Hey, I'm back with the sequel so… here it is! I wrote this story mainly because of stormrider7 who said I should go with this story so, if you read this, thanks! Well, here is the longer version of the description…

Description: one afternoon a ghost comes and fights Danny, Kelly, Ryan, Gregg and Kirstyn. Danny is in his ghost mode, Kelly in hers, Ryan and Gregg in their Freghe mode and Kirstyn in her Fregher mode because they sensed the ghost and Mr. Lancer tries to break up the fight. Somehow part of the class get teleported to the ghost zone, including Mr. Lancer and the people who were fighting the ghosts! Luckily Valerie is in her ghost hunting suit otherwise it would be harder to battle the ghosts and protect all the humans. For some reason, the ghosts CAN hurt humans in the ghost zone as Sam soon finds out. Anyway, what happens when they take a wrong turn and go through what looks like the Fenton Portal, but end up in the future? Read on to find out.

Disclaimer: Kirstyn.T does not own Danny Phantom because Butch Hartman does and probably won't sell the rights… OMG I CANT THINK OF A TITLE FOR THIS STORY! Oh, I DO own this story…

A Step Into The Future

Chapter One

Welcome To The Ghost Zone

Danny sighed as he put down his pencil and saw a blue mist escape his mouth. He looked over at his girlfriend, Kelly, who had already stuck her hand up. Danny stuck his hand up as well, hoping his teacher Mr. Lancer would let them both go to the toilet or wherever they would say they were going.

"Yes Danny?" Mr. Lancer asked him as he turned around.

"Can I go to the bathroom? I don't feel too well." Danny fake moaned.

"Alright Mr. Fenton, but don't be too long. What would you like Kelly?" Mr. Lancer asked Kelly as Danny rushed out of the room.

"My parents wanted me to take some medication stuff for a bug I had." Kelly made up the first excuse that came to mind.

"Go on then Kelly." Mr. Lancer sighed as he watched Kelly race after her boyfriend.

Kelly saw Danny and ran up to him.

"So, have you seen the ghost?" Kelly asked.

"Nope, what excuse this time?" Danny asked.

"medication." Kelly answered.

"HEY DANNY DID YOU FIND IT?" Kirstyn asked as she ran up to her older brother with her boyfriend and her other friend, Gregg.

"Nope, come on, we better look for it before the teachers see us." Danny told them.

"Oh, right!" said the always cheery Kirstyn.

The five looked around for any students that happened to be passing by and saw that there wasn't a single student wandering around like a lost sheep, which was VERY unusual.

A blue ring appeared around Danny's waist and split into two. The boy with raven black hair and icy blue eyes turned into the 'evil' ghost boy with white hair and bright green eyes, Danny Phantom. Of course, Danny wasn't evil, everyone THOUGHT he was evil but he wasn't.

Two pink rings appeared just above Kelly's waist and she was no longer the innocent girl who had brown hair, she was now ghost with white hair and a black and white dress, she was known as Kelly-Go-Boom or KGB for short. She was also known as Danny Phantoms young girlfriend.

Two rings appeared around Kirstyn's waist, one was black and the other was pink. Kirstyn had black hair with pink streaks and was wearing black clothing with pink netting underneath. But after the transformation, she was a Fregher with black skin and pink hair; she wore a pink floor length dress and was known as Li'Kirst-Fregher, Danny Phantoms sister.

Ryan's transformation was quite simular except he had back and green rings and didn't wear a dress. He was now a Freghe, the male version of a Fregher, hence the he or her at the end of Freg… he was now Li'Kirst-Fregher's boyfriend, Ryan Freghe.

Gregg and Ryan's transformation were exactly the same, except for the colours; Gregg had blue and black rings and clothes. Now, I must tell you, Freghe's and Fregher's have two colours, not everyone had black, these were the lucky ones. Gregg was now Ryan Freghe's best friend, Greggy F. (Kirstyn named him)

They all flew off to where their ghost's senses pointed them which turned out to be Mr. Lancer's English classroom. (If you don't remember, Fregher's and Freghe's have senses in their heads…)

Danny decided to go first so he turned invisible and stuck his head through the door. When he had seen if there was a ghost inside he pulled his head out and turned visible.

"There is a ghost I have never faced before inside the classroom, scaring everyone." Danny informed the others.

They nodded their heads and burst in, kicking the door down.

"Man, I always wanted to do that." Gregg said.

"Its fun isn't it?" Danny asked Gregg.

They remembered why they came here and saw the ghost. It was a teenage boy with long blonde hair, most probably a hippie. Danny sent an ectoplasmic blast at it which knocked it into the wall.

"I wish I could do that!" Kirstyn moaned.

"Oh, right, you aren't the one with ghost powers. Well, at least you have something, remember the child with NO powers?" Danny asked her.

"Oh, right." Kirstyn sighed.

"Um, aren't we meant to be fighting a ghost Dan?" Kelly asked.

"I always forget, thanks cake." Danny thanked her.

"I'm cake?" Kelly asked.

"I like cake." Kirstyn said. (Cant you tell that that is DEFINITLY me?)

Everyone rolled their eyes and payed attention to the new ghost.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't Danny Phantom and his girlfriend, Kirst and her boyfriend and Greggy… where's your dark girlfriend?" the ghost asked.

"You know perfectly well." Gregg answered, not knowing if the ghost REALLY knew where Sam was.

The ghost just smiled and floated where he was.

"Who are you?" Danny repeated Ryan's question.

The ghost kept on smiling and tapped his nose.

"That's for me to know and you to never find out." The ghost said.

A green light surrounded everyone and they could feel their bodies being pulled from the ground. It was like hands were digging into them and pulling out their hearts while they were still beating. Many screams were heard and the world went black and everyone was falling. Danny could hear Kelly's voice.

"I don't have a towel on my head…. Do I?" Kelly asked.

"NO, this is WORSE!" Danny yelled above the screaming that was heard all around them.

"ARE WE GOING TO DIE?" Kirstyn's yelling was heard.

"don't worry Kirst, it isn't that painful… wait, how would I know? I'm only HALF dead." Danny informed her.

"that's nice to know… BUT WE ARE GOING TO DIE FULLY!" Kirstyn cried.

"what happens if Freghe's or Fregher's die?" Kelly asked while they fell further.

"RYAN?" Kirstyn called for her boyfriend.

"YEAH?" Ryan moved closer to them, even if no one could see it.

"WHAT HAPPENS IF I DIE?" Kirstyn asked her boyfriend who was a Freghe.


"WAIT, WHERE'S GREGG?" Danny asked.

They stretched and tried to find their friend, Gregg.

"I'M HERE!" Gregg yelled just as the screaming stopped.

"a bit too loud Gregg." Kirstyn complained as she rubbed her ears which were pounding.

"WHY ARENT THEY SCREAMING?" Kelly asked, worried that they had disappeared.

"more important… why are YOU screaming?" Kirstyn asked.

Suddenly they felt themselves slow down and they landed on the ground which felt like a big bowl of jelly. They looked beneath them and saw dark green glass.

"that's odd, it doesn't FEEL like glass." Kirstyn said.

"we were falling for a long time, I need to go to the mall." A voice was heard behind them.

They turned around and saw paulina, dash, Kwan, Star, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Mr. Lancer and Mikey, lying on the hard ground.

"how did we get here?" Sam asked.

"I think it was that hippie hobo dude." Star said, not realising who she was talking to.

"I'm hungry." Complained Kirstyn.

"you and your food." Sighed Danny.

Everyone looked at each other, seeing who did and didn't get stranded in this green place with them.

"hey, Fentoad didn't get stranded, I CANT BEAT HIM UP FOR THIS!" complained Dash.

"GO CLIMB A TREE!" Sam snapped.

"children, we need to behave." Lancer told them.

"I AM NOT GOING NEAR HER!" Paulina told everyone who would listen as she pointed to Sam.

"what makes you think that I am going near YOU?" Sam asked.

Danny got fed up with the fighting and stood up.

"SHUT UP!" Danny lost control of his mouth.

"now, Phantom, that's not a way to talk to others." Lancer warned him.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?" Danny was getting angry.

"oh right! You are ghost!" Kirstyn remembered and started laughing.


"you aren't my teacher so why should I listen to you?" Gregg asked.

Mr. lancer sighed and put his hands by his sides, they were previously on his hips.

"because I am the only RESPONSIBLE one here." Mr. Lancer told them.

"Danny is responsible and so are all of us." Kirstyn said as she pointed to the 'unique' things beside her.

Tucker started to crack up laughing for no reason that anyone knew of. He wiped a tear from his eye and sighed before he knew that everyone's eyes were on him.

"what's so funny, Foley?" star made a face as she said his name.

"oh, I cant believe them being RESPONSIBLE!" Tucker chuckled.

"what about the time I fought pariah dark or my future self? Oh, wait, no one remembers that because clockwork turned back time." Danny recalled.

"if he didn't I would be dead!" Sam said.


"where are we?" Kwan asked.

"welcome, to the ghost zone…"

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