Warnings: Shounen-ai: Pain x Charon

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A/N: Yet another, rather late, Valentine's day drabble. Well, at least I'm finishing them. sweatdrops


Charon should have been busily working, papers tended to multiply like rabbits when left alone, creating piles upon piles of more documents. He could already see the telltale signs of the beginning of mountains, though the scrolls only formed gently-sloping hills instead of jagged peaks. He knew how long that would last. Normally he would never, ever be caught with more than one small, soon to be finished stack of documents, but then, normally, he would never be found with a particular royal inspector lounging leisurely in his lap either.

Pain lived up to his name around Charon, the man was a harmful distraction as well as a pain in the ass, quite literally on a bi-daily basis.

"Pain, I need to work, you're making me behind schedule!"

"Awww... why can't you just relax for a day, hell even for an hour or a minute?"

"You've already wasted all my minutes for today, no get," despite his frantic need to go back to work, Charon couldn't help but add a gentle "please."

Pain didn't move, he only turned and showed the royal advisor a well practiced pout. When that was ignored, he wiggled a little in a successful attempt to get his way. The royal inspector wasn't beyond playing dirty, he actually preferred it most of the time.

Even though he would never, ever admit it, Charon guiltily enjoyed Pain's unfair play as well. He blushed as Pain continued to move in what he assumed was a ploy to get comfortable, and what he wanted.

"Ah, Pain stop! You have a very bony rear!" As soon as the words left his mouth, Charon could have shot himself.

"Well, I think if you get to tell me about my 'rear', I should tell you about yours!"

Two seconds passed and Charon was belly down upon the desk as papers fluttered and scrolls fell to the floor, creating a hodgepodge of procrastination.

"Hmm... Charon, I dare say you have a very fine behind... "Pain snickered silently at the utterly disgruntled expression occupying his lover's unhappy face, "Of course, I should probably do some further examination..."

Charon only sighed, he wasn't going to get any work done today.

The End