Lion King 3- Kiara's Cubs

By Silvain Star

Prologue- Kimbu, Prince of Lions

Kiara and Kovu stood on the edge of pride rock, with Simba and Nala a few feet behind them, and Rafiki holding up a newborn cub in front of them. Animals of all kinds bowed at the base of the mountain. Timon and Pumbaa stood together just inside the cave, and Zazu stood beside Simba, with his wings folded and his head held high.

"Kimbu," Kiara whispered, nuzzling her son as Rafiki brought him to her.

"Kiara…" Simba said as his daughter passed him. Age was evident in his face and mane. "You and Kovu may have to take over soon. I'm getting old, and I know it…"

"Father… Don't say that," Kiara said. "You'll see Kimbu grow up at least, you're not that old."

"We'll see…" Simba said.

"Kiara's right, Simba. You're not that old," Nala said.

"Maybe…" Simba said. He looked nervous, but seemed to believe what Nala and Kiara were saying.

As time passed, Kiara and Kovu had another cub, Nara, and twin cubs, Karia and Kavo. Not long after the twins were born, Simba died. Kiara and Nala were somewhat depressed at first, but with Kovu and the cubs' help, they moved on, grieving only when they were alone and immersed in thoughts of the former king. Thankfully, caring for Kimbu, his brother Kavo, and his two sisters Nara and Karia was time-consuming enough that they didn't dwell on Simba constantly.