Note: Just another Crystal Cave poem. I like the idea of Ambrosius returning to his final 'home' at last… This poem is basically Ambrosius's last thoughts before he dies… I wrote this a while ago…I might revise it..but I think I'll just let it be. I'd love some reviews!

Ambrosius Speaks:

I am a brother and king

Songs of my battles bards now sing

I am a father and a son

I have fought many a battle and there are more to be won

Emrys Ambrosius, the king of light

My son Merlin has the far-reaching sight

His mother I loved with all my heart

But our families and foes made us sadly part

I watch my son with tired eyes

For he has told me that I am soon to die

He does not remember what he has said

But the next time we meet I will be dead

He later swears to crown my tomb in a never-ending light

To honor me and my lengthy fight

I seek to unite a war torn land

I struck down Vortigern with my own hand

My son can see quite far ahead

Of what will be done and what will be said

He foretold my victory one past night

The sky was full of the firedrake's purging light

He can read the great stars in the night sky

He can see when any are to finally die

He even knows his own unavoidable doom

Of being locked away inside a crystal tomb

Vortigern's prophet they call my son

He knows that this battle will finally be at last won

I hear him echoing in my mind

Like his soul is a fixed apart of mine

I know longer feel any fear

Knowing that both my son and my death is now near

For my end is coming soon

I will not live to see the new white moon

He will live to see many kings come and go

How long they will last, he does not yet know

As I lay here dying, he tells me I am finally going home

And that I will never more be alone

The heavens will cast a fire into the sky

To tell their king a final and honorable goodbye

I believe that he will put the fire high up above

To honor me and show his undying love

The king star shall shine bright tonight

When I finally lay down my sword and stop the fight

I start a new journey to a better place

Where the gods and I will finally face

Merlin will protect this land

With his magic and by his own hands.