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Fool for Love

Finn scratched his chest as he padded out of his room. His eyes protested at the bright light filling the common room and his ears became painfully aware of his two best friends.

"About time you showed your face, man!" Colin shouted, his attention not leaving the large plasma television where him and Logan were watching some crappy morning talk show.

Finn groaned and moved over to the kitchen where he proceeded to start making a pot of coffee. "Could you two bloody keep it down," he complained, his eyes screwed shut and his nose wrinkling as they started hooting and hollering at something on the TV.

"Us?" Logan asked, pushing himself to his feet and ambling over to Finn. "We wouldn't have to be so loud if you weren't enjoying some early morning sexcapades."

Finn sighed, his eyes straying to his room where the beautiful Rory laid waiting for him. "You could have left," he told them glumly, walking over to the cupboard and taking out two mugs.

"We could have," Colin agreed, jumping up onto the counter. "But then we wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing who the lovely and might I add vocal girl is."

Finn usually never had any problems with discussing his bed mates; it was something he actually took pride in sharing with his friends or anyone who would listen. But Rory was different than all the other girls. She wasn't sleazy or cheap, she was Rory. Special, beautiful, witty, quirky, funny, coffee addicted Rory Gilmore and Finn was once again reminded that she was waiting for him in his own bed.

He clicked his tongue. "Not this time, mates," he announced. "She's all mine."

The shock registering on their faces was enough to have Finn choking on his laughter, completely forgetting his earlier mildly hung-over state.

"Tell me you're joking?" Logan asked, looking at Finn with a mixture of disbelief and awe.

Finn stuck out his chest. "Not joking, Huntz. She's bloody different than all the other girls," he told them, voicing his previous thoughts just as the coffee machine started beeping.

He was ready for their rapid questions but when silence greeted his statement Finn felt confusion settle over him. He turned away from the coffee machine to see both Logan and Colin's eyes trained directly on his neck and exposed collarbone. Their faces broke into amused grins, but both held some incredulity still.

Finn couldn't stop the smirk from spreading onto his lips. He'd never been so proud to wear a girls mark on him, had always in fact discouraged giving hickeys to girls or getting them. Love bites were simply to intimate for one Finnegan Morgan…although from the many red bruises littering his body he figured he'd found the girl who counted as an exception to that rule.

"And she's gone and branded you," Colin remarked dryly, reaching his hand forward to pull at Finn's shirt, bringing it further away from his chest. "A lot," he added, his shit eating grin widening even more.

"Piss off, mate," Finn exclaimed, smacking Colin's hand away and brushing off his shirt and then turned back around, heading to his room. "Go make yourselves useful and get me four chocolate chip muffins!" he called over his shoulder before opening his door and disappearing behind it.

"Muffins?" Rory asked, sitting up in bed, covered by his button up shirt from the night before.

"Yes kitten?" Finn laughed when she rolled her eyes. "Coffee?" he asked even though he knew it wasn't a serious question.

Rory finally noticed the mugs in his hands and her eyes lit up. She scrambled over his bed, forgetting that she was only wearing his shirt and that it ended about four inches above her knees.

"You're my hero," she sang his praises while contentedly sipping at her coffee. "So, muffins?"

Finn smiled and pointed over at the door out into the common room. "I told them to get you chocolate chip muffins, not sure if they went or not," he explained.

Rory smiled sweetly, blushing when he threw himself down onto the bed with her. She looked down at her exposed legs and quickly pulled his comforter over them, her hair falling in front of her face, shielding her eyes from him.

"Love?" Finn asked his voice soothing and Rory couldn't help but want to listen to him talk for hours on end. "You sure you're okay?"

Her heart fluttered again at his unbelievably sweet nature. She never would have guessed Finn would be such a sweetheart, but she couldn't say she wasn't very happy with the surprise. She took a deep breath and placed her mug on his nightstand, then lay down beside him.

"I guess I'm just not exactly used to the whole morning after…" she told him, relaxing into his bed and smiling when he shifted so he was leaning over top of her, one hand planted securely on her hip.

"Well if I have my way with you, you'll be getting a lot of practise in the near future," he teased smiling wickedly and Rory laughed, her blue eyes shining.

She leaned up and kissed him on his cheek, threading one of her hands into his thick hair. She tugged on him, pulling him down so he was laying half on top of her.

"Finn?" she asked, tilting her head to the side as he started to trail his lips over the column of her neck.

"Mmm…" he groaned, his hands suddenly gripping her thigh, inching the shirt up and over her hips.

Rory closed her eyes, feeling her skin peppering with gooseflesh as it was exposed to the chilled air. And yet as his hands slowly massaged her leg, moving at an achingly slow pace, Rory felt herself being swept up into a fire.

She tried to fight the way he was making her feel. She'd already done so much with Finn, in such a short time. But no matter how good he made her feel, she knew she had to talk to him first before she could let anything else happen.

"Finn…" she tried again, her hands untangling from his hair and traveling down to push on his shoulders. "Finn, wait…"

He froze, his lips pressed into her skin, searing their mark into her. He slowly raised his eyes to meet hers, his hand resting somewhat innocently on her naked hip.

"You okay?" he asked his voice hoarse and the sound made her stomach flutter. "Cause I'm pretty sure we've already done this before, you know."

Rory blushed, fighting the self conscious feeling taking over her body. She met his eyes shyly and bit her lower lip. "I just…I…"

Finn smiled and shifted off of her, pulling up his sheets and tucking them around her. She was surprised at the action; it was like he could read her mind or something.

"I just think we should talk before…well before we do anything else," she told him, hoping he would want to talk as well, hoping this wasn't just a sex thing for him.

Finn nodded and awkwardly sat up in bed. This was uncharted territory for him; he wasn't exactly sure how to approach the whole talking seriously with someone he'd just spent the night with…

"We're friends, you know, Finn. I wouldn't want to jeopardize that in any way…" Rory started but when she saw him flinch she rushed to fix it. "Not that I take back last night! I told you I don't regret anything, it's the honest truth. I just…Okay, I think about things, a lot. I don't just jump in head first like you…or at least not normally. But you seem to do this thing when you're around me and like last night things kind of happen…But I don't want things to just happen between us, not that I'm saying there has to be an us because I know you don't exactly have long relationships or girlfriends at all and…"

She was cut off when his lips claimed hers, kissing her softly and leaving her breathless. She closed her eyes through his kiss, enjoying the way his lips felt against hers and the way her heart sped up in her chest.

"You're crazy, doll," he whispered against her mouth, grinning wildly.

"Is that good?"

He laughed and kissed her again before pulling away. "You're crazy but I'm into it," he admitted making Rory blush fiercely.

"What does this mean?" she asked, watching him as he appeared to be thinking.

"Well, how about we just see how things work out," he suggested and then leaned in closer to her, his voice dropping to a whisper. "Don't tell Logan or Colin but the reason I don't have girlfriends isn't because I'm afraid of commitment…"

She looked up at him with shock written all over her face. "It isn't?"

"Nope," he said, shaking his head. "Just haven't found the right girl to commit myself to yet."

Rory caught the knowing look on his face and she blushed, sliding closer to him and laying her hand on his chest. "When do you think you'll find that girl?"

He grinned and lay down beside her, looking over at her sideways. "That depends…"

"On what?"

"On how long it takes her to get over here and ravage my irresistible body…" he trailed off, winking at her and smirking.

Rory laughed but slid over to him, her lips brushing against the side of his mouth. "You're crazy," she whispered. "But I think I'm into it to…"

- - -

The End

- - -

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