((I was bored and was playing TSS and when using the character Knoll I seen that he was able to support with Lute. Well I look at their support an found their relationship well different so I choose to use their supports as a basis for this fanfic, I didn't care if the story was funny was written as I'm not a comedian but I'm good at adaptation so I'm hoping to make this story as close to the support as I could.))

My Conceded Stalker

Well the "new" Druid Knoll was sitting down at the base of a apple tree reading "History of the Dark Arts Vol.7" He had worked out a deal with Forde to sketch a picture of him so long as he wasn't annoyed by any others. And thus head was posed back resting on the tree, with on leg extending while the other was close to him.

He also had to take down his hood letting his purple hair come down in spikes onto his chest and shoulders. Its was a fair enough compromise as he finally made it to chapter 11: section 3: Naglfar.

It was surprising that the ability was the only reason why he tested himself, and risked his life to become promoted to a Druid; only to find out that he could use the ability as a Shaman.

Laughing softly while trying not to mess up his composer for the image, Knoll continued to read the book before looked down to see a shadow fly over the book, before disappearing.

Looking up he seen the female Mage Knight Lute. Even since she became a Mage Knight after the battle at Jehenna she'd been riding around on her darn horse; and been watching Knoll who was promoted just a battle earlier.

"…" She just watched him with blank expressions of anger and madness in her eyes.

"..Er hello?" Knoll question closing his book as he looked up to see her smiling as if delighted with his confusion.

"…" Quite again as she rubbed her face on her chestnut coated horses fur as her pupils were dialated while she was watching Knoll.

"Who you please mind not doing that?" Knoll asked coolly as he reopened the book.

"And stop stalking me?" He added as he looked at the strange girl.

"So you noticed me did you?" She asked Knoll accusingly as he eyed her strangely.

"Well your so obvious and been do it for some couple of days? I've been followed before but you take it to the extreme. What do you want from me." Knoll asked as he received a death glare as if he insulted her.

"Aiee" Lute screamed as she chanted a bolting spell that almost hit Knoll but hit his book that set it ablaze. Luckily Knoll rolled out the way leaving behind the very expensive item.

"Hey why would you do that? That costs a lot of gold to purchase! Are you crazy or something?" Knoll asked questioning the girls sanity as she snapped her fingers in frustration.

"So you dodged my attack, I knew you would be a dangerous foe. You won't evade my attack again." Lute spoke lowly and darkly as she chanted ElFire just nearly Burning Knoll.

Lucky that he used his clocks arms to take the brunt of the damage as he patted out the fires that formed on his garment.

"Cease these attacks now or else." Knolled responded angrily as he used Eclipse to throw Lute of balance and to show he wasn't in the mood to play mind games, mainlywith her now especially in her current state of mind. Erika wouldn't want him attack or killing any of her companions, and he was still a supporter of Grado; even though he was traveling with her.

"You did it again, no one ever dodged my attacks twice in a row and they weren't basic skills. This isn't good stranger, you'll wish you were hit." Lute muttered coldly as she readjusted herself upon her reigns as if the attack was nothing.

In truth Knoll didn't want to use a powerful spell because it would do extra damage against a mage.

"What are you going…" Knoll started before he fled seeing the girl becoming so crazed to the point of her trying to out cast him but attempting Alacalibur.

"You flee fast too I will find you." Lute yelled as she marched past the hiding Knoll.

"What was that?" Forde asked as he brought the sketch of Knoll towards him.

"I don't know, all I know is that the woman is crazy. How do you deal with it?" Knoll asked Forde who was the only one not disturbed as Arthur and Joshua stopped to stare.

"Well luckily I have a steed to flee on and I'm no magic user so she isn't threatened by me yet." Forde answered before leaving Knoll dumbfounded.

Night was setting in and everyone needed their sleep and he was the last one to arrive.

"Sorry but the only available tent left is with Lute or with Marisa, and I'm not even brave enough to face that challenge my friend." Kent explained as Knoll headed for Lute direction hoping she would be sleep so he could get some shut eye.

Finding her sleeping peacefully was easy as Knoll was able to lye next to her without her waking.

"I don't want to live to see the mourning." Knoll groaned as he rested his head to go to sleep.

Added Content

Rolling around Knoll found out trying to sleep wasn't easy.

For one the ground wasn't soft but rather hard even when sleeping. The ground was not evenly level but rough and jarred. You could literally feel the rises and depressions through your body as you layed on the could floor.

Knoll's back also was aching from the surface which also had a habit of pricking the skin with jagged rocks.

Slowly rising to get out the tent Knoll felt Lute wrap her arm around his right.

Not to mention the fact that she was mumbling random words like "That's mine", "you dare challenge me" and "I see you snuck up on me" All made Knoll believe Lute had woke.

His body was starting to sweat from trying to sleep with the cloak on. He had to somehow have her let him go so he could take it off.

If she felt him pespiring then she'd more then likely come up with an idea that he tried to sleep with her. Well he actually was trying to but not in the sense she'd tried to make it out to be.

Using a spell called Lūnaforma QUITELY Knoll managed to make Lute grab a false non existing arm. The spell basically used the moons ray to create an object in temporarily solid form.

Once he exited the tent Knoll preceeded to wipe himself clean with his robes arm.

Looking to still see the scorch marks left on it from earlier Knoll wasn't willing to go back into the tent.

"Hey kid!" An mercenary called to Knoll.

He had green hair and something on his nose, maybe an bandade on his nose it was too dark to see. Knoll believed his name was Gerik or something like that.

"…" Knoll remained quite thinking the man would go away. He clearly didn't have time to deal with someone who could confuse him with a kid. There was another person who dressed similar to him.

It was the kid, what's his name, Ewan? Knoll knew that he was currently training as a shaman and followed the routine by dressing up similar to him.

The kid in his mind was just simple, he wore the robes of Grado's mages not normal shaman robes and yet the boy tried to dress like him.

Samel or what ever his name was, tried to persuade him that it was flattery but Knoll knew the boy was too simple to even know how to dress like a shaman let alone be one.

It was a bit jugdemental but he learned from Drigel the Arch Bishop of the Shaman counsel that you should never do anything that can lead someone to believe your from a faction that you have no relation to.

Well back to this man, after waiting maybe three minutes Gerik just walked over to Knoll.

"Oh sorry I thought you were someone else, well you may be able to help." The man said with Knoll just drifting off.

"Yes, what is it?" Knoll asked lowly but with a bit of intrest seeing as he needed help, that brute strength probably couldn't help.

"I know the one thing that we mercenaries and Shamans have in common is to learn something and profit from it correct?" Gerik asked as Knoll nodded his head starting to listen.

"Well we're headed near Grado's territory. On the way well past Vijen an abolished city. There are rumors of ancient treasures, tomes and other things over there. The only problem is that I went past there and its guarded by enemies." Gerik said as Knoll looked up to look directly in his face.

"We don't tell the others, we split the treasure even, I get the Tomes, Books, scrolls and some money while you'll take the valuables, weapons of gold and silver, and other treasures? That way we profit greatly and still gain experience?" Knoll summarized in a question form as he seen Gerik nod except he stopped.

"I'm taking the dancer with us, you seen her but I doubt you cared to get her name." Gerik explain as Knoll just shrugged.

"She'll get some of your cut along with mine but in exchange she'll help us with he abilities that your familiar with seeing as they saved you before. Feel free to bring only one more person." Gerik said lowly as Knoll cleared his throat.

"I'll see if I can get a healer but if not then we just leave at dawn." Knoll added as he took off his robe to finish wiping himself down as he savored the feel of the cool air at higher then normal altitudes.

"Then I'll explain that to her and it'll benefit us all." Gerik explained as he reached over to shake Knolls hand.

Not inclined on physical contact he really didn't want to; but if it was a sign of loyalty from a mercenary then he'd do so as he shook hands with the man.

Waiting a few minutes before he went into the tent Knoll stopped to think on what he'd do if he survived to morning.

He'd wake early around the time he could see no sun but the moon leaving.

It was wise he ask Natasha over the male healer as he didn't want to hear someones life story on why he shouldn't do it.

He woke her up and told her to meet him in three hours at the top of the cliff before leaving without an answer.

It wasn't him to do such things but then again being sleep deprived brought out the weirdest things in people.

He had pondered all this as he laid back down on the floor next to Lute. He wasn't afraid of her but he kept having the feeling that something was going to happen to him tomorrow between the two of them.