The Gilmore-Grey Union Book III: The Dinner

By Michael Weyer

All right, apologies for taking so long to start this. Got distracted by several other fics first. Hope to be able to update it at decent times but can't make exact promises. Still, all comments are welcomed as we kick it off. Hope you all enjoy.

POV: Emily

Decorum is a very important part of life, something most people simply do no understand. Thankfully, I am one of them so I know how to prepare for this situation.

Now I'm sure some people will say you can't really prepare for the first dinner with your grandson-in-law, particularly when it came about due to a drunken marriage. But I am sure that I have prepared for this the best I can. The dinner is ready, the dishes are immaculate, we have the right settings, everything is set.

Now all that needs to be done is to tell Rory in no uncertain terms that this man is not right for her.

Oh I'm sure Lorelai will be judgmental, as usual. She never gives me a break. I can't understand why she is so intolerant of me when I only want to do what's right by her and for Rory. It's why I tried to get her to see Christopher was the right man for her, not that horrid diner owner. But of course, she wouldn't listen, she never does.

Enough, Emily. This is Rory, not Lorelai. She's the one we need to be concentrating on tonight. It's her future we're trying to save.

I'm dressing and putting on the last of my makeup, trying to make as good an impression as I can. I really don't know what kind of family this Grey fellow has but I want him to know what kind we are. The kind that will not put up with our only granddaughter being pushed into a marriage with some small town author.

Richard enters, brushing at his suit, obviously nervous. He adjusts his tie in the mirror as he glances at me. "They'll be here soon."

"I'm almost ready," I say. "Relax, Richard, they know what time to be here."

"What if they come early?"

"Lorelai never comes early."

"What about these Greys?"

"They can wait outside."

"Ah, yes, of course. We want to make them feel like second-class citizens. That's a lovely way to start things, Emily."

I fix him with a hard look. "We have our rules, Richard. We need to follow them."

"Emily, I think when our granddaughter gets married drunk, the rulebook goes out the window."

"Richard, we could really do without flippancy right now." I fit my earrings on. "Can we simply approach this situation calmly?"

Richard sniffs. "I was going to say the same to you." He pauses and fixes me with a cool look. "Emily. This is a delicate situation. We don't know exactly what kind of people these Greys are and we can't simply make assumptions."

"Richard, when have I ever made assumptions of people?" I'm a bit thrown by the outrageous look he gives me.

"Emily, please," he continues. "Please, let me try to take the lead on this. This is very important and we can't make it worse than it is. So let me do most of the talking and for God's sake, for once, try to be civil with Lorelai and Luke."

"I am always civil, Richard!" I snap. "It's not my fault they can't conform properly!"

He sighs and leaves. I sniff as I turn back to get my makeup completed. I know what's he saying, I know this is important. I have done nothing to deserve such a lecture. We are trying to make sure our granddaughter's life can continue on the right path and if I have to smash this Grey family to pieces, so be it.

If it also means making sure to invite the one person who I know can make Rory and Lorelai understand things, well, that's fine too. Richard doesn't know but I'm sure he'll approve.

Honestly, it is so difficult to be the reasonable person around here.