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Yes, this is another little sister fiction.

AU: Bridget's crib was the one who's crib Mary was killed over. Explained in this chapter.

Chapter 1: Bridge

Bridget fiddled with the remote control while she waited for her older brothers to get back. The motel door opened and she turned. The two boys walked in laughing and smiled at their younger sister. She hopped over to the two and grabbed one of the fast food bags from Dean's hand.

"Hey Bridge, no kiss?" Dean asked and she jumped up to peck him on the cheek

"So, you guys get me soda?" she asked looking around

"Yeah, its called you have to go into the lobby and get it yourself babe," Dean smirked and handed her a dollar bill


"And get one for me and Sammy too," he called after her

Soon she returned with two cans of soda in her hand and Sam raised an eyebrow at her. She smiled and placed the can in front of them.


"Uh Bridge, there's only one can."

"I know, didn't you tell me to get one for you and Sam?" she asked innocently

Dean smirked, "I am proud to call you my sister."

"I know Dean."

That night Dean and Sam where asleep like babies but Bridget was tossing and turning in a nightmare.

She watched as baby Bridget looked up at Mommy on the ceiling and started to cry. John came rushing into the room and swooped her up.

"Dean! Take your little sister outside as fast you can. Go Dean, go!" he yelled and placed the baby in six year old Dean's arms

Sam came rushing out of his room and ran down the stairs with Dean. Soon the house turned into a raging inferno and John ran out.

Bridget sat up in her bed taking rapid breaths and looked over at Dean, then at Sam. She shook her head and got of the bed. Stumbling to the bathroom, Bridget flicked the light on and looked inside the mirror. Her mid neck length dirty blonde hair was matted to her neck and sides of her face.

"Gotta hate those dreams," she muttered to herself and splashed cold water on her face

She headed back to bed and saw that Sam was up. He looked at her with concern and walked over to her.

"You had another nightmare?" he asked her

She nodded and he pulled her into an embrace, "It's gonna be okay Bridge, I promise."

She nodded again into his chest and held him tighter. He kissed the top of her head and got her settled into the bed again.

"You get some sleep, OK?"

"Yes sir," she muttered and closed her eyes

He smiled at her and climbed into the bed beside her.

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