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"The Greatest Scam"

The skies of Moebius were a clear blue, this summer day. The sun shined brightly from the skyscraper skies of Station Square, all the way to the crimson peaks of Red Mountain.

It was a beautiful day as any, as the hero of Moebius, Sonic the Hedgehog decided to catch up on some well deserved rest. The blue marvel had a hard time the previous day. Thwarting two bank robberies, aiding with the extinguishing of three fires, defeating four of Dr. Eggman's Hench robots and also retrieving a kitten from a tree...

To say he was exhausted was an understatement. Every muscle in his hedgehog body ached. He was so tired that he didn't even return to his home at the end of the day. He just camped out in the forest of the Mystic Ruins.

Rigging himself a makeshift hammed with some vines and branches, he decided to sleep further up in the trees so he wouldn't be disturbed by the wandering wildlife. Giving a final stretch of his ragged form, the little blue hero nuzzled into his temporary bed for some well deserved rest.

Just as his eyes were on the verge of closing, Sonic felt a gust of wind past over him. He opened his eyes and scanned the area. He saw no one...

Satisfied that it was only the wind, Sonic, closed his eyes again, patiently waiting for sleep to take him. Then like before, his green eyes felt another gust of wind past over him, he heard following the wind, "Knuckles, PLEASE! Can't we talk?"

Sonic opened his eyes immediately. He already recognized the voice. It was Rouge the bat. An enemy turned friend, from his Shadow/Biohazard affair.

Sonic scanned the area, looking for the Echidna she was pursuing. He remembered a while back when he was hanging out with Knuckles. The Echidna mentioned something about going with Rouge.

Sonic didn't believe a word of it. Knuckles was the type that was all duty and hardly any life. Hell, it took a lot of effort to get the Echidna to go out with him and Tails some nights. The thought that he was in a relationship was freaking ridiculous.

But apparently Sonic was wrong...

Knuckles landed a few feet away from Rouge. He decided to catch a breathier for a minute, dodging Rouge all morning took a lot out of him. Unfortunately for him, his break allowed her to catch up with him. He sighed as he waited for her response...

The white figure of Rouge dropped onto the ground. She looked over to Knuckles; signs of unshed tears were present in her light blue eyes. "Knuckles...What's going on? Why are you doing all this?" she inquired.

The Echidna made no response. He just leaned up against a tree and took a long stretch. Rouge sobbed, as a crystalline tear fell from her eyes, "Say something! Talk to me! Please!"

Knuckles rolled his eyes and looked skyward. "Rouge there is nothing to talk about. I told you in the beginning, that we were just messing around." He crossed his arms and turned away from her, "I can't be stuck in a relationship. I have too many responsibilities."

Rouge dared to place her hand on his arm, trying to make him face her, "But what about me? What about all the things you said to me...?" Rouge said softly. She drew closer to him and whispered. "What about when we made love? Didn't that matter?...Or was I just another fuck for you?"

The Echidna smirked, "You said it not me..."

Rouge was speechless. She never thought in a million years Knuckles would ever say that. She felt as if all the life in her was drained when he made that statement. It hurt her. It hurt her a lot. Especially since she always savored the night they were together.

Although it wasn't something she did often, especially this fast into a relationship... But she knew she loved Knuckles and she wanted to please him. So she complied...But to know she was nothing but another notch in his belt... (So to speak), the thought made her feel so empty.

"In any case..." Knuckles said continuing. "It was nice and all. But I have to get back to watching the Master Emerald," he pushed past her as he started to make his way back to Angel Island.

Rouge whipped around to toward him, "You and your damn emerald! That's all you fucking care about!"

Knuckles stopped in his tracks and spun around to face the female bat, "LOOK YOU LITTLE WHORE!" Knuckles said while roughly grabbed Rouge by her arm. "Get it through your damn skull...IT'S OVER! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" He threw her to the ground. "LATER!" And with a gust of wind, Knuckles became air born.

Rouge rose to her feet. "Knuckles wait! I'm sorry! Please...!" But he was already a tiny speck in the heavens. "I love you..." she whispered. Rouge fell to her knees and continued to sob. She was left all alone in the seemingly empty forest.

"Well, I guess that fills my "Real World" quota for the day," Sonic said to himself while turning over in his hammed. He closed his eyes tried to go to sleep.

Everything was so peaceful in the forest, that he knew it wouldn't take long for sleep to finally claim him. Well...everything was quiet, except for some soft sobbing. Sonic looked over the side of the branch he was perched on, to see the source of the weeping. Sonic only saw Rouge, crying over the end of her relationship.

'Poor girl,' Sonic thought as he returned to his sleeping. It was kinda sad about what happened to the bat. But it wasn't Sonic's problem, so he didn't concern himself with it. All he worried was, catching ten good hours of sleep.

But as he continued to try to venture into dreamland, he was always grounded by the continual cries of Rouge. Sonic squeezed his eyes even tighter trying to induce sleep upon him, but to no avail. Rouge's weeping continued to tug at Sonic's conscious. It was the do-gooder in him. The irritating heroic part about him that tended to get in the way of a lot of his fun, the part of him that even would go aid a person that was once a foe.

Sonic sighed. "Christ, I'll never get any sleep unless I do something." Sonic looked down at Rouge. "I guess I'll just see how she's doing..." he stated as he got up. Then as if it was nothing, the hedgehog leaped down from the towering lumber to the ground below.

'What am I going to do?' thought Rouge as she continued to weep. She thought Knuckles was the one for her. She had been with so many guys before, that she had almost given up hope of finding the perfect guy. That was till she met him.

The thing about her meeting him was, she wasn't even looking for relationship or a guy. She was just trying to steal the Master Emerald and she met him. At first she didn't think much of the Echidna. He just seemed so dedicated about his job to protect the Emerald, that she hardly considered him anything more than just a rival.

But as they continued to encounter each other, Rouge found that she was starting to be captivated by the crimson protector. His strong sense of duty and honor really amazed Rouge. In some ways she envied him. He seemed so strong to her. And when he saved her life...

She knew she was starting to fall for him. That's mainly why she agreed to help him and Sonic when they had to deal with Prof. Robotnik's Biohazard. It was her chance to work with him instead of always fighting.

After the whole ordeal was over, Rouge went out to look for Knuckles. It was very hard for her. Knuckles never really stayed in the same place twice. She could only keep track of him when he left Angel Island. In fact the day she caught up with him, was the day he was getting supplies for going back to the island. He wouldn't be back for a good six months. But some how Rouge managed to catch him before he left.

When she saw him, at first she didn't know what to say. Which was a first for her because, she was hardly ever speechless. But she found that after all this time of waiting, searching, and wishing to see him again. She was at a lost for words.

He was about to leave. But then Rouge remembered something she heard long ago, 'that it's always best just to say what you feel.' And she did...

She told him, how much trouble she went through finding him again. How much she thought about him during the time...and eventually after some hesitation, how she felt. After that Knuckles seemed to really open up to her. They talked for most of the day into the night. Eventually their talking turned into kissing...And from there...

In the past Rouge would have never ever dreamed about going that far, that fast. But when she was with Knuckles, she felt so different. She felt safe and secure. She felt as if he would always be there for her, whenever she needed him. But how wrong she was...

So that's why she allowed herself to cry. Usually she wouldn't allow such things. It was the part of her that was proud. That's another thing Knuckles did...

In the past she would never catch herself crying over a guy. Although she did want to be with someone, she promised herself that she would never shed one tear over any of them. But Knuckles undid all of that.

She hated to cry, but here she was weeping over him. Crying because she was stupid enough to for falling for him and weeping because she was stupid enough to want him back even more...

"Are you ok?" A new voice said. Rouge looked around for the source of the inquirer. She turned to see a blue hedgehog standing before her. Wearing flame red sneakers and an expression of worrying.

Worrying? How dare he worry about her? She didn't need his pity. Rouge's tear stained eyes, glared at the hedgehog. "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed, while sending a flurry of kicks towards Sonic's way.

The hedgehog easily dodged her attack and flipped a few feet back from her. "JEEZ...You try to show some concern to someone and this is how they treat you..." Sonic shook his head.

"Save your fuckin' concern and pity..." Rouge growled. She turned her back to Sonic, trying to ignore the fact the hedgehog was even there.

"Fine have it your way..." Sonic grumbled, he started to walk away. He knew he didn't have to take that crap. All he was doing was trying to help her. But she had to turn into Robo-Bitch on him. He continued to tell himself that until he heard her continual sobs and soft cries.

Any previous ill-feelings he had toward the bat were now nullified.

"What am I going to do? What am I going to do?" Rouge continued ask herself. She couldn't bear being without Knuckles, but he didn't want her. "Why"? What did I do wrong? Why doesn't he love me?"

"Maybe you didn't do anything..." A voice said. A voice that was strangely familiar to Rouge. She turned around to see, that the annoying hedgehog was still there. His green eyes still fixed on her.

Rouge sighed. "Didn't I say leave me alone..." Her blue eyes flashed with anger. "I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY!" she then turned and took a swing at the hedgehog.

Sonic didn't even flinch. He knew she didn't mean it as much this time. So when her fist came, he just caught it gently in his palm. Then he extended his other hand toward her. "Here..." he presented Rouge a small tissue.

Rouge looked at the tissue then at Sonic. "Are you hard of hearing...?"

Sonic sighed and then looked at Rouge. "No...I just don't like seeing pretty girls cry." he stated bluntly, he then grinned. "Consider it a character flaw of a hero..." Sonic finished with a small smile.

Rouge rolled her eyes. "Whatever..." She took a second glance at the Kleenex and generally wiped her eyes. "Thank you..." She said softly. She waited for a few minutes, thinking that the hedgehog would leave since she took his offering. ...Apparently not. "Is there something I can help you with?" she said while turning around to face him. But she turned to open air.

"You want to talk about it?" she heard his voice say. She looked right next to her and there Sonic was, sitting beside her.

She jumped, "What the hell?" Sonic just looked at her strangely. Rouge was about to make a comment, but decided to leave it alone. "What do you mean, "Do I want to talk about it?""

Sonic raised a brow, "Hello!...The thing with you and Knuckles."

She looked away, "What is there to tell?" she said softly. "He doesn't want me anymore..." Rouge could feel more tears coming. She then felt Sonic put his arm around her, as she sobbed. At first she was going to protest. But she then realized that she wanted someone there with her, so she remained quiet.

After a few minutes Rouge pried herself away from Sonic and stood up. The hedgehog looked at the bat, as she moved away. "So whatcha gonna do now?" he inquired.

Rouge blinked a few times then said, "I don't know...I have to get him back..." She stated while turning to Sonic. "I love him..."

Sonic shook his head. "But he said he doesn't want to see you anymore..."

Rouge nodded. "Yeah, I know. But I have to be with him. I can't stand living without him..."

Sonic sighed, 'This is going to be hard...' The hedgehog cradled his chin as he started to think. "How were things going on with you two before all this started?" he asked.

"Umm...I thought we were fine." Rouge said honestly. "We just mostly hung out at my place, because he didn't like to go out much. But besides that...we were cool. I wish he would have spent more time with me though. But he always had to go back to Angel Island..."

Sonic contemplated the situation. "Hmmm...I don't know," Sonic said, "If you didn't have any problems. I don't see why he broke up with you..." The hedgehog thought some more. "Do you think he just got bored?"

"What? How can that be?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Who can tell with that Echidna?" He smirked. But the un-amused gaze from Rouge spoiled anymore of the Hedgehog's amusement. "In any case..." he said continuing quickly, "maybe you should back off for a while, to let him think about things. Hell, maybe you could find someone new in the process..."

"No..." she protested. "I couldn't see myself with anyone else. Knuckles has to be the one for me... Besides that might make him jealous...and hate me," Rouge remembered a few instances in the past, when guys just looked at her the wrong way and the Echidna would have to feed the guy his face.

Sonic grinned, "All the better..." Rouge looked at him totally puzzled. "Not about the 'hating you...' part," Sonic corrected. "But maybe if you were with someone else he would get jealous and want to get back together with you..."

The bat thought about the notion. To be honest it wasn't a bad idea. Plus she didn't have anything to lose. And if it didn't work she would just try something else. She looked to Sonic and smiled. "Hey you're pretty good at this stuff," the hedgehog laughed.

The white bat then looked away, trying to continue with her plans. Knuckles was the jealous type. I bet she could get him if they did it just right. She then turned to the hedgehog. "Now all there is is to find the perfect guy..."

"Well, I can't help ya there..." Sonic said lightly.

In actually Sonic was the last choice Rouge was thinking about. But as she turned to him, it started to make allot of sense. "Actually...you can..." She slyly said.

"Huh?..." Sonic was confused. How could he...? Then things started to click. "OH NOOO!" Sonic protested while waving his arms in dismay.

"PLEASE!" the female bat pleaded.

"No..." the hedgehog firmly shook his head, then crossed his arms. "This is between you and him."

"Pleeeeeeease Sonic," Rouge ran up to him. She had him pinned behind a tree he was leaning up against. Unaware that her bosom was also firmly pressed against the hedgehog, "I wouldn't trust any other guy. He might try to take advantage of the situation."

Sonic gulped and stared down at the large mounts that were pressed against his chest. He noticed that every time she breathed, her breast rose and fell. 'God, she's stacked...' Sonic knew he was supposed to focus on her words, but it was hard under these situations. "...And I won't," he said in a shaky voice.

Rouge was totally aware of what Sonic was doing, but she decided not to say anything. She needed his help. "No..." she said firmly.

Sonic didn't take his eyes off the little 'peek show' he was getting. He made sure he still was able to maintain his conversation. "And what makes you know I wouldn't?" Hell, he didn't know how he was restraining himself from jumping this girl now.

"Cause your a hero...And isn't stuff like that forbidding in the handbook." she said innocently.

Sonic's gaze drifted up towards the huge sky blue orbs that were Rouge's eyes. She seemed so innocent, and yet so determined. She totally believed in him and counted on him to aid her. And no matter who it was, Sonic T. Hedgehog would help anyone, unfortunately...

He sighed. "I guess it wouldn't be so bad," he finally resolved. "Plus me being seen with someone else would piss Sally off royally..." he grinned about that little bonus. "I guess you talked me into it."

Rouge rushed the blue hedgehog and gave him a big hug, "Oh thank you Sonic! You don't know how much this means to me!" She scrambled with a pen and paper. "Here's my number. Call me tonight so we can talk about all of this...K?"

Sonic took the number and looked at it. He shrugged his shoulders and then pocketed the piece of paper somewhere on his person. "Ok..."

Rouge grinned with a fanged smile. Suddenly her sleek dark wings started to flap up and down, as a new breeze brushed past the duo. "I have to go...But don't forget to call!" Sonic nodded. And the lovely bat started to take flight.

Still watching her exit, Sonic sighed. "What have I gotten myself into?"

Sonic knew that nothing good could come from, him acting as Rouge's new squeeze. But at least he could finally get some sleep. He would have to worry about all that other stuff later...