for some hot water, Ranma went to see a man about a job on a boat.

Chapter 1, Big panda hunting and Tokyo.

Xian Pu of the Chinese Amazons crept through the forest, her bonbori at the ready. True, she didn't want to catch this outsider male, however she didn't really have a choice. Laws were laws, after all. If only the old punishment of being thrown into a Jusenkyo spring for failure were still in effect, She would have instantly turned herself in to the elders and taken her punishment for failing to bring the fat panda man in. The problem was, ever since the Amazons figured out what Jusenkyo REALLY did they had discontinued that practice.

Seeing a flash of white in the distance ahead of her, Xian moved slowly towards it, not making any excess movements. Just as she was about to swing out with her bonbori and peg the Panda on the top of it's head, it moved, saw her and began to run away.

(Damn!) Shampoo cursed, before chasing after the Panda. Deciding to use her trump card attack in an attempt to stop the animal, she pointed her hands forward and shouted (Spirit Claws!) From each fingertip, weak beams of energy flashed out, stopping at the length of an animal's claws. Swiping with her newly made energy claws, Xian Pu caused a ripple of vacuum to fly forward, cutting a branch that was over the panda's head. To her annoyance, the panda rolled, avoiding the falling branch.

As the two ran, Xian began to realize where they were going. 'We're headed for Musk territory…' As she thought that, an evil smile crept onto her face. 'I can't marry a panda, now can I?' She thought, now deliberately leading the animal towards the territory of the beast men.

As Genma ran from the crazed red eyed girl behind him, he felt a feeling of impending doom. Shrugging it off, he kept running.

Three days later, Ranma walked off of a fishing boat, looking around to see a Japanese port city. "I'm finally in Japan." He said, happily. "But now where do I go?" Shrugging it off, he decided that heading to Tokyo would be the best idea, as his father had avoided that city like the plague for as long as he could remember. The only part of Tokyo they had ever stayed in for any length of time was Nerima, and they never left the district until they left the city. Setting his pack on the ground, Ranma looked through it to find that he just barely had enough rations to make it to Tokyo, but he'd need to get a job when he got there. Throwing the pack over his shoulder, he began to walk.

Meanwhile, Back in China, Shampoo stood in front of her great grandmother, looking sad. (…And my new Airen just ran straight into the musk camp.) She said, trying to sound like it had been an accident.

(I see.) Cologne said, a small flicker of amusement coming across her face. (Well, since the only cure to the locking ladle is in Japan, I suppose you'll just have to keep him as a pet. After all, we can't let a cursed one get out and bread with the real pandas. That could cause… problems…)

Genma sat between the two, tied up with some ropes and looking between them nervously. 'What are they saying?' He thought, but couldn't ask as his hands weren't free to pull out signs. He had heard the word Japan, but there was no way that they'd let him go back home, and there was no way he'd want to with his curse locked. There wasn't much a panda could do in a country full of big cities. With a forlorn grofe, Genma rolled to the side and lay down on the ground.

Shampoo grinned widely as she thought of uses for her new "Pet."

Ranma grumbled to herself as she walked down a road leading into Tokyo. "And it had to start raining NOW." She muttered, glairing up at the sky. Shrugging it off, she walked into the city, Dimly recognising the area she was in as Shin Mejiro. Seeing a decent sized park nearby, Ranma walked into it and found a nice, secluded spot to set up her tent. Looking around as she finished, Ranma saw a large field next to a patch of gardens. For some reason, the field stuck in her mind. Shaking her head to clear it, she crawled into her tent, falling asleep almost instantly.

The next day, Ranma walked out of yet another small shop, frustrated. No one would take him for work, as he hadn't graduated school and wasn't going at the moment. This wouldn't be a problem, accept for the fact that he didn't have any money, and the last of his provisions had run out last night. 'I guess there's no help for it.' He Thought, Resignedly, as he headed in the direction of the local high school.

Walking into the office, he looked around to see many people at desks. Seeing what looked to be the central desk, he walked up to it. "Um… Hello?" He asked, attracting the attention of the secretary who was working at the desk.

"Ah, hello young man." She said, smiling softly. "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to register for school here." Ranma said, looking nervously around.

The woman nodded, before turning to her computer. "Name?" She asked, typing quickly.

Ranma froze. Could he use his own name? He had found out that he wasn't a Saotome, but what was his last name? "I'm Ranma." He said, deciding to just give his first name.

"Ranma…" The woman said, waiting.

"Just Ranma." He said, quickly.

The woman looked at him strangely for a moment before entering the data into her computer. There weren't really that many people with a name like Ranma anyways, so it wouldn't really cause much of a problem. "All right. Can I have your school records?"

Ranma put down his pack, rummaging through it. Finding no school records, he dug deeper. "Um… I don't think I have them."

The woman sighed. This kid didn't really know what he was doing, did he? "All right then. You'll have to take a placement test. Our guidance councillor can set it up for you."

"Thanks." Ranma said, walking away and sitting in a chair near the desk.

A few hours later, Ranma was looking down at the results of his placement test in disbelief. "I placed in the ninth grade level?" He asked, a look of shock on his face.

"Yes. I'm sorry, but that's your rating." The guidance councillor said, shaking his head. "Sarayashiki Jr. High is just down the street. Just present your papers to the guidance councillor there and she'll put you in a class."

"All right. Thanks." Ranma said, walking out of the building with his test in hand. 'Man, I didn't know I was that bad at school.' He thought, before heading towards the Jr. High.

At the Jr. High school down the street, two boys stood out front, the taller one glairing at the shorter. "All right Urameshi. You lose today!"

"Yeh Yeh. You say that every day Kuwabara." The shorter one, called Yusuke Urameshi, said. "Let's just do this." Saying this, Yusuke charged at Kuwabara, his fist raised.

After a few exchanges of blows, the larger boy was laying on the ground, stunned.

"Hey. That was a pretty good fight." A third voice said, coming from behind the two boys.

"Huh?" Yusuke asked, turning to see a pigtailed boy, who looked about two years older than him. "Who're you?"

"My name's Ranma." The pigtailed boy said, scratching the back of his head. "Can I join you guys in a fight some time?"

Yusuke blinked. This guy was nuts. He had just beaten the tar out of Kuwabara and he was asking to join in some time? Shrugging, he spoke. "I guess… if you want to."

Just as he said that, someone else approached the small group. "Yusuke? Why aren't you in class? Are you beating people up again?"

"Oh man. It's Keiko." Yusuke muttered, before turning to the brown haired girl who had just walked up to them. "Kuwabara just challenged me to another fight, that's all."

"I wish you wouldn't beat people up like that. It isn't good for your school record." Keiko said, looking reprovingly at Yusuke.

'Yeash. Nag, nag, nag." Yusuke thought, before following Keiko into the school.

"Yeh. You need some help?" Ranma asked, looking down at the fallen Kuwabara.

"Hey thanks." Kuwabara said, reaching up a hand to grab Ranma's. "Urameshi's beaten me one hundred and forty six times, but I'll beat him eventually!" He said, raising a fist into the air before yelping inn pain and bringing the arm back down, rubbing it with the other hand.

Ranma sweat dropped before grabbing Kuwabara's arm and helping him into the school.

Later, in one of the classes, Ranma stood up at the front and fiddled with his pigtail while the teacher introduced him. "All right class. This is Ranma. He's a new student. Everyone welcome him, please. Let's just hope he isn't like that punk Urameshi."

From the back of the class, Ranma saw Yusuke clenching his fist. He couldn't blame him. Anyone saying that kind of thing about him would get a punch in the face, so long as they were a martial artist. Plopping down in a chair at the back next to Yusuke, Ranma proceeded to go to sleep.

'I think I like this guy.' Yusuke thought, as he leaned back in his chair, paying absolutely no attention to the teacher.

In front of the two boys, Keiko scowled. 'Not another Yusuke.' She thought, before returning her attention to the teacher.

Later that day, Ranma whistled happily as he walked down a fence towards the park where his tent was set up. He was doing pretty good for himself so far. He had gotten registered at school, even if he didn't want to, He had met two pretty decent fighters and he was planning on getting a part time job as soon as he dropped his stuff at his tent.

As he walked towards the park, Ranma saw a woman walking down the street carrying a shopping bag. For some reason the woman seemed familiar. Studying her intently, Ranma couldn't figure out where he had seen her before. All thoughts of her familiarity were swept from his mind as the woman seemed to stop for a moment, sway on her feet and then fall to the ground. Jumping from the fence he was on, Ranma raced towards the downed woman.

"Hey Miss. You okay?" He asked, getting to her position and kneeling next to her. Grabbing her shoulder, he rolled her onto her back and realized that her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asleep. 'What the…' He thought, before realizing that this was more serious than her just falling asleep. Genma had been training him in basic life energy control and sensing before he ran away from him and this woman seemed to have a lack of said energy. She wasn't dead, however it was disconcertingly low.

Feeling somewhat like a thief for doing it, Ranma rummaged through the woman's pockets until he found her wallet, in which was a paper with her address on it in case the wallet was lost. Slipping it back into the woman's pocket, Ranma grabbed her in his arms and jumped to a nearby wall, and from there to a roof.

Shuichi Minamino walked into his house, slipping off his school bag and jacket, and dropping them on the ground next to the door. Walking into the living room, he called his mother. Getting no response, he walked into the kitchen, where he found a note.

"Shuichi. I've gone to get some milk and bread. We're out. Love, mom."

'Damn it.' Shuichi said, crumpling the note. 'She's too sick to be going out. I've got to go find her.' With his mind made up, Shuichi headed for the front door, when he heard a knocking sound on it. Opening the door, he saw a young man with a pigtail… carrying his mother's body. Instantly, Shuichi went into full Kurama mode, falling into a defensive fighting stance and taking in every detail of the person who held his mother.

He was human, however he had a strange aura about him that smelled of spirit world. He seemed like a pretty good fighter, almost enough to take out a low level demon without Reiki enhancement.

Seeing the red haired boy in front of him tense up, Ranma opened his mouth to explain. "Um… I found her passed out on the street. I figured I should bring her here… this is her house, right?"

Kurama nodded grudgingly, standing down from his attack stance. "She is my mother. Please bring her in here."

"Yeh. Sure." Ranma said, walking into the house and to the living room, where he set the woman on the couch. "Is she gunna be Okay?" He asked, concernedly.

"She will wake up soon." Kurama said, looking down at his human mother. "She has been sick for… quite a while. I've tried to get her to go to a hospital but she won't do it. I believe she may after this incident."

"All right. If you're sure." Ranma said, heading towards the door. The strange red haired boy was putting him on edge. One part of his mind was saying that he knew him from somewhere and that he wasn't a threat while another was screaming, "DANGER!"

Leaving the house, Ranma dismissed the strange incident from his mind, only worrying a bit about the woman. "Well, I'd better go look for a job." He said, before heading off.

Back in the house, Kurama was sitting next to his mother's sleeping form on the couch, resting one hand against her forehead and looking worriedly at her face. As she shifted in her sleep, Shiori Minamino said one word. "Tenchi?"

Kurama's eyes widened as he associated a strange feeling of familiarity he had had around the pigtailed boy who had just left with a name. "Could it be him?" He thought, still resting his hand against his mother's forehead.

Chapter 2, Ranma meets Kurama head on! And, The Hentai strikes!

Kurama walked down the street, sniffing carefully. As a former demon fox, even in his human form he had an extraordinary sense of smell and he was currently using it to track the strange boy who had brought his mother home earlier that night. As he walked up to a restaurant that he recognised as being owned by a family called the Yukimuras he smelled a strange twisting in the cent of the one he was tracking, the spirit world element getting stronger for a few moments before the scent settled back to normal, only with a distinctly… female… touch to it.

Smelling a large quantity of this newly changed scent inside the restaurant, Kurama walked in to see a redheaded girl wearing an apron over a rather familiar set of Chinese clothes. In fact, he had seen that clothing on the boy who had dropped off his mother. Quirking an eyebrow, Kurama walked over to a corner booth, sitting down there. He knew that his mother would be all right for a few hours, as he had carried her up to her bedroom and she had been sleeping peacefully when he left, So Kurama decided to check out the strange new person he was tracking.

Just as Kurama sat down, a second girl came out of the back of the restaurant to join the redhead, this one with brown hair in two pigtails. The two conversed for a moment before the redhead looked over towards his side of the restaurant and nodded, the other girl proceeding to the other side.

Ranma mentally grumbled to herself as she walked around the restaurant, a small scratch pad in her hand. Why had this been the best job she could get on short notice? True, if she had been able to wait a few weeks she could have gotten a construction assistant job on one of the local construction projects, however she needed money now. It was bad enough being a waitress, but Keiko just had to work with her. If she ever figured out about Ranma's curse, she would probably lose her job, and since Keiko was going to see him at school every day that was more likely than Ranma felt comfortable with.

As she was concentrating about griping to herself, Ranma absent mindedly walked over to a booth and asked, "Can I take your order?" In the most cheerful voice she could manage.

"I'll just have a glass of water, please." Came a strangely familiar voice. Looking up at the person who spoke, a flash of recognition came across Ranma's face which the boy did not miss. Struggling to not show that she had met him once before, Ranma walked back to the kitchen to pass in the orders she had taken.

'Interesting…' Kurama thought, looking after the redhead. 'Is she… he… a shape shifter? I doubt that this is really Tenchi, but why is she taking a form that looks like him?' Resolving to investigate this further, Kurama carefully studied the girl for the rest of his time in the restaurant.

Ranma sighed in relief as she removed the waitressing apron and hung it on a hook in the stock room, heading out the door. She smiled slightly as she felt her full stomach, a by-product of one of the benefits of working for a restaurant. She apparently got a free meal every day. Also, the Yukimuras were really nice, even Keiko who had come off as a bit of a nag at school. Of course, she only seemed to nag Yusuke, so maybe Ranma was missing something. Shrugging it off, she headed out of the restaurant, waving to Keiko and her parents as she left.

"She was a very nice girl." Keiko's mother commented, looking after their new waitress.

"And the girl sure can eat!" Her father exclaimed cheerfully, having never seen someone enjoying his food so much.

Keiko just glared in mild jealousy, as if that girl ate like that all the time, how did she keep her figure like that?

As Ranma sat at the camp fire near her tent boiling water, she finally got tired of the feeling of being watched she had been feeling for the past couple hours. "Whoever you are, you can come out now!" She yelled, glairing around the clearing.

Kurama chuckled as he dropped out of a tree nearby. "Very perceptive, shape shifter."

"Oh. It's you." Ranma commented, figuring that if this guy had followed her all the way to her camp pretending not to know him would be pretty useless. "Shape shifter eh? Well, I guess I am, sort of." She continued, shrugging, as she checked the temperature of the water in the kettle. Seeing that it was hot enough she dumped it over her head, returning to male form. "Ah man. That feels better." He said, stretching out on the ground.

Kurama blinked in surprise. Most creatures that could shape shift didn't need triggers, and they did it a lot slower than this… boy… had. Raising an eyebrow he asked, "how did you do that?"

Ranma shrugged. "I'm cursed."

Kurama raised the eyebrow higher. "Cursed?"

"Yeh. Fell into a cursed spring in China a few weeks ago. This is my normal form. The girl form's my curse."

"Quite beautiful for a curse." Kurama commented, a small smirk coming across his face.

Ranma sputtered in shock. "Whadaya mean by that?"

Kurama shrugged. "Well, you could have turned into an animal or something."

"I guess you're right." Ranma said, looking mildly surprised. "But I'm sure this wasn't why you ended up followin me half way around the district, right?"

Kurama nodded his head slightly. "No, this isn't why I followed you half way around the district. I wanted to know if you knew anyone named "Shuichi or Shiori Minamino?"

Ranma closed his eyes, for some reason both of those names rolling around in his head as if he knew them but couldn't place them anywhere. Then, he remembered a scene of a small red haired boy running after Genma and him in a field and his eyes opened wide. "You're Shuichi…" He said, taking in the other boy's bright red hair. "And the woman I helped today was Shiori right?"

"That's right." Kurama said, standing from his leaning position against a tree and walking towards the other boy. "And if your story about being cursed is true, then I have reason to believe that you are my brother, Tenchi."

"I'm your what?" Ranma said, his eyes widening. The sound of a very young boy calling for a Tenchi as Genma ran through a field ringing through his ears.

The redhead, who Ranma realized looked slightly younger than he did, just shrugged before jumping into the trees. As Kurama left the small clearing in the park where the strange boy's tent was set up, he couldn't help but think a single happy thought. If he really had a brother, Maybe his plans for the forlorn hope could change… and no one would have to die. With a small smile on his lips, Kurama left the park and proceeded towards his home, leaving a confused pigtailed martial artist in his wake.

A week later, after school, Ranma was working in the kitchen of the restaurant. She had managed to get a few good fights in with Yusuke Urameshi and Kuwabara over the last week, and it had been as fun as she thought it would be. Kuwabara wasn't really a very big challenge, as he was a power house who didn't really have enough power to hurt her male form severely, however Yusuke was another matter entirely. Ranma had Usually managed to beat him, but not without suffering a few bruises and a serious bout of exhaustion. Kneeling down under the counter to look for a frying pan as she thought, Ranma didn't notice someone sneaking into the kitchen.

He crept forward, noting the shape of the girl who was kneeling down, with her head stuck into the cupboard under one of the sinks. She was wearing pants instead of a skirt, which was unusual, however she did wear the signature waitress's smock. With a grin on his face, He walked up to scare the living daylights out of the one who he only considered a nag, and a friend at best…. Not to mention cop a feel. Reaching forward, Yusuke clamped his hands around the girl's waist and fondled her breast.

Now, there's something about human instincts that you really must note. Although some basic instincts are the same, Males and females have a different set of hard coded responses to certain stimuli. Now, despite what she may say about it, Ranma Saotome was currently a female of the species, Even if she had a set of tastes which only about ten percent of said side of the species also had, and as such an instinctive response to having one of her breasts groped by an unknown assailant kicked in.

Spinning around, Ranma brought her hand up, not in a punch but a hard and stinging slap. Catching sight of the face of her attacker, she yelled, "Yusuke you freaking Pervert!"

Yusuke Urameshi stumbled backwards, his face turning a shade of red that made the hand print on the side seem pale in comparison. "Um… Hello there… I'm sorry about that. I thought you were Keiko and…" He said, his blush becoming worse.

"SO ya wanted ta grope Keiko, eh?" Ranma asked, cracking her knuckles.

Yusuke gulped nervously. Just then, Keiko entered the room, seeing the new waitress standing over a cowering toughest guy in Sarayashiki Jr. High… Well, ever since that Ranma guy had come along that was debatable, but that was beside the point. "Ranko?" She asked, causing the red haired girl to divert her attention from the doomed punk. "What did he do?"

After Ranma had explained, Keiko proceeded to slap Yusuke on the other side of the face and drag him out of the kitchen, where she yelled at him.

Shrugging the strange incident off, Ranma went back to cooking.

The next morning, Ranma walked into school cracking his knuckles. "Hey Urameshi!" He called, having gotten used to everyone's use of last names around here.

"Hey Ranma." Yusuke said, walking towards him. Just as he said that, Ranma attacked and the two began a morning fight that had occurred many times the week before. This time, however, Ranma seemed slightly pissed at Yusuke and his punches were coming hard and fast.

"H… Hey Ranma. What's wrong man?" Yusuke said, dodging out of the other boy's way. Ranma just kept attacking him. Noticing that Ranma was paying less attention to style and more to plain old brawling than usual, Yusuke used the openings that the other boy left in his defences to start pummelling him in his weak points.

After about five minutes of fighting, Yusuke finally managed to bring Ranma down. Normally, This would make him rather happy, however the other boy didn't seem nearly as worth fighting today. Sighing, Yusuke left his battered opponent on the ground.

"Hey Ranma. You all right?" Kuwabara asked, finding his second rival sprawled out on the ground at the school's front gate the same way he had been many times. Sighing, He slung the older boy over his broad shoulders and carried him into the school grounds and towards the nurse's office. Having a second person who was better than him annoyed Kuwabara, however it had also mellowed him slightly. After learning that Ranma would sooner tear off his own fingers than blackmail the student population he had become a bit more relaxed about his gang's superiority. He knew that Ranma, and Even maybe Yusuke, would help him if he needed it and he also knew that he himself could pummel any gang leader around if he needed to.

Later that day, Yusuke sat on the roof while flicking a stone at a wall. Man, he was bored… Really bored. He had had a good fight that day, but as a result of it he had needed to rest for a while and had ended up in class. When Ewamoto, the pain in the ass, had caught him sleeping and sent him out to the hall, he had just said screw it and come up to the roof. As another pebble bounced off of the wall to the stair well Yusuke heard someone's footsteps. Looking over, He caught sight of Keiko, wearing the standard blue school dress of Sarayashiki. "Hey Keiko. Nice skirt." He said, as he flicked a stone so that it rustled the skirt.

Keiko growled as she held her hands against the front of the dress, glaring at Yusuke. "It's part of the uniform. You know, Girls wear blue dresses and boys wear blue jump suits. Of course, you wouldn't know anything about that." She said, looking over Yusuke's outfit.

"I look better in green anyways." Yusuke said, smirking. "Besides. You don't harp at Ranma for not wearing the uniform."

Keiko sighed. "Ranma is a lost cause. After all, he should be in high school and he's in our class. You on the other hand still have a chance and It makes my job as a class rep harder when you don't even wear the uniform. Sometimes I think you only care about yourself and you don't even do that right!" Just as she said this, Keiko felt a small draft on her upper legs. Turning around, She saw Yusuke lifting her skirt. Angrily, she slapped him, causing him to stagger off. "Jeas Yusuke. You're such a perv. First Ranko and then me… Go off and Die!"

Yusuke just swayed away, a bright red hand print swelling where Ranma's had been the night before. It took him five minutes to get his balance back and then he shook his head rapidly. "Jeas. I take a beating from Ranma or Kuwabara and I'm fine. She slaps me and I'm out of it for five minutes. What's with that, anyways?" he thought, as he walked down the stairs and out of the front gate of the school. Just as he did, a solid, meaty hand landed on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Mr. Takanaka. After a lecture about staying in school, Yusuke used a fake ear to escape and walked home.

Ranma groaned as he rubbed his forehead, sitting up in the bed at the nurse's office. 'What the heck happened?' He wondered, swinging his legs over the side. As he thought that, memories of his fight with Yusuke came into his mind. 'Man, I can't believe I lost so bad to Yusuke.' He thought, wrinkling his nose. 'I Shouldn't have lost control like that, but jeas.' Muttering to himself angrily, Ranma walked out of the nurse's office and towards class.

"Ah. If it isn't the second delinquent punk of this class." Mr. Ewamoto said, sneering at Ranma.

Ranma gritted his teeth, walking to the back and not saying anything.

"So, why are you so late Mr. Ranma?" Ewamoto said, looking at him as if he were some sort of scum.

"Got into a fight with Urameshi." Ranma grumbled, sliding into his seat.

"Showing your true colours, I see." Ewamoto said, clucking his tongue mournfully. Ranma's fingers tightened on the edge of his desk.

Keiko looked to the back of the room worriedly as she heard a groaning sound, seeing small cracks forming in the top of Ranma's desk. Deciding to save something, If it was Ranma or his desk she didn't know, she spoke up. "Um… Sir? Shouldn't we get back to class?"

"Quite right Miss Yukimura. Quite right." Mr. Ewamoto said, turning to the board where there was a chemical science equation written.

Meanwhile, on a street somewhere, Yusuke wandered aimlessly. Noticing that there was a group of people blocking his way, he looked up to them. "Wow. If it isn't Kuwabara." He said, in a cheerful voice.

"You may have beaten Ranma today but I'm gunna pound ya." Kuwabara said, cracking his knuckles.

Snarling, Yusuke walked up to Kuwabara, cracking his knuckles as well. "Sorry Kuwabara. But you caught me on a bad day. On bad days I'm a bit of a Jerk!" Saying this, Yusuke proceeded to beat the living crap out of Kuwabara.

After Yusuke left, Kuwabara's friends helped him to his feet. "Maybe you shouldn't keep challenging him like that." One said, holding his shoulders.

"Yeh. At least when you fight Ranma he doesn't hurt you too bad." Another said, pulling him up by the hand.

"No. Urameshi's beaten me one hundred and fifty three times by now but I'm still not giving up."

His friends sighed in exasperation as he struggled to his feat and staggered off.

A couple blocks away, Yusuke was trying to cheer up a little boy. He had just yelled at him for playing ball on a busy street and the kid had begun to cry. There were a few soft spots in Yusuke Urameshi, even if he would never admit it. One was his mother, another was Keiko and a third was crying kids. Rocking from one foot to another, his head twisted on a strange angle and his tongue sticking out, Yusuke was pleased to see the child smile and clap happily. 'At least I can cheer up little kids.' He thought, before straightening up and walking on.

After about fifteen seconds of walking, Yusuke heard the screeching of a car's breaks. Spinning, He saw the little boy in the middle of the road and reaching for a ball as a small car came speeding towards him. "Oh shit!" he cursed, before diving for the child in order to get him out of the way. The last thing Yusuke saw before his world became blackness and pain was a scared little boy resting on the ground, just a few inches away from the bumper of a stopped car.