Notes: There will be spoilers all the way to manga chapters 300 as the story progresses, so consider this a warning. I will post warnings before each chapter, but it's your choice in the end after all.
The story right now takes place after the invasion of Konoha and Gaara's defeat by Naruto.
Basically, I thought Gaara's dramatic transformation from the demonic killer into Suna's well respected leader wasn't just because of Naruto's influence. There's such a big gap between those years that I can take liberties with the fic but I will try my best to stay in character for the most part. (And the prologue isn't really supposed to make sense, but it will later, promise :).


The sun is burning brightly in the clear sky.

The girl stumbles blindly. Her ragged breathing is the only sound puncturing the deathly silence of the desert. She leaves behind a bloody trail in the burning sand, made from her torn feet and the wounds on her hands. The unmerciful sun beats down on her frail body, clothed in thread-bare rags. Her short, black hair is matted against her perspiring face, and her dark eyes are half-closed in exhaustion. A silver locket dangles from the chain that hangs from her neck, which she fingers tentatively in short periods for reassurance.

She does not know where she is going, or where she came from, but a voice inside of her urged her to keep walking.

As long as she is not found. As long as she isn't captured.

She makes her way on top of a sand dune, and paused as her eyes lights upon some far away buildings.

I must make it to the village, she thinks to herself. Grasping her locket in her injured hand, she begins to trudge forward once more.

Above her, the sun begins its slow descent into the burning sand.