Chapter Seventeen

Tommy teleported into Kimberly's room. He felt awkward and shy being in a girl's room. Especially one so pink and filled with stuffed animals.

"Tommy," Kimberly squealed.

The Green Ranger stared at the Pink Ranger. She was propped up on her pillows. She wore a pale rose long sleeping gown. She looked cute and innocent.

"Um… Hi," Tommy said.

He shifted his nervously. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hi," Kim said back.

Silence fell between them. Kimberly sat up and stared at the boy. Tommy's hair was ruffled and his green t-shirt and green, white, and black plaid pajama bottoms were wrinkled. He was cute in his disheveled look.

"So?" Kim said.

"So," Tommy said.

"What brings you here?" Kimberly asked.

"I can't get back to sleep," Tommy answered. "Bad dreams."

"Oh," Kimberly said.

"Yeah," Tommy said.

The Green Ranger looked down at his feet and the Pink Ranger looked down at her lap. They weren't sure of what to say next.

"I can't sleep," Kimberly said after a moment.

"Oh," Tommy said. "Why?"

Kimberly wasn't sure of what else to say.

"I'm sorry," Tommy apologized.

"For what?" Kim asked.

She was a little shocked by the apology.

"About everything," the Green Ranger answered. "This week. The things I've done and said."

"Don't be," Kimberly said.

She tossed her sheets from her body. She stood and walked over to Tommy.

"You did nothing wrong," she said. "It wasn't your fault. You had no control over your actions."

"I know," Tommy said.

His head was still bowed.

"It still doesn't change what I did," he said.

"Yes it does," Kimberly insisted.

"No, it doesn't," Tommy said back firmly.

Kim took Tommy's hands and lead him to the foot of the bed. She motioned for him to sit and she did so as well.

"Tommy," she said. "Look at me."

Tommy obeyed and gazed into Kimberly's beautiful brown eyes.

"You are a good person," Kim lectured. "You saved me from Bulk and Skull and you didn't even know me."

"But after?" Tommy said.

"Doesn't matter," Kim said shaking her head no. "You were under a spell. The spell controlled your behavior. It wasn't you."

Tommy looked away for a minute. He still had his doubts, but he wanted to believe Kimberly so much. She had so much confidence and hope for him.

"I guess," Tommy said.

Kimberly sighed. She knew she wasn't going to get far in just one night.

"Tommy," she said softly.

Tommy looked at her again.

"I want to be you friend," Kimberly said. "We all do. Will you give us a chance."

Tommy thought about the offer she was giving him. It would make sense for him to befriends with his Rangers. They were going to be working together. Then Tommy thought of the possibility of him turning evil again, but pushed it way.

"I would like that," Tommy said with a smile.

"Good," Kimberly said.

The Pink Ranger hugged the Green Ranger and hoped that someday she would be able to reach him. She would truly love to be his friend. She wanted more but, she knew she had to be patient. One day was the only promise Kimberly could make.