The Gilmore-Grey Union

Book III: The Dinner

By Michael Weyer

My apologies for the looooooong delay, tied up in other projects. Of course, it makes sense that I come back only to wrap the whole thing up. Well, hopefully it's worth the wait.


POV: Rory


Well, the big hand is on the nine, the little hand on the seven and my dad is on the floor. Sounds like it's time to end this dinner.

Grandma, of course, throws an even bigger fit as her golden boy goes down at my husband's fist. I have to admit, I'm annoyed too but the sad fact is, Dad was asking for it. Mom's face shows she agrees with me while Luke is obviously wishing he'd been the one to nail him himself.

As for Vincent's family, his mom is already yelling at Grandma about it while his brother and wife are exchanging looks and slowly sliding over to the door. Donna is the only one still eating and acting like nothing weird is going on at all.

I decide now is a good time to make a hasty retreat as I soon move to the foyer. I see the maid going by and give her a sympathetic look. Poor girl had no idea what kind of madness she was getting into taking on a job here. Of course, even by we Gilmore standards, this has been a wild night.

"You okay, kiddo?" I turn to see Mom coming up with a slight smile.

"Shouldn't you be trying to help keep Luke away from Dad?"

"Nah, seeing Chris punched out already seems to have deflated Luke's righteous anger." Mom smiles. "Hope he still has some of that energy saved for tonight…"

"Ew alert!" I quickly interrupt. As much as I love my mom and Luke together, I don't want to think of them…well….together, you know? There's only so much my mind can handle as it is.

Mom nods and looks to me. "Rory," she softly says. "I…was this my fault? I mean…did I not lay down the law more, try to be more of a mother and cause this?"

"Mom!" I gasp.

"I mean, I know we've always been more friends and that's good and I wouldn't trade it for anything but…" She rubs her face. "I didn't want this to happen. I mean, I wanted you to get married but…"

"Mom," I sigh as I move in. "It's not your fault. None of it is. It's me and Vincent and some bad alcohol-based decision making. Nothing had to do with you. You raised me perfectly, no kid could ask for a better mom than you and I will never blame you for it."

She smiles, fighting back tears as she hugs me. "Thanks, kiddo," she whispers. She breaks it off and backs up. "So…you're going to try it?"

I nod slowly. "I…I've talked to him, Mom and…he is a nice guy, really. He…well, he does seem to get me." I shrug. "I don't know if it'll work out huge long-term but…I know I'll always regret not trying."

Mom looks at me and that goofy smile comes back. A light in her eyes I know has been absent for a long while. "If he's getting you back to school, he is a good guy." She punches my arm lightly. "So how about you go talk to him? I'll go keep your father and Luke from turning the dining hall into a scene from Kill Bill."

"Okay, talk to you later," I brightly say as I head to the kitchen. I see Vincent there, holding a napkin filled with ice to his hand. "Are you okay?" I ask in concern.

"Yeah," he nods. "Trust me, after being shot…"

"Are you just going to bring that up all the time?" I interrupt. "Honestly, when I'm in labor and howling, are you going to tell me 'it's no worse than being shot' because I think we're going to have problems if you do."

He stares at me and I realize what I just said. I've actually suggested the possibility of the two of us having children one day which may be a tad rushed. "Um…I meant…you know…ah…"

He chuckles. "You're really cute when you're flustered, you know that?"

I can feel my cheeks flush. What am I, a third-grader now? "Thanks, I guess. You look cute when you're injured."

Vincent smiles as he takes the ice off his hand. "Ah, used to punching people. I once decked Amy's ex-husband right in a restaurant."

Hmm., a tad of a temper and violence, maybe not good. "You get in fights often?"

"Not that much," he quickly says. "And not often winning as many as I'd like either."

A long silence comes up as we hear the still loud voices in the other room. "Um," I finally speak up. "So….you want to give…us a try?"

He's quiet before nodding. "Yeah. Yeah, I do." He chuckles. "Hell, we already got the in-law drama taken care of, sailing should me smoother after this."

I chuckle back. "Yeah…course, if we end up renewing our vows, Dad and Luke are probably going to be dueling with pistols."


"Oh, yeah, Taylor and Kirk have an annual deal with it all the time, complete with costumes. Kirk would just love to be Luke's second, which is better than being Taylor's third all the time."

He nods as he moves in. "So…we're a married couple."

"Bells and whistles," I nod back.

He pauses. "Do you…remember any of that night?"

I shake my head. "Not a thing."

"Me either." He takes another pause. "Kind of sucks, you know? Our wedding night and can't remember any of it."

"I know," I say carefully. "For all we know, I gave you the best sex of your life."

He doesn't laugh, just gives a little smirk and damn that is one sexy smirk. "For all we know."

There's that long silence once more.

"I don't suppose…" I begin.

"You don't think…" he says at the same time.

We both stop and look at each other and next thing I know we're kissing and moving to the nearest door. If I know Mom, she's got a room open at the Inn just in case she and Luke get a little frisky and I'm sure I can con Michael out of it.

What's going to happen to us in the future? I don't know. But that's part of growing up, new experiences and new lives. And who knows? Maybe this one could be a damn good life at that.

Good for me, Rory Gilmore-Grey.

Well, that's it. The end of a road that ended up a lot longer than I had planned. Thanks to all who commented and hung on through the various delays that kept it from being finished earlier. Will there be a GGU Book IV? Not sure yet but you never know. Again, thanks to everyone, hope you enjoyed it.