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Three days later, as promised, Althalus and Dweia showed up at Alaia's place, outside the village where Albron resided. From the distance, he saw a group of visitors, riding towards the same house.

"Who are they?" Dweia whispered, for they looked completely different from the common Arum. For one, three of them were wearing velvet, two men and one lady. Completely out of place.

But Althalus had seen further to the raven-haired lady with the imperial bearing. He turned triumphantly to his wife, saying, "See the black-haired one? She's Polgara. I told you they would come!"

Dweia rolled her eyes, before turning back to the spectacle before them. Her keen eyes gazed over the group. There was one grey-haired old man, with a short, stubbly beard, an auburn-haired lady talking animatedly with a sandy-haired man, who both wore velvet, and a weasel-faced short man, watching around for danger constantly, like another woman, who had honey-blonde hair.

In comparison with those guests, there was a young boy, who couldn't have been more than fourteen, who was carrying a … wolf? Althalus' eyes narrowed as he spotted that detail as well, and he remembered that wild tale he had told the gatekeeper at Gosti Big Belly's fort.

A big brute, who had bright red hair, was talking with a tall man with a long ponytail, and Polgara was chatting with an average-looking man Dweia guessed was her husband.

"Ho, Polgara!" Althalus yelled suddenly, and Polgara's attention snapped from her husband to her newly-found friend.

Hello, Althalus. You don't need to shout.

Polgara … what are you doing in my mind?

I'm not actually in it, just talking to you with mine.

Oh. That's okay then. Althalus then turned to Dweia, and took her hand. Dweia didn't even notice, because she was so caught up with looking at the assorted bunch riding towards them.

When Althalus shouted, the brutish man jerked back, obviously startled, and then set his eyes on Althalus, and his face developed a huge grin. The ratty man didn't even give poor Althie a second glance.

The old man seemed happy. It might have been because of the tawny-haired woman with yellow eyes next to him, but something in his eye told Dweia he wasn't completely sober, and he was haunted by something in his past.

As the motley crew rode closer, the two residents of the House could start to hear the booming voice of the redhead, and the grave voice of the man he was talking with. All Dweia did at these people was raise an eyebrow.

Basically what happened as the group on horseback continued its leisurely pace; Althalus and his wife inspected the humans (and wolves!) and chatted between themselves quietly, less at ease then the loudly talking redhead.

So, Polgara … Althalus started, reopening mind-to-mind contact the way Polgara had earlier … who are these people?

These are my friends, and relatives, dear. I will tell you who each of these people are, and a bit about them. Does that sound good to you? Without waiting for a response, Polgara started to talk.

The red haired one with the loud voice is Barak. He's a Cherek, a sea-faring person. Barak's also the Earl of Trellheim, and married with three kids, two girls and a boy.

The short man is Silk. That isn't his real name, just a nickname – his real one is Prince Kheldar of Drasnia. He's an acrobat, a thief, and a spy among things. He's married to Liselle, who was formerly a Margravine – she's the one with the honey-blonde hair looking around.

The boy is Geran, my nephew. He's Crown Prince of Riva, and Belgarion and Ce'Nedra are his parents, and monarchs of Riva. They're the two with the sandy hair and the auburn hair. The wolf he's holding is called Wolf.

Very apt, Althalus thought.

Don't interrupt, dear. The tall man is Prince Hettar, a horse lord from Algaria, who is a Sha-Dar – someone who can talk to horses.

My fool of a father is the one with the white hair, and Mother is the one with tawny hair. My father's name is Belgarath, and Mother's name is Poledra.

Oh, and my husband's name is Durnik, and he's a blacksmith and the newest disciple of my God, Aldur.

There would be others coming, but they couldn't make it. These people include Zakath and Cyradis, Emperor and Empress of Mallorea, Lelldorin and Mandorallen, both Arends, and Relg and Taiba, an Ulgo and a Marag. Anything else? Polgara finished.

Um … no, not that I can think of, Athalus said, overwhelmed.

Alright, then. I'm going to tell them about you and Dweia, if that's okay.

That's fine. While you're at it though, you should tell them about Gher, Andine and the others.

Dear … Polgara paused. I don't know them.

Althalus rolled his eyes. I guess I'm going to have to tell you, then.

I guess you are.

Well, the people we're coming to visit are Sergeant Khalor and Alaia. They are both Arums, a warlike people, and Alaia is the mother of Eliar, and the adoptive mother of Gher. Gher, himself, we think is from Hule, and he's a boy genius and a thief.

Eliar is the husband to Andine, and they are the Aryo and Arya of Osthos. They are both around 20 now, and still very much in love.

Then there's Leitha and Bheid. Leitha is a mind-leech, and can read people's minds. Bheid is the Grey Robe Exarch, the leader of one of the faiths in this world.

Dweia is one of the Gods on this planet, the other being Deiwos, the creation god, and Daeva has … been killed, but originally, he was the God of nothingness. Dweia is the goddess of continuance and preservation, if that makes any sense..

And you know me, Althalus. I used to be a thief 2500 years ago, before Emmy, that's Dweia, took me in, and now I guess I'm her husband. I can cast spells using The Book of Deiwos, by saying a word in the Old Language and thinking about what I want to do. That's basically it, I think.

Okay then, dear. Let's liberate Gher once and for all.

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