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This story takes place some time in season five. Luke and Lorelai are together but Rory and Logan aren't, they're just friends. Rory is also friends with Stephanie and Colin and Finn.

Fool For Love

At 8am Rory was rushing past all the meandering students crowding the campus, her black side bag slapping against her thigh and the strap digging into her shoulder. She'd slept past her alarm and was already late for her first lecture that morning; she hadn't even had enough time to get coffee.


She heard her name being called behind her but as she glanced down at the watch on her wrist and saw it read 8:01 she groaned and sped up even more.

She had just turned into the building when she saw out of the corner of her eye a whir of blonde hair and heard the clicking of heels on the linoleum floor.

"Why are we running?" Stephanie asked her voice ragged as she gasped for breath.

Rory sighed and slowed down a bit, stopping just outside the class. "I'm late," she said, peering in through the small window in the oak door. To her surprise the students in the class were only talking with each other or sitting at their desks as their professor had apparently not showed up yet. "But apparently not as late as my professor!" she complained, her hands fluttering about herself as she tried to calm herself down.

"Not a good way to start your day," Steph observed, sending Rory an apologetic look.

"Definitely not," Rory grumbled in response, shifting her books in her arms.

"Well…" she exclaimed letting a wide smile spread across her face. "Why don't you let me cheer you up?"

Rory smiled at Steph nervously, knowing nothing good could ever happen when she's got that mischievous twinkle in her eye. "How so?" she finally asked in a cautious manner.

"Oh don't give me that look!" Steph exclaimed, placing a hand on her hip.

Rory tried to adopt an innocent expression but it seemed for once in her life not to work. "What look? I don't have a look!"

"Yes you do!" Stephanie claimed in a childish tone, one step behind stopping her foot on the ground.

Rory laughed and quickly looked over her shoulder for the teacher who was now five minutes late. "All right! I'm sorry Steph," she apologized, knowing that was the only way to get the conversation moving again.

"You bet you are," Steph grumbled before pushing her hair behind her ear and letting her face brighten up. "Okay now back to the reason why I broke a sweat to catch up with you. We're having a party tonight and we want you to come."

Rory raised an eyebrow sceptically. "Whose 'we'?" she asked.

Stephanie looked completely clueless for a minute before catching on. "Oh! Me, Colin, Finn and Logan," she explained winking when she said the last name.

"The fab-foursome!" Rory said genially, deciding not to comment on Steph's not so subtle hint about Logan.

"That's us…although I'm much more fab than the guys!" she teased. "So anyway, are you coming? You have to come."

Rory laughed at the pout adorning the blonde's face. She was about to say something about wanting to go home to Stars Hollow that night but when she saw her professor turning the corner she changed her mind. "Sure Steph, I'll go!"

"Great! I'll drop by around seven and we can go together?" she asked already walking away backwards.

"Okay. Bye!" Rory called and slipped in through the door, grabbing a seat just before the professor came in and started explaining his tardiness.

Rory sat back in her seat pulling out her notebook to jot down notes in but found her mind was still very much on her conversation with Stephanie, or at least one tiny thing about their conversation. She couldn't get that wink out of her mind, neither that knowing smile that had crept onto Steph's face when she said Logan's name.

It wasn't that she didn't like Logan because she did but more in an only friends kind of way. Logan was this huge mystery to her, he was unlike anyone she'd ever met and he intrigued her. He made her want to let go, relax and just let life happen. Being around him was always exciting and always fun and so Rory found herself hanging out with him often, in a strictly platonic way of course.

She frowned as she thought back to Stephanie's wink. She'd tried to explain to the blonde on many occasions that Logan and her were only friends but the information seemed to go in one ear and come out the other. Plus even if she did like Logan, he wasn't the boyfriend kind of guy…he'd made that pretty clear.

Rory wasn't sure about going to this party tonight. She wouldn't put it past Stephanie to arrange something just to get them together in a party atmosphere. But she'd already agreed to going and there was no way she would back out now. She would just have to let the night happen and pray that it went quickly.

- - -

"I have absolutely nothing to wear!"

"Rory?" Lorelai Gilmore questioned on the other line of the phone.

"Yes, hi!" she exclaimed, throwing another shirt out of her closet in frustration. "I have nothing to wear!"

Lorelai walked into her kitchen and removed the freshly popped popcorn from the microwave, a contemplative expression on her face. "Where are you going? Ooh! Are you going to a college party?"

Rory rolled her eyes and fell back onto her bed. "Well I am in college so I guess that would make sense."

"Hey don't mock! Without me you'd show up in nothing or some ugly brown paper bag!"

"No I wouldn't!" she yelled in her own defence. "But please help anyway."

"Okay, okay," Lorelai said and walked into the living room, plopping down next to Luke on the couch and passing him the popcorn which he took but didn't eat. Lorelai smiled at his finicky-ness but then turned her attention back to her daughter. "Alright now, who invited you?"

Rory wrinkled her nose, still lying stretched out on her bed. "Why does that matter?"

"Trust me, it matters a whole lot," Lorelai promised already going through different outfits in her head.

"Okay then, Stephanie asked me," Rory told her impatiently.

"Gorilla girl!" Lorelai exclaimed with a smile spreading onto her face after finding out that it was not Logan. Call it mothers intuition but she knew that boy wasn't right for her daughter.

"Yes, gorilla girl, now please help! She'll be here soon."

Lorelai smiled at her daughters' obvious frustration. She knew she had to help and having already put together the perfect outfit in her mind she allowed herself more time for some much needed teasing. "Now hon, I think you need to calm down. Coming off overly anxious on a first date is not a turn on. You don't want Stephanie to take her business elsewhere!"

Rory had never felt this way before. She had this ever growing urge to jump through the phone and find an anvil to drop on her mother. "Okay first off, thanks for making me sound like a hooker and second, I'm not dating Stephanie!"

"I know that honey, I just love to tease ya," Lorelai told her happily. "And plus I made your friend sound like a hooker not you."

"Oh why thank you mom," Rory told her in a fake gracious manner. "Now the outfit please!"

"Alright," Lorelai said and adopted a look of deep concentration, before nodding. "Your comfy blue jeans, that purple tank top and the black sweater," she suggested.

Rory shot off her bed and started to quickly root around her floor, trying to find the items her mom listed. After a minute or two she found both the tank top and the sweater and changed into them. "I can't find the jeans," she told her mom, going through her clothes once again.

"Huh," Lorelai sighed and made a gesture to Luke that she had to go upstairs for a second. "Maybe I have them kid," she said and jogged to her room, looking around and seeing them on her floor by her bed. "Okay I do…but you have my black jeans…"

Rory easily found the black jeans. "Thanks mom! Have fun with Luke!" she said while changing.

"You have fun to…" Lorelai said. "And remember, don't put out unless you get a free dinner!"

"Bye," Rory said, while shaking her head at her mom's comment and hung up, walking into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

- - -

All around her were people dancing, talking and drinking. The room held the stench of beer and was pulsating with the loud beat of whatever song was playing.

Rory couldn't explain how out of place she felt, walking into the crowded room. She looked around taking in everything, all the guys laughing it up and chugging back beers, all the girls talking about nothing important and hanging all over the guys.

"Drink?" Stephanie asked cutting into Rory's perusal of the party happening around her.

Rory wasn't sure what came over her. She'd drunk before, when Dean had broken up with her at her grandmothers party and she knew the day after had been nothing pretty. But at that moment she couldn't help but think a drink could help her relax a little, maybe help her enjoy herself tonight.

"Sure," she replied and watched Steph walk over to the bar and start flirting with the bartender.

"Well if it isn't the beautiful Miss Gilmore," Finn called from behind Rory.

The brunette turned around, a smile gracing her features as she saw the familiar Australian walking towards her. "Hey Finn!"

"I didn't think you'd come," Finn admitted as he sidled up close to her. Without discipline he let his eyes travel down her body and then slowly back up again. "And looking dressed to kill!"

Rory felt her cheeks flush crimson at his compliment. Finn was the definition of a shameless flirt and the better part of her knew that it was just to get a reaction out of her. But there was the other part of her that loved hearing him say those things.

"Finn!" Rory chastised him playfully, smacking her hand on his arm to which he pretended as if she slugged him.

"You guys playing rough over here?" Steph asked as she came over to them, brandishing two drinks, one she kept and the other she handed to Rory. "Whatever floats your boat, I guess!"

"Thanks Steph…but umm, what's in this?" Rory asked bringing the drink to her lips, smelling the strong alcohol right away.

"Oh don't worry, I didn't mix it as strong as mine," Steph assured her. "You'll like it, trust me."

"And by that she means you'll get so drunk, you won't remember she gave you your first drink!" Finn chimed in, taking a swig from his own glass.

"To which I'm certain you'll remind her of first thing?" Steph asked.

"Well what kind of a friend would I be if it didn't?" he asked, holding his hand against his chest.

"A living one?" she suggested, not missing a beat.

Finn laughed whole heartedly and swung his arm around Steph's shoulders. "We have such a loving relationship," he informed Rory, who was more then amused by there banter and bickering. "Ooh! Guess what blondie?" Finn said in an overly dramatic voice.


"I think there's a guy over there that's looking at you," he told her motioning over at the bar.

Steph eagerly turned around to see where he was pointing, seeing the bartender leaning back against the counter and smiling straight at her. "Take your arm off me, Finn!" she ordered in a quiet voice, keeping a smile on her face.


"Because I wanna get laid tonight!" she exclaimed, trying to extract herself from his hold.

"Oh, well Colin's right over there," he told her dully, lifting his arm.

"Not funny," she told him and smiled briefly at Rory before sauntering over to the bar.

Rory watched her walk away, half of her amused at her friends' theatrics but the other half felt a little frustration and guilt. Frustration because Steph was really the only girl she knew at the party and the person she came with, but thinking that made her feel guilty. Just because she didn't have a date, she didn't want Stephanie not to get one.

"Penny for your thoughts, love?" Finn asked and Rory shook herself from her thoughts to see Finn holding out a shiny, bronze penny.

Rory laughed and grabbed the coin, pocketing it before looking back up to Finn. "Steph was really the only person I knew at the party," she admitted, sipping at her drink.

Finn looked over at the blonde and the back at Rory. He held a hand to his chest and widened his eyes. "You know me to love!"

Rory nodded her head. "Yeah sure but you probably have some girl waiting for you."

"Actually, I have many women waiting for me," he told her but as he trailed off he offered her his arm. "Unfortunately for them you've caught my attention for the night."

Rory looked at him shocked, her blue eyes wide and innocent and her cheeks flushing again. She adverted her gaze from his for a second before looking back up at him from under her lashes. "And what does that imply?" she asked shyly.

Finn's smile faltered at that look for a second. He couldn't describe it and he didn't know it then but later on he would realize it. It was that moment when everything changed. That one look and that sweet, beautiful, innocent girl and it changed everything.

"Well…" he started but trailed off clearing his throat. He had no clue what he was going to say, no clue what was wrong with him. He'd never searched for words with a girl before, he'd never thought about how to make her laugh or what would make her stick around longer.

Finn closed his eyes, happy to have the chance to clear his mind and quickly shot back the whiskey in his glass; what whiskey can't cure, there is no cure for.

"Finn?" Rory's angelic voice cut into his thoughts and he looked back down at her.

"Well it entails being in my company for the larger portion of the evening," he told her, pushing away all the strange and unusual thoughts and feelings he was having.

Rory smiled up at him, her blue doe eyes lighting up. "How could I deny such an offer?" she asked with a lilt in her voice.

Finn chuckled and once again held out his arm to her. "I don't think it could be done," he replied, his voice bordering on formal politeness.

Rory laced her arm through his and let him lead her into the party, wondering what the night held in store for her. Because with Finn, anything was possible!

- - -

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