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Chapter 2: Freak

Bridget woke up to the sound of fingers tapping the keys on the laptop keyboard and smiled. Sitting up on the bed she saw Sam sitting on the computer chair trying to type as quietly as he could. She swung her legs over the side quietly and made her way to her older brother. As she got behind him, she draped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. He looked up, smiling at her and ruffled her hair.

"Morning Bridge," he said smiling

"Morning, where's Dean?" she asked not moving from her position but looking at what he was doing

"Went out for some amo..."

"Amo? We find something?"

Sam nodded, "There are reports of missing persons in Mississippi, and some say they saw a odd figure in the woods."

"Great. It better not be a shape shifter, not after the last incident."

Sam sighed and shut down the computer. Bridget said down on the bed and leaned against the headboard. Soon Sam was sitting in front of her, a serious expression etched into his features.

"Bridget, the dreams, what's going on?" he asked

She shook her head, "Nothing but regular nightmares Sammy."

"Bridget, I'm not kidding, I sleep in the same bed as you. I hear you crying, and I watch you toss and turn. Hell you even knock me off the bed sometimes..."

She sighed, "Sam...the dreams, they're becoming so...intense. I can feel the heat, I can smell the smoke and I could hear her screams..."

Sam stopped cold, "Bridget, you've been dreaming about the fire?"

"Yeah, didn't you know that?"

Sam covered his mouth with one hand and scratched his head with the other. He stood up and paced the room as Dean came in through the door.

"Hey!" he said with a big grin before looking at Sam, "What's going on?"

Bridget looked at Sam in confusion and so did Dean. Sam finally sat down with a breathy sigh.

"He told me this was going to happen... I should have listened," he muttered

"What! Who's he?" Bridget yelled standing up and crossing her arms over her chest


Dean stared at him, "When did you talk to Dad?"

"No, it was a long time ago. Dad came to me one night..."


Eight year old Sam shook six year old Bridget as she began to whimper in her sleep. Soon she awoke with a start and Sam jumped.

"You okay Bridget?" he asked worriedly

"Nightmare," she said in a small innocent voice and Sam took her in his arms

Sam looked up as he noticed that a shaodw was looming in the doorway and saw his father standing there, arms crossed over his chest.

"Sam, I need to talk with you a minute," he said gently but firmly

"Yes sir," he said and laid Bridget back down after muttering a few calming words to her

Sam met the elded in the hallway and John bent down in front of him so that they were now at eye level.

"Sammy, you know that you have to protect Bridget right?"

"Yes sir, just like Dean watches over Bridge and me..."

"Yeah, just like that," John smiled, "I need you to remember one thing Sammy..."


"Bridget, she has these...nightmares and sometimes they will get to strong for her but when she gets these strong nightmares, I want you to remember to protect her because that means something bad is going to happen," he said using as many little words as he could

"Something bad?"

"Yeah, something real bad. Understand?"

"Yes sir, I'm Bridget's big brother and I need to protect her," he said with pride in his eyes

Something in the little boys eyes touched John and he couldn't help but smile whole-heartedly, "Good boy, go on back to sleep son."

Sam nodded and hugged his father tightly before rushing off to sleep.

End of flashback

Bridget looked at him her head tilted slightly, and hurt with a mix of surprise in her eyes, "And you never told me?"

Sam looked up at his little sister and felt guilt spread throughout his body, "Bridge-"

"No! I've went through three years of very intense nightmares-"

"Three years?"

She ignore him and continued, "Believing that I was going crazy, only to learn that I'm some prophesized freak!" she yelled and grabbed her coat, storming out of the motel room

Sam sat there with his mouth slightly opened and looked at Dean, "I didn't say that..."

Dean shook his head, "There's something she's not telling us."

"But I have a feeling we're going to find soon."

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