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0921 Hours (9:21) Central Command Headquarters

"Where's the freakin' general?" Ed yelled asked he angrilly stomped into Central Command Headquarters. He stomped and yelled like a 4-year-old who didn't get exactly what he wanted for his birthday. "I'm going to freakin' kill him!" He then went over to the nearest person, which just so happened to be Master Sergeant Kain Fuery, and took him by the collar despite the major height difference, and began taking out his anger on the poor master sergeant.

"I wonder what got him so pissed," 2nd Lt. Heymans Breda wondered as he walked into the office. Warrant Officer Vato Falman was right behind him.

"Possibly a bad mission," Falman suggested.

"Mmhm," Al replied. Al, who was now 15, had finally gotten his body restored. And to those of us who care about Ed's height, was now taller than Ed.

Just then, 2nd Lt. Jean Havoc strolled into the office. A cigarette was dangling from his mouth. "Not here," he said. Everyone turned to look at Havoc. It sure looked like he was there.

"Uh..." Ed began. "What?" he said, forgetting about his yelling spree.

"The chief," Havoc said. "He's not here yet. Late I guess," Havoc exaled smoke out in a clear straight stream . He looked at the clock above the doorframe and said, "3 hours late."

Ed blinked. "Late?" Ed chuckled already snapping out of his bad mood. "Hehe... HAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. "I'm sure Hawkeye is going to have some fun shooting today."

Sergeant Denny Brosh, who had just recently been transferred into Roy's troop with 2nd Lt. Maria Ross, held back a snicker unsuccessfully, thus causing Havoc and himself to erupt in spontanious laughter.

"What'd you say?" Al asked, looking over to his 16-year-old older brother. Ed shrugged. Brosh fell out of his seat from the uncontrollable laughter and Havoc was hunched over, still laughing and his cigarette in between his index and middle finger.

0925 Hours (9:25 am) Appoximately 2.125 Miles From HQ

"Hell!" General Roy Mustang yelled as he snapped his State Alchemist pocket watch closed.

Immediately going into defend-the-general-mode, 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye pulled out her handgun, which was securly strapped in its holster, and aimed it at a random direction. "What is it sir? I don't see anything out of the ordinary," Riza said.

"For one," he began. "Its Roy, not sir, when we're off duty," he held up a finger.

"Sorry, Roy," Riza said. "I'm just..still not used to this. We've been keeping the secret about us for over six months," she twirled her handgun between her fingers. She and her superior had been dating for quite a long time. Six months and seventeen days to be exact.

Roy sighed. "Yeah...it has been hard keeping all this secret," then Roy snapped back to reality, just remembering why he had yelled 'hell!' in the first place. "Yeah, Riza, but right now you can call me 'sir'," he said.


"Well, we aren't off duty. It's just we're...3 hours...late," he stammered, rubbing the back of his head.

"WHAT!" she yelled.

"C'mon then!" Roy yelled. Roy grabbed her hand so they can get moving, and in the process, Riza shot her gun in the air out of just pure shock of being dragged.

'At least she didn't shoot anything,' Roy thought as he looked up at where the gun was aimed.

'At least I didn't shoot anything,' Riza also had looked up to the sky, where her handgun had just been pointed.

0927 Hours (9:27 am) Outside The Central City Train Station

"I wonder what Ed and Al will think when they see I've come for a visit." Winry stepped out of the train station with her not-so-heavy luggage. The sunlight that had poured down on the entrace/exit of the train station was now set upon her. Winry covered her eyes with her arm because of the bright rays of sunlight. "Eek!" she screamed, dropping her suitcase.

A dead pidgeon was spread right in front of her. It had fallen straight from the sky. It's right wing had a bullet lodged in it. Winry looked up from her gazing at the dead pidgeon and spotted two familiar people. Two familiar people...in military uniform. "Isn't that General Mustang and 1st Lt. Hawkeye?" she thought aloud.

0931 Hours (9:31 am) Back to Roy and Riza


ooooqwazhbyttttatxbmudqtukaxeeeeeddbyyhbbbbzbdsxxxskcsfwwwwwwwwwpqkbbbbzzzxduuuiijkyhhccccwsxxxrgz"In all my damn life," Riza began as she jogged up next to Roy. "I never thought I'd be late for work because I was having a breakfast date with the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang, himself, " she panted.

"Hey," Roy said shrugging and still runnning at the same time. "That's why you love me, right?" Riza rolled her eyes at his short attention span.

0949 Hours (9:49 am) Central Command Headquaters

Both Elrics had their mouths gaped open in an unbelievable shock. "Y-you're not kidding? Y-You swear that Mustang and Hawkeye are-are dating e-each other?" Ed stammered. He couldn't believe it.'Mustang and Hawkeye...dating? No. It's too good to be true. 'I can see Mustang with any other girl, but Hawkeye...? No way,' Ed blinked as he all this ran through his head. 'Oh..I get it now...oh yes!'

"Ed?" Brosh said, waving an open hand in front of Ed's face. Ed looked as if he was lost in his own thoughts. As if he were in la-la-land or something.

"REVENGE! REVENGE!" he cackled wildly. He curled his fingers so they looked to be in a claw-like figure.

"Shhh..." Havoc said. "The thing is, neither Hawkeye nor Mustang know that we know about them."

"So, then how do you guys know?" Al asked. Ed shrugged and turned around, facing the bookshelf that contained books about alchemy, guns, military history, dress code, et cetera, et cetera.

"Uh..yeah. We'll talk about that some other time," Havoc rubbed the back of his head. The situation where they found all this out was just all too awkward. "Besides Al," Havoc said. "Its not that we don't trust you, Al. Its Ed. You know how he can be a little short on keeping a secret."

Keyword: Short.

Ed spun around and dropped the book he was scanning through. His face darkened and his eyes went white and scowly. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT THAT THEY CAN INTERACT WITH GERMS!" Ed yelled.

"I NEVER SAID THAT!"Havoc yelled. "YOU NEED TO SETTLE DOWN THERE...shortbread."


Havoc looked up. His cheeks were stuffed. 'Damn. I guess I shouldn'tve said anything about my shortbread cookies that my girlfriend made me.' Havoc was known for his bad responses and bad timing. Havoc swallowed his shortbread cookie. Now I have to think of something to get him back... "Uh..well you are."


"Yeah, I am. So..?" Havoc took a drag on his cig after fully rinsing out his mouth shortbread cookie crumbs. "I mean," Havoc exaled. "Look at Al. He's a year younger than you, and yet he's 4 inches taller," Havoc took out the cig out of his mouth and pointed it at Al.

"Sorry Brother. I don't know how to follow that exactly," Al said, tapping his forefingers together like an innocent kid.



A bullet sailed just above Havoc and Ed's head just as they were about to have a "face-off". Everyone, including Brosh, Ross (who had just arrived), Breda, Fuery, and Falman, who were currently playing a game of cards, turned their heads to see who had nearly killed Havoc and Ed, although they had a pretty good idea who it was.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Roy said. Riza nodded to the superior general and put her gun in its holster.

"Well, aren't you two the earlybirds," Havoc said when he got over the shock of almost getting murdered, and knowing that the two were oblivious of all the people in the office who knew about him and Hawkeye.

"Can it, Havoc," Roy ordered.

"And aren't we cranky this late morning. Speaking of late, do you know you're supposed to be here at six in the morning?" Havoc jeered.

"I said to put a sock in it Havoc," Roy ordered again.

"Technically, sir," Havoc began. "You told me to can it." Roy took a sharp glance at Havoc, sending him an ominous glare. "Okay, okay," Havoc said, putting his hands up in a surrenduring manner.

"Fullmetal," Roy said as he sat down. But he was cut off.

"Mustang. I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Your. Sorry. A-"

"Fullmetal, if you're going to murder me at some point, I'd like your report, first," Roy extended his hand, waiting for the arrival of Ed's report.

"No.Way. You put me through hell, and there is no way that you get this precious file without you having to do anything. Equivalent exchange, Mustang. 'Fess up," Ed said moving his fingers so they said in a way that said ,"Pay up."

Roy sighed. Must I go through this shit everytime he comes back with a new report. "Ed, would you rather face court marshalling for not following your superior's orders... again." Roy sighed.

"Er..." Ed said. He magically pulled out the file document from his red coat jacket and handed it over to the general. He glanced at it and he stood, went over to the nearest trashcan and incinerated the papers then and there. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR! I EVEN TOLD YOU I WENT THOURGH HELL. FINDING THE GUY, ARRESTING THE GUY, EVEN HAVING TO DO AN AUTOPSY BECAUSE... "

"I don't even care. And I'm sure you went through hell. You seem--"

"Lemme guess," Ed said,crossing his arms. "I seem shorter than usual? Well, lemme tell you something Mustang!" Ed yelled. A vein popped. "I can make this plain and simple.."

"Oh, here we go again," Al said aloud. The other men in the room all nodded.

"Men," Riza sighed. "How do we put up with them?" she asked Ross.

Ross shook her head in mock disappointment.

"Oh yeah," Ed said. "Wait'll I tell HQ, who you are currently seeing."

And with no time to spare, Riza immeidiatly stood up, loaded, cocked, and placed the gun directly behind Ed's head. It was ready to go. Ready to shoot the brains out of Ed (if he had any) at any given moment. In the same moment, Roy stood up suddenly in a threatening manner. "Erk," Ed sqealed.

1012 Hours (10:12am) Behind Warehouse C of Central Command Center Headquarters

"Where did you find out this information?" Riza demanded. She and Roy had the Fullmetal Alchemist cornered by the building known as Warehouse C.

"Havbrauhbcwoss," Ed answered in a maniacly fast tone.

"Say that again," Riza demanded. "Slower." Next to her, Roy crossed his arms, gloves on.

"Havoc and Brosh told me," Ed said. 'I hope they don't kill me for this.'

"How the hell do they know?" Riza whispered to Roy. Roy could only shrug. "Does anybody else know?" Riza asked Ed.

Ed looked down. "The whole unit," he muttered. "Uh..so that does mean that you guys are?" Ed asked. The safety to Riza's gun clicked off. "Um...sorry I asked. Er..can I leave now?"

"No you may not," replied Riza. "What about Alphonse and the rest of HQ?" she asked.

"Al knows. But I don't think anyone else knows about the two of you guys," Ed said in an innocent way.

"Well," Riza said. She tucked her gun back in its rightful spot. "Tell Alphonse and the rest of the unit ot keep their damn freakin' pieholes shut. And that goes double for you."

"Yes ma'am," Ed said and saluted just as he ran away. Damn, to think I fear someone in the military. People could fear someone like... Armstong. Yeah, right. He's just disturbing. Mustang? Well everyone- except those whores- just despises him. But Hawkeye? Jeez, throw me a bone. I mean, Mustang didn't even say a word. Hm...

"Meow," Roy said. "I like a woman who takes charge," he boasted. He rested his elbow on the warehouse so that his forearm was dangling off. He was smirking.

Riza shook her head and pushed him aside and headed back to the main building. Roy raised an eyebrow and followed after her.

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