Okay, this is the edited version of my last Gakuen Alice fic. It's mostly the same story, there's just a few changes. Don't complaine about GRAMMAR SHITS! If you have a problem with that, then I suggest that you don't even bother reading this. But I edited the grammar errors, so it's okay.

Hands off my Girl!

The New Student!

Morning came in Alice Academy once again; a brunette woke up with a smile on her face. She stood up and walked to her bathroom to take a shower. After she took her shower, she ate breakfast and brushed her teeth. She changed into her blue uniform and glanced at the clock "What? I'm gonna be late!" She ran out of her room to her class, she took the corner and bumped into…the famous Hyuuga Natsume. "Ouch…" she rubbed her butt.

"What are you, blind?" Natsume glared as he dusted off his jeans.

"And what are you, blindfolded?" she shot back at him. He stared at her for a moment and went on ahead. She pouted and ran pass him, ten minutes later she arrived in her room and opened the door. "Ohayou!" she greeted her classmates. "Ohayou gozaimasu!" her classmates greeted back.

The brunette walked to a blonde boy with a bunny in his lap, and greeted him "Ohayou Ruka-pyon." She smiled.

"Ohayou Mikan…" the blonde smiled back.

Then Mikan turned to hug her best friend "Hotaruuuu!" she chirped, her best friend had a glint in her eyes.

"Go away." Hotaru said as she shot Mikan her Baka Gun.

"Mikan, are you all right." Yuu, Mikan's other friend came up to her and helped her up.

"Yes Yuu, thank you." She said smiling. After regaining her composure, she went to her seat. (Their seats and teacher's are the same) Then the door opened again, and all heads turned and Hyuuga Natsume came in, only greeting his best friend Nogi Ruka. "Ohayou Natsume!" Mikan said, looking at him. But he just looked at her and sat on his seat, resting his feet on top of the desk.

The door opened again, and Narumi came in "Hello class, today I'll be introducing you to your new classmate. I'm sure you've heard about his arrival two days ago." He smiled.

Half the class is happy about it, half not "Narumi-sensei, is he a boy, or a girl?" One of the guys asked.

"Well let's see, come in." Narumi glanced at the door and signaled the new student to come in. When the new student did, the girls almost chirped in delight, except Hotaru, Mikan, Nonoko, Ana and Sumire that is. "This is Myogi Natsuko class, be nice to him."

"Hello everyone, I'm pleased to be here, and I hope to be friends with all of you." Natsuko smiled waving a hand. He has dark brown messed up spiky looking hair, and black eyes. "My Alice is dream, I can make a person dream like it's reality, and my star level is three." He explained with a smile.

"Ooowww…." The class said in chorus.

"Narumi-sensei, can I make a request for my partner?" Natsuko asked.

"Why not?" Narumi answered.

Natsuko looked around, and then his eyes dropped to Mikan. He pointed to Mikan and smiled "I'd like for her to be my partner, Narumi-sensei." He said. All became quiet for a moment; it's like a moment when only a pin that had drop could be heard.

Natsume, who still has his legs on the desk, swung his arm to the seat and smirked, "So sorry to disappoint you." He said cockily "But that little girl is my partner."

"Oh…" was all Natsuko said, okay he did not like this Natsume guy. He was told about him before even entering Alice Academy, and he figured the entire story was right.

"Well there are other students here…" Narumi smiled "And we have decided to partner you with Imai Hotaru, anyway."

"Oh? And who's she?" Natsuko asked.

Narumi pointed at Hotaru and said "That's her, she's three stars like you, and her Alice is Nanotechnology."

"Hello…" that's all Hotaru said, and she went back to doing what she's doing.

"Great! Then can I sit with her?" Natsuko asked cheerfully.

"Well no…you have to sit beside Sakura Mikan." Narumi smiled faintly pointing over to Mikan.

"Oh that's great!" Natsuko walked up to Mikan and sat beside her.

"Hello, I'm Mikan. Just call me that." Mikan took Natsuko's hand and shook it.

"Well that's all then…your substitute has a bad stomach ache so he won't be coming this morning, well adieu." Narumi waved and left the room.

Natsume and Ruka had their eyes covered by their bangs. 'What's that polka-dots and that freak giggling about?' Natsume growled mentally.

'Why does Narumi-sensei have to partner that Myogi with Hotaru?' Ruka also growled mentally. Then they both slammed the desk with their fist.

"Let's go!" Natsume said irately. He and Ruka, along with two other guys stood up to leave.

""Hey where are you going? Jinno-sensei is coming!" Mikan stood up and glared at the leaving group.

"That's none of your business, polka-dots!" Natsume shot back.

Mikan walked up to him, but she tripped. "Ouch! Okay whose foot?"

"Oh it's watermelons today." Natsume lean in a bit and smirked.

"Hey you could help her up, instead of being a jerk!" Natsuko walked to Mikan and helped her.

"I'm sorry; I didn't quite hear that, what did you say?" Natsume stared at him, emotionless.

"I said you're a jerk! Get it now?" Natsuko glared at him.

Then the guy from episode two, who's like Natsume's follower snapped, "Watch your mouth, moron! Show some respect!"

"Respect for a jerk?" Natsuko snapped back.

"Guys, you might get in trouble." Yuu said from the background. That didn't really reach the guys.

Natsuko looked at Ruka, then to his bunny and smirked, "A PINK bunny at your age? And you're Nogi Ruka, the famous friend of this guy? How lame can you get?" Natsuko said mockingly.

That hit a nerve on Ruka, especially on Natsume, one of the things he hates the most is, when people makes fun or tricks his friend, especially if it's his best friend Ruka. Natsume sent him a death glare and grabbed him by his collar and it suddenly became hot in the room. "Don't you dare mock my best friend, or I'll burn you to ashes! You understand?" and then Natsume pushed him, hard, a few feet away. "Let's go." And then they left, sending their last daggers at the new student.

"That was a wrong move, man." One student said.

"Natsuko-san, that was mean!" Mikan frowned.

"Is he your friend, Mikan-san?" he asked.

"Yes, Ruka-pyon's our friend!" she said, her hands on her hip.

"I'm very sorry then, I was just annoyed with the Natsume guy, and Ruka's his best friend so I thought…" he scratched his head and bowed.

Mikan smiled "its okay then, we forgive you!"

"Natsume…is he your friend too?" Natsuko asked.

"Well…yes, despite his attitude." She said walking back to her seat. Natsuko sat with her and smiled. Hotaru turned her gaze to him for a while, and a glint appeared.

"Thanks, Natsume." Ruka said caressing his bunny. They sat under the sakura tree and the other two sat on a bench near it. "No biggie, you know I hate it." Natsume said, he opened his manga and covered his face with it, and leaned on the tree.
Dismissal came, and the students sped off to their worlds. All that's left are Hotaru, Mikan, Natsuko, Yuu, Koko and Sumire. "Okay, what do we do now?" ask an impatient Sumire, tapping the floor.

"Well we could show Natsuko-san around!" Mikan suggested, clasping her hands.

"That's a good idea and Hotaru's with us." Yuu said smiling.

"Well, I' am his partner after all." Hotaru said in her usual tone.

"Then it's settled! Let's go!" Mikan chirped.

"See you then. I got somewhere else to go." Koko waved sayonara and left.

"Huh? Where is Koko-chan going, you think?" Mikan asked. The group shrugged and dragged her along with them.

"Natsume, Ruka, I have something to tell you." Koko came up near them. So that's where he was going.

Natsume peeked from his manga, he saw it was Koko so he sat up and looked at him. "What's up Kokoroyomi?" he asked.

"Well you two are bothered by Natsuko, right?" Koko said "Well, Ruka don't worry too much, but Natsume…worry because Natsuko has a huge liking on Mikan."

"What was on his mind, tell me!" Natsume stood up now. But Ruka remained sitting and smiling, he doesn't have to worry right?

"Well he said, 'What a charming girl, love at first sight." Koko explained. "But he also said. 'Imai Hotaru? This beautiful girl is my cousin's crush?'

Yuniko: That's that then! I hope you liked it. It's the same with my old one, I deleted.

Hotaru: Yes, it's still made by this idiot...

Yuniko: Why you...this is YOUR love story with Ruka! Stop popping out of the blue when i'm speaking and insulting me!

Hotaru: See what I mean, readers? I wasn't insulting her at all, and she thinks I am. I was just telling the truth...

Yuniko: You're so mean... -sobs-

Mikan: Yes, Hotaru is mean- -baka baka baka-

Natsume: Serves you right, idiot! -snickers-

Yuniko: I gonna take Ruka away from you, and give him to someone else in this fic! -glares-

Hotaru: Like I care... -stares blankly-

Ruka: You don't care...? -sobs and sniffs-

Hotaru: All I want is your photos, and make millions! -money sign in her eyes-

Yuniko: That's it! I'm gonna make you the bad girl in this story! And take Ruka! -burning with anger-

Hotaru: Why don't you worry about your grammar first? Instead of worrying about me...

Yuniko: I can't take this! LEt's go Ruka! -carries a crying ruka away-

Natsuko: I regret coming here... -sighs-

Natsume: You better! I'll taost you! -makes fire in his hand and laughs evilly-

Yuu: They're impossible...