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A Step Into The Future

Chapter Ten


Everyone sat on the couch, holding empty boxes of tissues and wiping their snotty noses. Everyone's eyes were red and puffy from weeping. They loved Kirst so much and didn't want her to go. For some reason, future Kirst was still here but fading very VERY slowly.

"Wait a minute… wouldn't you not be here if Ms Fenton were dead?" Mr Lancer realised.

Everyone looked at the man with eyes full of tears. If anyone who wasn't upset went into that house, it would make them cry, the sight was unbearable. Then, everyone looked at Kirst who wasn't crying as much.

"Yeah… but, she is fading…. But maybe there is something we could do to help Kirst." Suggested Danny.

Roxy smacked her forehead with the palm of her right hand. Everyone turned to look at her and she decided to explain her actions. "I am an idiot! I should've remembered that maybe… just maybe… since the death is only recent, maybe we could bring her back to life…"

"YOU COULD?" asked Ryan, leaping up from his seat.

"Let me finish. I could do that IF I had enough power but, unfortunately, I don't have enough power so I guess that isn't going to happen," Sobbed Roxy. "I'm useless."

Fungus and Harriet jumped up from their seats, startling everyone around them. Harriet turned to Fungus with a questioning look so Fungus began to explain.

"I have a little bit of magic in me, maybe I could help you." Suggested Fungus.

"But, that STILL wont be enough!" cried Roxy.

"I am a healer mage, I can help you." Harriet informed her.

"I'M AN IDIOT AGAIN! I should've remembered that you were a mage as well! So, are you willing to risk our lives to save this young girl?" asked Roxy.

They nodded and Roxy put her hand in the middle. Fungus put her hand on top of Roxy's and Harriet's on top of Fungus'. They lifted them up and the slapped hands and did a few signs and other random things, the sign of a mage bond.

"Does this mean… that you could be… killed as well?" asked Danny.

"maybe." Sighed Roxy.

"Will she definitely live?" Kelly asked.

"No, we cannot be sure of anything, anything is possible." Harriet informed them.

"But, that means we might lose another three while trying to save one, this isn't safe!" Danny told them.

Roxy sighed and sat down on the couch. "We are willing to help Kirst out, you cannot stop us; it is our own decision."

"I guess… fine, do it. Just, be careful." Danny warned.

"We will. We need a clear floor, Freddy, we need you to move." Harriet instructed.

Freddy awoke with puffy red eyes. He dragged his television body across the room and against the wall, positioned to watch the resurrecting.

"Alright, everyone apart from Fungus, Harriet and I need to move out of the way so we can draw up a protective circle." Instructed Roxy.

They followed her instructions and leaned on the far wall. Roxy held out her left arm and rubbed her right hand across a light green wrist band. A bright yellow light appeared on one of her fingers as Roxy drew up the protective circle.

Once she was done, she called upon her powers which made a visible bubble around Fungus, Roxy, Harriet and Kirst's body. She rubbed a dark green armband which a piece of cloth fell out of. The cloth set down on the hole in Kirst's stomach, the one Usuba had left when jumping on top of her.

It stayed there and couldn't be moved unless Roxy told it to. Harriet pulled a stone from her pocket - which lit up instantly – and placed it on top of the cloth.

Roxy, Harriet and Fungus joined hands and began to meditate, clear their head of all troubles and thoughts, think of nothing. Luckily none of the humans with their eyes open could see magic; it was like a bright torch.

Their lips started to move but no words escaped, they kept silent. Kirst's body started to lift into the air and became bright. The three girls were pouring all of their magic into her, trying to bring her back to life.

Kirst's body slowly touched the floor. When it reached the ground, the protective circle broke and Roxy and Harriet collapsed. Fungus wasn't as tired as them since she only had a bit of magic and the rest of her was unknown.

Danny rushed over to Roxy and Kelly rushed to Harriet. They put the bodies of the weak mages on the couch and went over to see if the resurrecting had worked. Kirst wasn't breathing and Danny sighed.

"It didn't work." He told them.

"I need a rest, I may not be too tired but I still am tired." Fungus said as she headed for the rooms upstairs.

"I can't believe I have lost my sister… forever." Sobbed Danny.

Everyone had noticed that Kirst wasn't in the room anymore. They looked around quickly and Kelly was the one to speak.

"Where did Kirst go?" she asked.

"I think… h-her time I-is up." Sobbed Danny.

A light that was visible to human eyes shone where Kirst's heart was located. It got brighter and brighter and then disappeared. Everyone watched her closely, not blinking for a second. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open and she looked around her.

"w-what happened?" she asked.

Everyone gasped and ran over to her body. They threw their arms around her and hugged her for ages, glad that the girl that they loved so much was back.

"Uh, guys? I… can't… breathe." Choked Kirst.

Everyone got off her because they didn't want her to die once again. Kirst walked down the stairs and wiped her wet hands on her skirt; she had been using the toilet. She looked at her younger self and smiled.

"I thought I felt a bit stronger." Commented Kirst.

"What happened?" Kirst asked once again.

"Well, Usuba killed you and… I found your dead body and killed Usuba by sticking a sword into her heart. Then I killed Tama and Derwick with a chainsaw." Explained Fungus as she entered the room, yawning.

"I thought you were sleeping?" Danny accused.

"I was TRYING to but I heard all the noise so I came back down," to Kirst she added. "Glad to see you're alive."

"Wow, I feel tired. Who-" Kirst yawned and swallowed. "- brought me back to life?"

Danny pointed to the unconscious mages that rested on the couch.

"Fungus helped Harriet and Roxy because she has a little bit of magic in her." Danny explained.

"When they wake up, I need to thank them. Thank you Fungus, I am glad you brought me alive, I got taken to this horrid world and they said I would have to stay there if I didn't get brought back to life before 24 hours had passed. Thank you so much, it was hell there, I HATE places where you can't eat the food unless you ask." Kirst thanked Fungus.

"Well, at least she hasn't changed!" Danny joked.

Everyone laughed for the first time in a few hours. Suddenly, everyone's ghost senses went off. An old ghost with a time staff appeared in the room, looking at the five from the past.

"Clockwork!" gasped Kelly.

"It's good to see that everyone is still alive, I'm glad you could bring Kirst back to life." Clockwork said.

"What are you doing here?" asked Mr Lancer.

"Well, for one, I need to apologize; a ghost brought you and others into the future because of an evil plot. I couldn't get past his shield until now, I need to return you to your own time and erase your memories." Explained Clockwork.

"But that means I cant thank these two!" cried Kirst, pointing at Harriet and Roxy.

Clockwork pushed a button on his time staff which woke Roxy and Harriet up. When they saw Kirst was alive, their faces brightened.

"IT WORKED!" squealed Roxy.

"I'm sorry, we have to go now, I just wanted to thank you SOO much for doing this to bring me back to life, you didn't have to but you did, when we go, you can get back to sleep." thanked Kirst.

"No problem, if you weren't here, I don't know what I would do." Roxy said.

"Can we go now? I have a business meeting!" Clockwork was getting impatient.

"sure." Said Ryan.

Everyone said their goodbyes and Clockwork twisted the knob on his staff which took them back to the present day and also erased their memories. No one would know what happened for the past few days.

Clockwork returned them to their homes and then went back to watching the screens which showed him what was going on.

Danny, Kelly and Kirst appeared in the lounge room. The Fenton family was watching TV when the kids fell in front of them.

"What happened to you guys? We were worried sick; Jazz told us that you had been teleported to the Ghost Zone the other day! What took so long?" asked Maddie as she hugged them.

"We don't remember but I have a note that is addressed to you." Danny told her.

Maddie opened the envelope and her eyes scanned the page. She looked up with a smile on her face. "Clockwork has erased your memories."

"I told Amber, Anna, Scarlet and Gem that you had been teleported into the Ghost Zone and they tracked down Paulina, Dash, Star, Kwan and Mikey who said you guys had found your way home." Jazz informed them.

"Really?" Danny asked.

"Yep. Look, Spongebob Squarepants is on!" Jazz said.

Everyone gathered in front of the TV to watch this funny cartoon. It was a very odd episode, like many of them. In the middle, Danny broke the silence.

"Why do I remember a flying TV named Freddy?" Danny asked no one in particular.

Everyone laughed at an unbelievable thing like a flying TV named Freddy. They stopped laughing and squinted at the TV.

The End.

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