"AAAAHHHH! Sonic I'm going to fall!" A totally distraught Rouge screamed at the top

of her lungs, her arms flailing in every which direction. Her limps where currently doing an impression of a reverse back stroke as she was trying to stop her forward momentum. Of course the roller blades that were attached to her feet, were refusing to cooperate and was sending her forward anyway.

"Hey don't worry babe," An amused blue Hedgehog calmly stated as he gracefully glided past her. "I'm not going to let you fall," Sonic said trying to reassure her.

The hedgehog then skated along side of her. He clasped her hand with his own and started to control her movement. After as few seconds she was able to move on her own. Then the two tried another attempt at going around the ring...

(A/N: Ok..I suppose I should fill you guys in)

Well it's been nearly 3 months since the events at the 'Crystal Light' restaurant. But more importantly, today was Rogue's 20th birthday. And to celebrate such a extravagant event Sonic thought what better way then for the two of them to go rollerblading.

Of course it would help if Rouge knew how to rollerblade in the first place. But then again when did little things like that stop our Sonic the Hedgehog. So along with going rollerblading he offered to teach her. At first Rouge admitted that it was a good idea, but...


Why she agreed is beyond me.

"The Great Scam" Chap. 5


NoWhere Man (THAT'S ME!)

Disclaimer: SEGA RULEZ! (even though they're pretty much dead) But although they are apart of the non-living they still own these characters. Which pretty much sucks, but we have to deal with it.

Be Advised! There is NC-17 content in this story!

Lets continue...

An intrigued Sonic gingerly skated one lap around the ring. The Skating area was pretty big in size. The whole ring was close to a quarter mile long with many different; ramps, railings and objects for the more experienced skaters to perform tricks on. Of course he wouldn't have time today to really show-off any of his stuff. It seemed that his winged disciple was going to need all his attention.

The blue Hedgehog made another quick lap around the ring then slid over to Rouge to see how she was doing. He smiled at seeing the display she was performing. She was so freakin nervous and was squirming all over the place. Her nervousness was part of the reason why she was having so much difficulty.

"Calm down..." The speedy defender of Mobius directed to her. "You're doing fine..." Rouge tried her best to follow Sonic's advice. After nearly fumbling over a few times, she finally started to straighten herself out. Now she currently was standing with no problem.

Taking a sigh, she looked down at the black and purple rollerblades that were strapped to her size eight feet and shook her head. "God, I can't believe I let you talk me into this," the distressed nocturnal stated, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

The hedgehog skated over to her and skid to a stop. He pondered the question for a minute as he held his chin. "Hmmm...Don't know..." he looked to her with a slight grin. "Were you high?"

The Bat girl glared at him, "Ha, ha, Very funny," she finished with a small scowl. She turned to back to him. "WILL YOU PLEASE GET OFF YOUR ASS AND TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS!"

"Ok, Ok...Don't get your panties in a bunch," Sonic countered when his laughter died down. "See all you have to do is..." And Sonic once again tried to explain some of the basis to Inline Skating.

The next two hours were probably the most gruesome moments in Sonic's life. He'd never seen somebody take so many slips and falls while learning to rollerblade in his life. The only saving grace for Rouge was Sonic himself, who was there most of the time to make sure she never got too hurt or anything.

At first Sonic was just going to let her try out on her own, just so she could get a feel for the skates. BIG MISTAKE!

That was probably the worst idea he ever came up with. I mean it seemed like her rollerblades were designed for the specific purpose to collide into walls. Well, at least that's what Rouge believed and repeatedly shouted, screamed, cursed, etc.

In any case, this wasn't going to be an easy case for Sonic. After every near fatal head on collision with a turnpike ramp, (Which never happen, cause Sonic the hero was there, filling out the hero role.) the Hedgehog also had to endure a five minute verbal shout-off from Rouge, for making her try these "STUPID CONTRAPTIONS!"

But he didn't mind the yelling though he thought she looked cute when she was angry. That and the fact he loved the way she looked in those skin tight shorts she was wearing. They really showed off her nice shapely legs and thighs. He almost had to fight himself from not staring at them all day. In any case this wasn't anyway for her to learn. So that meant Sonic had to change his tactics.

Sonic frown slightly as he paced back-and-forth on his skates. Rouge was eyeing the casual manor of his movement. 'Hmph, Show off...' she sneered as the bat heard Sonic sigh. "Hmmm...I can't believe someone that's so graceful in the air, could be so clumsy on her feet," he said while taking a glance toward her.

Rouge's blue eyes flared up. "HEY IT'S NOT MY FAULT! IT'S THESE STUPID..." The girl then paused. Her sky blue eyes focused as she replayed his words in her head. "Did you just say I was graceful when I fly?"

'Damn, I said that out loud!' Sonic groaned to himself. Suppressing his blush, Sonic decided to move on. "Umm...Anyway...Here all you have to do is concentrate on what you want to do. Then move your feet left and right like you're walking," he paused for a minute, as he was hit with a new inspiration. "Hmmm...I have another idea. Just hold onto my waist and follow my movements. If you feel like you're going to fall, then just hold onto me. I'll make sure we'll be ok?"

Rouge thought about the idea for a few seconds. She realized there wasn't any real fault to the plan so... "Ummm...Ok," the bat agreed. She then hobbled over to Sonic and held onto his waist. 'Hey cute buns' she admitted while taking a quick peek.

"Ok...I'm going to go slow at first, so just try to follow me," he said to her over his shoulder.

Rouge, who was still eyeing his little Hedgehog fanny, muttered a "Gotcha..." before taking a last look. Then the two started to make they're way around the ring. Sonic could feel some of the tug Rouge was given him every time he made a turn. But after a while even that let up and she started to keep up with him.

"Hey how are you doing?" Sonic asked her after they completed another lap without any follies.

"I think I got it..." Rouge eagerly replied. Sonic looked back over his shoulders. He could see she even had her feet in the proper positions to aid her movements.

"Cool..." Sonic shouted back. He then pulled them over to the side and came to a stop. "Ok...Now we're going to switch places," he stated as she dislodged from him. "You're going to lead, while I hold onto you."

"I...I...I don't know Sonic. I'll probably make us fall," Rouge said doubtfully.

"Hey where's the fiery Rouge that I'm used to?" Sonic inquired. He then shook his head. "All this doubt doesn't suite you," he said while putting his arm on her shoulder and gave her a good squeeze. "Now don't worry. I told you...I'm not going to let you fall. If I see you starting to slip, I'll catch you...Promise."

Rouge pondered the idea for a while. Honestly she didn't think this was going to work. Then again falling on your ass over a dozen times kinda takes a shot at one's ego. She then looked to Sonic, "You really think I can?"

The Hedgehog held a very genial smile. "Rouge, if anything I've learn these past few months is you're capable of doing anything..." he stated truthfully. '...even winning my heart,' he thought silently to himself.

After a few more seconds of deliberation, Rouge smiled. "Ok...Let's go."

Sonic nodded while taking his position behind her. Rouge didn't really think about it at first, but she blushed when she felt his hands on her waist. His hands were strong, yet still delicate. It was like he was born with the perfect touch. A touch that Rouge was starting to enjoy more and more everyday.

Meanwhile...Sonic was intrigued by the attractive sight before him. He tilted his head to the side as he was admiring the sleek, nice curves of Rouge's round ass. "You better not be looking at what I think your looking at!" Rouge shouted back to him, after she realized he had been quiet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

"What? I'm an innocent hedgehog," Sonic harmlessly implored. His eyes immediately shot up so he could prove his innocence.

"Right..." The bat flatly replied. She didn't believe him for a second. "Baka..." she groaned. Then a small smirk crossed her lips as a devilish idea entered her head. She decided to give her little peeper a little show.

Now even though Sonic was try to preserve his innocence. Temptation got the better of him and he found his emerald green eyes glued to her nice, luscious...ripe. Then all of a sudden the object of his momentary devotion shimmed as Rouge wiggled her ass a little, teasing him, which in turn made his mouth descend at a rate that probably could penetrate the pavement below him.

"Alright let's go!" Rouge cheered, as they started to move.

The two of them start out again, this time with Rouge taking the lead. Naturally the girl stumbled a few times at first. But eventually she started to get it more and more. She even corrected herself without any advice from Sonic. That alone impressed the Hedgehog the whole way through. Rouge was finally getting the hang of it, which meant he had to execute the next part of his training regiment.

Gently...So very gentle Sonic started to release his hold on Rouge. He now was stealthily skating behind her, keeping her pace. Although he was sure she didn't need his help anymore...It was now up to Rouge to realize she didn't either.

"HEY I'M DOING IT!" Rouge shouted back to her teacher/best friend. The young Bat was so proud of herself. She was finally getting it.

"You're totally awesome babe!" she heard from behind her. And Sonic's encouragement was really helping her too. She could almost kiss him!

Then Rouge paused and started to look over her shoulder. She had a question then again it was more like an urge for something. "Hey Sonic this is...Huh?" That was when she noticed that Sonic wasn't behind her anymore, which meant she was on her own, which meant...oh damn!

Sonic started to notice his friend's confidence was wavering. "Don't worry about it Rouge!" he shouted trying to encourage her. "You're doing fine. Just have confidence in your self," he called after her.

"Uh..." Rouge closed her eyes. 'I can do this! I can do this!' She chanted in her head as she tried to continual repeat her motions. After a few minutes she realized, she was doing it. She was doing it!

Rouge started to speed up along the skates. But then she skillfully adjusted her speed. She started to make turns on her own with no problem. She ecstatically turned to Sonic. "Hey! Hey!" she cheered trying to draw his attention.

But there was no need. Whistles, cat calls and cheers were her best friend's response. "YEAH! WAAHOOO! You're awesome Rouge!" The blue Hedgehog hollered.

The white bat joyfully laughed at Sonic's antics. There was always something going on with that Hedgehog. She then turned herself forward, which brought on a fright because a huge wall (kinda like the ones she ran into in the past) was coming up to her. And it seemed like her skates were locked on a direct course, "Uh...Sonic?" You could literally hear the nervousness in her voice.

The Hedgehog looked up. He then saw the wall. He was poised, ready to act then paused. If she's going to learn, she has to do it on her own eventually. Sonic sighed. "Just remember what I said!" he called after her. "You can do it!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAA!" Rouge's voice cried out.

Sonic closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to look. All he could do was wait for the impact and comfort her when it was over. Granted she probably would be scarred for life about rollerblading or something. But oh well. He could deal with it. He could always find something else she liked.

Anyway after a few seconds of waiting for the loud thunderous crashed, not to mention the even more thunderous burst of obscenities, Sonic realized something. There was no loud thunderous crashed. The hedgehog slowly opened his green eyes and looked as Rouge made a lap around the ring. He was in awe. She totally mastered it.

Rouge made a turn around the bend and carefully skated over to Sonic. The girl was brandishing a nice big ass grin. Sonic didn't mind. She earned it. "Well...Umm...How did I do?" she asked him.

"I'm impressed..." The Hedgehog nonchalantly stated as he skated towards her. Then the impossible happened...

It started out small, but when in full motion it continued to blossom like an ever approaching avalanche. Sonic's kicking his legs back and forth as he stumbled, which resulted in him losing his footing, which caused the inevitable. Sonic the Hedgehog fell clearly...on his ass.

There was a silence between the two of them. Both were totally shocked at what just occurred. It was just so eerie, so unnatural, so unexpected, that neither of them knew how to react.

Well one of them did...

"BWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHH!" the hard cackling of a white bat echoed throughout the whole skating ring. The officials that own the place even stopped to inspect the oddity. "YES!" Rouge maniacally applauded. "FINALLY SOMEONE BESIDES ME KISSES THE PAVEMENT!" she cheered while breaking into another laughing fit.

Sonic looked up at her slightly puzzled. He knew he probably should have been hurt due to Rouge's insensitivity. But the whole situation was just so bizarre that he couldn't help laughing himself. "Heh, heh, heh…Yeah, what can I say. Even the master messes up a few times," Sonic admitted while looking up at the grinning Rouge.

Rouge paused, although she had a smile that refused to die. "I'll say..." she commented with a few chuckles.

Sonic rolled his eyes. "So if we're finished laughing at the idiocy that is me. Could you please help me up?" He inquired while holding his hand out to her.

The white nocturnal nodded. "Sure thing, Sonic-Sensi..." the girl gave a fang-toothed grin as she reached down to help her fallen friend up to his feet.

Of course this was just a ploy to enable Sonic to get a little pay back. So when Rouge reached over and extended her arm to him, Sonic did the most natural thing possible. Drag Rouge down to him also and tickled the hell out of her.

"AAAHHHH (laughs) STOPPIT SONIC! DAMN, YOU'RE SO DEAD!" The hysterical bat girl screeched. She tried to roll out of Sonic's lap, but the blue hero continued on with his assault. So for the next five minutes Rouge was at the mercy of the Hedgehog.

They continued on till Sonic ended the tickle brigade. Of course he still had her pinned under him. But neither of them seemed to mind that.

"YOU are sooooo lucky you're my friend." Rouge declared. She emphasized the word YOU'RE by poking the Hedgehog in his dark nose.

Sonic looked down to her with a questioned expression. "Oh?" he responded, making it seem like he was wondering if he truly was lucky of that fact.

"YEAH...Oh," she mocked his tone, while adding a small laugh of her own. After a few minutes her breathing then went silent. She looked past Sonic and noticed just how late it was. "Man, we must have been out here all day. Look the sun is setting." she commented while pointing to the glowing star.

Sonic rolled off her as they both decided to look. The sun was simply amazing, the arrangement of colors that danced in the sky. Made it seem like this instant was the only important moment in time.

Rouge then drifted to the side and rested her head on Sonic's shoulder. "Hey can we just stay here for a while?"

Sonic didn't say anything but he cast a glance towards Rouge. A few beacons of sunlight that were dancing along the soft sides of Rouge's face. The way they seemed to tint, made her eyes look totally different, like they were filled with mystery. She looked so beautiful in the setting sunlight and she didn't even realize it.

There was no way he could have told her no...

"Hey you did real good out there today Rouge," Sonic commented, as they started to gather all the rest of their stuff up. The ring was about to close in a half and hour and he was trying to hurry so they wouldn't get locked in. "I'm really proud of you," he concluded while putting his arm around her.

Rouge leaned into his embrace as she heard his words. "Hmm...thanks," she purred, as she continued to skate along with him.

"Heh, with a few more lessons you'll be able to fly," the Hedgehog proudly declared.

The white bat paused and raised one eyebrow. "Fly? Uh...Hello I'm a bat," she stated while wiggling her dark wings to signify that. "I can already fly." The winged girl notified him.

The blue hedgehog shook his head. "No...Not that kinda flying," he advised her. But after a few seconds of Rouge holding that same questioning look, he sighed, "Here I'll show you..." Sonic then started to skate back to the ring.

All the while with Rouge eyeing him weirdly, "Sonic...you can't fly," she stated. "I might not know everything about you...but I do know Hedgehogs can't fly," she had an encyclopedia in her purse to prove it.

"Says you..." Sonic defiantly shot back. "I CAN fly..." The blue hedgehog stated again, as he positioned himself before one of the ramps. "Watch..." the Hedgehog implored her, as he skated away.

The hedgehog started at a casual pace. As he continued to move, he started to gradually pick up speed. Then in like a split-second, Sonic wasn't more then a blue blur as he blazed like a streak of lightning down the ring. The azure hero skated down into the pit then ignited upward almost as soon as he met the ramp. His body coiled as it soared higher and higher through the air. He arched while in mid-flight, spinning into an aerial. His grace and skill while he was skyward, Sonic didn't even resemble a land dwelling hedgehog... I think a bird in flight, would be a better phase to describe the hero.

Rouge continued to watch on. The girl hated to admit it, but she was totally amazed by what she was witnessing. The young bat smirked. "Heh, I guess he can fly..."

The blazing blue image that was Sonic T. Hedgehog started to descend, landing perfectly on the ground. Droplets of shimmering sparks blossomed along the railings as he grinded up the turnpikes, and then sped off again. He soared up another ramp again, this time his body went even higher, twisting into a 360 degree spin that seemed almost inhuman, which it was because he's a Hedgehog... Not a human... Anyway…

Sonic spiraled around the ramps. He rounding a few turns then started streaking through the skyways, acting as if the laws of gravity no longer were bounded to him. After completing the last aerial feat, Sonic slowed his paced and skated back over to Rouge, Where he was warm congratulated, not only by his best friend, but nearly every other watching eye of the Roller Ring.

To the crowds applause Sonic took a few bows, not to mention signed a few autographs for some of the kids that were present. Then he eventually made his way through the crowd and found Rouge. An overconfident smirked played across his lips. "Told ya I could fly..." he remarked as he made his way over to her.

The white bat rolled her eyes. "Shut up...Don't let it go to your head." A Hedgehog's laugh was the response. Rouge put her hands on her hips and frowned, feigning annoyance. But after a few seconds the smile returned to her face.

Sonic winked then took her hand. Slowly they both started to skate toward the exit. "Hey, we've got to return these skates in before they close," he commented, "But if you want, maybe next time I can show you some tricks and stuff..."

Rouge tilted her head to think for a minute. "Yeah show me how you soar up in the air like that..." That response, received another chuckle from her hedgehog friend. "What you don't think I can do it?"


"...Why did you not mention my feet would be killing me now?" Rouge shouted into Sonic's well worn ear. The two were currently shuffling their way up a long hill...Well one of them was at least. It seems that Sonic forgot to mention one thing about the joys of rollerblading. Newbie's ankles tend to KILL.

"Uh...I forgot..." Sonic remarked. "Besides it's not like your walking or anything." He returned, as he re-adjusted under her weight. The blue hero of Mobius was currently carting his nocturnal female friend around by piggy back.

How the two wound-up that way, was still to be debated. But honestly the two didn't care. It was kinda subconsciously giving them another reason to be close to each other. Granted they did get rather large amount of strange looks from other people walking the streets though.

"Yeah…But this is kind indecent," Rouge commented, as an elderly woman looked at the two young adults with a hint of disgust. The white bat felt both embarrassed and slightly irritated by the woman's reaction to them. And Rouge was going to profess her irritation by properly giving the old woman the finger...but luckily the woman turned down another street. Rouge sighed.

"Hey, I'm not complaining..." Sonic retorted, bringing Rouge back to their conversation. Not to mention totally unaware of the events just taking place.

Rouge rolled her eyes, "I bet not...Hentai!" the young bat remarked. Throughout this whole ordeal, Sonic probably was the one that was getting the most out of it. I mean having a voluminous girl hard pressed against his body. There were just too many opportunities for "accidents" to happen.

Heh, just like now…

"Hey!" Rouge shouted, as she felt fingers that momentarily were cradling her body, were now cradling her ass. Of course it was only for a few seconds, but she still slapped Sonic on the side of the head anyway.

"What!" the Hedgehog innocently professed. "My hand slipped..." Was his only defense and a weak one at that.

"Grrrrr..." The bat on his shoulders didn't believe that for one second. "Yeah right..." she narrowed her eyes. But then a faint smile resurfaced on her lips. 'Baka...'

They continued on down the street for the next couple of minutes. They made light conversation here and there, but nothing too important. Eventually they wondered into a more familiar part of the city.

Rouge looked around and something caught her eye. "Hey Sonic, can you stop for a min?" The hedgehog heard her call from behind him.

"What? Why?" The two were currently stopped in front of the 'Mega-Buster' video store on Venture Avenue.

"Oh...I want to see if they got my movie in. It'll take just a few seconds," she returned.

The blue hero shrugged, "Sure...Mind if I wait out here?"

Rouge frowned at that idea. The thought of moving without her personal mule didn't agree with her. Especially since her feet was still killing her. But oh well. "Yeah...I'll holler if I need you," the hedgehog nodded and put Rouge down.

It took her a few seconds to endure the pain for a bit. But eventually she was able to go inside.

Rouge past through the aisles of the some-what busy store. Her eyes glanced at a few of the new releases that came out, but soon she came to the front counter. "Hey do you have 'Gems of the Rich and Famous' in?" she asked the clerk behind the desk.

Store clerk whose name was Louis, by the way, was currently faced down in a magazine. Apparently, Wizards and Warlocks were more important, then paying attention to the customers. I mean really, it wasn't if they were important or anything.

"AH-HEM!" A strong feminine voice sounded, disturbing Louis from his article of "Leather-clad Vixens, with really, really big swords."

The clerk jerked his head up from the mag. As soon as he did, his eyes nearly bogged out of his head, when he got one look at the nicely shaped, snowy colored bat in front of him with enchantingly beautiful blue eyes.

It took her repeating her question two more time before he even started to register what she was saying. Not to mention stop drooling and stop staring at her tits. "Umm...Let me check..." The guy frantically stated then he took off for the back at a pace that could even give Sonic a run for his money...Well not really.

Rouge sighed as he left. 'Teenagers...'


The young bat paused as she heard her name spoken. That voice...That voice could only be. But that can't be right. Rouge spun around. 'Please...Please don't let it be...' "Knuckles?" her voice cried very shocked and a little surprised. She didn't know what to say or do. It had been months since the last time she saw him and the last time was at the... Rouge then narrowed her eyes. Hateful pearls of blue eyes were cast his way as her memory cleared.

Her one time boyfriend shrugged at the look she gave him. He then lowered his gaze to the floor. "Hey...Umm...can we talk?" he simply asked. She noticed an almost humble tone to his voice.

He made a motion to take her hand, but Rouge quickly snatched it away. "Talk?" she snapped back at him with more venom than two cobras. Her cold blue eyes never darting away from him. As far as she was concerned she only wanted to SAY two things to him. It started with an "F" and ended with "YOU!"

The red Echidna slowly closed his eyes then opened them again as he took a breath. "Yeah..." he continued. "Talk...about you and me," he really was serious.

"You and me?" Rouge repeated, her words dripping with bewilderment not to mention a little bit of sarcasm. "Funny, the last thing I thought there wasn't any you and me. You made that very clear at the 'Crystal Light.'"

"I know..." her 'Ex' returned. "That's what I want to talk to you about."

Rouge paused for a minute. This was all very confusing, "What happen to Julie-Su?"

Knuckles shifted his eyes uneasily after her question. She could tell something happened between the two. "Well after you and Sonic left the Crystal Light, me and Julie-Su kinda had a disagreement..." his words kinda trailed off there for a second. He sighed and mumbled a few things to himself before he continued. "So anyway after I finally regained consciousness, she was gone."

The ivory nocturnal smirked to her self. 'Thanks girl,' she would have to call Julie-Su up later on to properly thank her. Rouge also had to admit, she did miss the girl. The echidna girl probably was the closest thing to an actual female friend to Rouge. And she thought there was enough grounds for the two of them become real good friends in the future. Of course she couldn't replace Sonic though. Nobody could.

"But anyway she doesn't matter," Knuckles resounded. "I was thinking for a long time and I realized that I've been a real jerk about this whole thing. And it all started over something stupid that wasn't even true."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not even important," Knuckles coolly returned. He didn't like pointing out his own errors of judgment, even though they weren't few and far apart. "Honestly, I'm never believing that Weasel again."

"Weasel?" Rouge shot back. That could only mean. "Nack! You broke up with me because of some shit Nack said!"

The echidna lowered his head. He knew this was coming sooner or later. He really prayed for later though. "I know...I'm an idiot," he openly admitted and the silence from Rouge's end didn't help matters much. Knuckle then took her hand, "Look I want to make it up to you Rouge. I'll do anything to make things right between us baby." Truth be told. He did mean it. The prideful and also heroic glint then appeared in his eyes. That upstanding air that he sometimes commanded was the one thing that always made Rouge melt.

"Besides..." he continued, while looking into her big doleful eyes. "I know you still love me." It was then he brought her hand to his lips. Nice move...

Rouge couldn't even speak. This was all so overwhelming. But she had to think and concentrated. This...this all was so very important. "Yes that is true," she said to him. Her mind was flying in some many different directions. It would be so easy...It would feel so right...It would...

"I think... I think no matter what happens...I'll still always have a place in my heart where I care for you Knuckles." There was no warmth in her voice when she said that. It was almost if she wished even that wasn't so. Those words were no admittance of emotion, only the telling of fact.

"So...that means?" Knuckles pried. Dare he hope?

"That means..." the young bat repeated. Rouge was at a lost. This was it wasn't it? This was the one chance she had so longingly been waiting for. This was all she wanted right? To be with Knuckles, to have him gaze at her lovely like he did once before, to have him all to herself, totally encompassed with his unyielding love...

But why didn't that thought feel right to her?

In fact, none of it felt right. The Knuckles she knew...well the Knuckles she thought she knew was an illusion. She'd seen too much of his real character to even be fooled into thinking that the person she fell in love was the same person who months ago, called her such hateful things.

It was true Rouge knew there would always be a place for Knuckles in her heart. They had shared too many things in the past for him not to have earned a place. He was her first love. Her first true love, even if those feelings were not truly mutual.

It was then when she realized it. Although Knuckles did mean something to her, she realized that...she no longer loved him. And the more she thought about it, the less she could see herself ever being with him, ever again. It was then she realized that maybe she truly was meant to be alone.


It was her greatest fear ever; being by herself, never having anyone care for her, worry about her, loving her. A deep chilling feeling flowed through Rouge's body. Her unavoidable fate seemed to send chills through her whole being. Then through the darkness that was developing in her thoughts, for some reason a hint of blue flashed through her mind, a flash of blue and a warm smile. Blue, a warm smile and emerald eyes, eyes that could only belong to...

"Sonic...?" The bat said more surprised then anything. But slowly it seemed to make so much sense...

"Huh? Sonic...?" Knuckles echoed. He was slightly confused at how the blue hero suddenly entered the subject. "Well he should be cool about it," the red Echidna swiftly admitted. "I mean you guys are only FRIENDS so he should understand. Besides you were right. Me and you probably were meant to be together..." he carefully decided to add. For some reason he could feel the tide turning and it wasn't in his favor.

The line seemed to fall on deaf ears. Rouge was all a glow. The more she thought about it the more she realized who her heart really belonged to. 'That idiot...he made me fall for him,' she ruefully stated to herself as a small smile came to her face. But it was true she could no longer deny what was in her heart. Now if only... She turned to the Echidna. She decided to deal with this first. "Knuckles I'm sad to say it, but No."

"No?" he parroted.

"Yeah no..." Rouge calmly repeated. She then took a breath. "You made it very clear that you didn't want anything to do with me," Rouge paused. The cold icy blueness to her eyes returned. This would be the time I would duck and cover, it's about to get nasty.

"And further more...FUCK YOU! YOU PUNY, PATHETIC, GUTLESS, ASSHOLE!" Rouge shouted at the top of her lungs, drawing the attention of everyone in the store. "YOU CRUSHED MY HEART FOR THE LAST TIME! I WASTED SO MANY NIGHTS CRYING MY EYES OUT, BECAUSE OF THE THINGS YOU SAID TO ME! I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT EVER AGAIN. AND EVEN IF I'M ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I'M STILL BETTER OFF THEN ALLOWING AN ASSHOLE LIKE YOU BACK INTO MY LIFE!" Rouge took another breath. Heh, telling someone off, really takes a lot out of you. "So please just leave..." she quietly added, "BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT!"

Her statement was instantly followed by the cheering and the applause of all the people in the store looking on. They didn't know what the hell was going on. But that didn't matter. They heard enough and they were all with Rouge.

The applause thundered even more when Knuckles solemnly walked out of the Video Store. He took a mental note, 'Never go into that store again...'

Dejected not to mention very embarrassed, Knuckles left out of the video store only to run into the speedy blue defender of Mobius that was peacefully waiting outside. 'Perfect...The last person I wanted to see right now.' The echidna tensed up, they haven't met up again ever since what happened at the 'Crystal Light.' So he didn't know where he stood with his one time former friend.

Sonic still stood lounging on the side of the building. His emerald green eyes holding a dead stare with Knuckles purple ones. For a few seconds the two held somewhat of a staring contest. Neither one saying a thing to the other for several minutes...

Meanwhile Rouge just finished making her purchase. She felt good. Telling Knuckle off did a lot of good for her. For the first time in months she finally felt released from her past. I think some people would call it closure. But whatever it was Rouge was feeling a lot of it.

She now only wished Sonic could have seen her. He would have been so proud of her and told her so. Then he would take her into his arms and...

Rouge paused then laughed to herself. God, she just realized her feelings for the Hedgehog moments ago and she was already fantasizing about him. Being around him was going to be murder, knowing how she felt about him and not being able to tell him.

But then again why not? Hell, why did she have to wait for him to say something. I mean just cause she was a girl didn't mean she had to wait for him to make all the moves. I mean, they were already close as it was. Maybe she could ask him out one night. And from there who knows...

Pleased with the final solution to the problem Rouge decided to make her way toward the door. But as she did she saw the crimson figure of Knuckles outside. The girl turned up her lip, "If he's waiting outside to give it another shot. Then he's sadly mistaken," Rouge said to herself. She just remembered a few phrases she forgotten to say inside and this was the perfect opportunity to put them to use.

She was about to slide outside when she noticed that Knuckles wasn't alone. A signal set off in her mind as Rouge remembered that Sonic was waiting outside for her. The white bat then crept closer to the door and gently eased it open so she could hear was going on.

For a minute she thought to rush out of the door to stand by her friend. But then she decided to keep silent and wait. She knew Sonic could handle himself and if not she would have his back. She wouldn't let anyone mess with her guy.

It had been ten minutes since Sonic and Knuckles held their contest, neither one of them trying to give into the other. But eventually one decided to let up. It was Knuckles that decided to speak first. "Sonic..." he stated swiftly with a slight nod.

Sonic then tore his gaze away and decided to look back to the busy street. "Knuckles..." the hedgehog coolly replied. He didn't even take his eyes off the moving scenery.

"It's been a long time..."

"Yeah...I know," the hedgehog returned. 'I was hoping to keep it longer.' He looked over at Knuckles. "Did you happen to see Rouge inside?" 'If you hurt her I swear...'

Sonic saw his one time friend take a hasty look towards the video store behind him. It was almost like the Echidna was expecting bloody murder to roar-up from behind the door to consume him. After a few seconds the Echidna answered, "Umm...yeah."

The hedgehog sighed. He knew this day was going to come sooner or later. He then looked down at the pavement. Sonic perceived this going to get messy either way. "Look, you and I both know how you feel," the hedgehog calmly resolved. "But she's my friend...and I would do anything for her. Anything…" The purity of his voice, the sincerity of his words, this wasn't the same carefree Hedgehog, Knuckles had known for so long.

"Whoa man!" Knuckles stated slightly taken back. It seems he was getting it from both ends. "I think you're taking this friendship 'scam' thing personal." the Echidna retorted. Reminding his friend, that him and Rouge were supposed to be pretending to be together. Although apparently Knuckles wasn't into current events, there was no scam in concerns to Rouge and Sonic's relationship.

"IT'S NOT THAT," Sonic thundered back. "I..." I what? I think about her everyday. My day doesn't feel right without seeing her, talking to her, being with her. "I..." She means everything to me. "I...I love her. I love her and I would do anything for her. Even give her away to you, just so she can be happy," Sonic said, finally glad to at least tell someone what was true in his heart.

Even if it was Knuckles...

Knuckles was startled by the Hedgehog's confession. He never even knew the Hedgehog's feelings ran so deep. It seemed like his pursuit of Rouge was getting farther and farther from his grasp, totally impossible to obtain.

And if the two heroes were paying a little bit more attention to they're surroundings, they would have heard a small squeak of astonishment coming from the door that was merely a few feet behind them.

Sonic allowed his words to sink-in on for a few more seconds. To let his former friend know just how serious his feelings for Rouge were. "Knuckles..." he continued, "Even if you don't love her. Please don't hurt her. Cause so help me, I swear..." his gloved hand rose into the air making tightly closed fist. "I'll make you regret it," he ended, burning emerald green eyes finalizing his words.

Knuckles let out a deep breath. Not to mention; why was everyone attacking him today? It seemed like it was annual "Threaten Knuckles" day. "Calm down my friend." The Echidna said trying to pacific the belligerent Hedgehog. Hey, he already lost one friend today. No point in losing two. "She turned me down..."

Suddenly the door to the video store burst open, "Yeah and why are you still here?" Rouge inquired, while making her entrance.

The crimson Echidna shot vengeful glare toward her. But the look got intercept by Sonic moving to stand beside his friend. Knuckles looked over to the Hedgehog, half-hoping the act didn't mean what he thought it did. "So it's like that Sonic?" Knuckles accused.

Sonic almost seemed weary from this whole encounter, but decided to remain firm till the very end. "I guess so man..." He already made his decision a long time ago. He would be by Rouge's side as long as she would want him to.

Knuckles looked at the pair, both of them standing by each other, supporting each other. In the evening sunlight it was apparent that both of the two held strong emotions for the other. Something he didn't want to admit to himself till this moment. And if he wasn't in such a foul mood he would have even stated they did in fact make a good looking couple. But his pride wouldn't allow them to gain such a victory.

So solemnly Knuckles wandered down the streets, the fading sun, trailing behind him. Who knows maybe after some begging Julie-Su might take him back.

Ok, a whole lot of begging.

Sonic stared after the fleeing form of his one time friend. For the life of him, Sonic did feel a little regretful for the way everything went down. But he decided that it was probably for the best after all.

"Come on...let's go Sonic," Rouge said, while leading him in the direction of where her place was.

"Ok..." He softly spoke, then. "HEY!" He shouted as he felt an old familiar weight on his back again. He looked over his shoulder to see white head emerge from his sea of blue quills.

"MUSH!" Rouge shouted while pointing in the direction of home.

"Hey you really said that to him?" Sonic said sometime later. That is after he stopped laughing of course. He looked over his shoulder to his friend.

A smirk touched his friend's lips. "Yeah..." she nodded. Rouge then turned her head to the side. "You think I went a little overboard?"

"Oh hell no," Sonic brushed that thought waaaay to the side. "Knuckles deserved it," he abruptly stated. "I'm proud of you..."

Rouge gave him a playful grin. "So I did good?" Her fangs glinting in the tiny bit of sunlight was still left.

The blue Hedgehog laughed. "Very good..." he confirmed.

Rouge blushed. "Well I...Hey!" Those wondering fingers decided to make another appearance.

"What!" Sonic stated, before she even could get a word out. "My hand slipped..." He tried to look innocent, but after a second or two his usual grin returned to his face.

Rouge didn't even say anything. She just rolled her eyes and gave him a gentle smile. Then an idea came to her. She decided if he was going to flirt, she too could play that game. So then the girl leaned forward on Sonic's back, closing her arms around his neck. Also making sure her rather large and firm assets were pressed closely against her hero's back.

If Rouge could get a good look at Sonic, she would wonder how could a hedgehog who was normally blue could turn almost completely red in under five seconds. "Uh...Rouge..." Sonic let out in a shaky voice.

"Hmmm...?" She purred in unconcerned fashion. Rouge then slightly moved her body up and down. Further rubbing her chest along Sonic's quilled spine. Totally emphasizing that she WAS aware what she was doing.

"Uh...Nothing..." Sonic returned. He didn't know what was going in with his friend, but he decided he would be an idiot if he told her to stop. He just enjoy and hope his normal shade of blue will return sooner or later.

Rouge smirked to herself as she observed Sonic's reaction. 'It's good to know I still got it.' She chuckled to herself as her thoughts started to drift off. The bat then started to think about what she just discovered. 'He said he loved me... He honestly said he loved me.' She subconsciously squeezed her arms around Sonic's neck, giving him another tight hug.

That's when it started to rain.

"Oh...man!" Rouge groaned as she was pelted by stray drops of water. Of course one drop, turned into twenty. And twenty turned into twenty thousand.

"Hold on..." Sonic warned her as he started to crank up. "I'll get there in a Sonic-second." he roared as his legs started to resemble small whirlwinds.

"Wait!" There was a sound of brakes screeching to a stop. Sonic looked up to Rouge over his shoulder. She smiled back at him. "I kinda like it. Can we keep going like this...It feels kind nice..." The young bat said. Closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of the raindrops against her body.

Sonic didn't understand the whole thing, but whatever. "Umm...ok," he said back to her. The hedgehog sighed as he started to walk down the now wet city streets. 'Women...'

An hour later Sonic and Rouge arrived at her a place just as the storm started to really come down. The two entered the small house thoroughly soaked but still in good humor.

"Hey come inside," the girl welcomed the Hedgehog as she walked into the living room. "I couldn't have you run all the way back home soaking wet. Just wait out the rest of the storm here," Sonic was grateful for that. He hated running in the rain. Running at supersonic speeds as he did, it was always hell during a storm. Slippery roads, not to mention soggy feet were not fun to the hedgehog.

"Cool, thanks Rouge," Sonic returned. The girl smiled. The hedgehog then looked down at his drenched appearance and sighed. He then motioned Rouge to stand back, which she did since she already knew what was going to happen next. She only wished he moved into her deck before he started.

When he saw that she was clear Sonic jerked his body one way, then in a flurrying flash he spun around in the other direction counter-clockwise. As he did droplets of rain were cascading off of his body, somewhat in the fashion which a dog shakes itself when it's wet. The splashing drops flew in every which direction as the Hedgehog started to do his own method of drying off. After a few seconds he was finished.

And Rouge gasped.

She saw the mess that her living room was. Water was everywhere! Then just before she could say anything, there was another thunderous flash that didn't come from outside, but from the blue hedgehog that WAS standing before her. A blue fury dashed around the room with towels and other cleaning agents in a blinding haste to put all the objects in order in the room. After about three minutes the room was fine. Hell, even more cleaner then when the two first entered the house.

Rouge shook her head while the Hedgehog was finishing. That was the sixth time she seen Sonic do that. The sight still amazed her. That and the fact the Hedgehog did a real good job on her floors.

"I'm going to take a shower..." She told him as he was making his way to her couch. He was now trying to start her fire place. A sudden thought came to her. "You want to also...?" she softly asked without even thinking. 'Did I really just ask that?' she asked herself as her words caught up with her. She was just as surprised as Sonic must have been from the question. I mean she could be up front sometimes about what she wanted, but DAMN!

Luckily, Sonic merely blushed and shook his head. Thinking he MUST have heard her wrong he just simply said, "Umm...No. I'll just chill out here by the fire place."

The young bat frowned as she saw him sit down. Although she couldn't believe what just came out of her mouth, the offer was still valid. Deciding to let the matter drop, Rouge quickly went into her bathroom, before anything else could occur.

Rouge surrendered herself to the hot streams of water in her shower. "I can't believe I want him so bad..." the girl said out loud illustrating her need for her best friend who she recently learned was in love with her and she was to him. The young bat ran her fingers along her wet sleek body, ultimately wishing it were Sonic's hands that invaded her instead of her own fingers.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized how good the two of them would be together. She wished she could have realized it sooner, how much time they could have saved if they both only knew.

"Oh well no use thinking about that..." Rouge resolved. "Now that I know...I have to figure out a way to get him." Ideas started to stem in the young bat's head.

It was funny she never ever had to try to use seduction to get a guy she wanted. Guys always seemed to drop from the sky when she was back in school. And none of them having the decency or honesty that Sonic held. Knuckles was a close fit, but after seeing the Echidna's true colors so blatantly, the girl was starting to wonder what she ever saw in him.

Of course...Knuckles appeared to be a nice guy, something that Rouge never encountered before, after the scumbags that the girl earlier dated, but after a while she realized that Knuckles was just like all the rest, a giant prick.

But Sonic...

Sonic was so different. It wasn't even herself that was being swallowed up in her own feelings. It was Sonic's real nature. She can't even count how many times Sonic's went to someone else's aid, in the past months since they known each other. There were even times when they were just quietly talking to each other and a random person from off the street could come over to thank Sonic for something he did for them or rescuing them.

Even if it was something that happened years ago and the Hedgehog nearly forgot the whole event, for the person that it affected it was almost like it was yesterday. For a brief moment there was time when things seemed to be at its bleakest and the world was filled with torment. There was someone there to right the wrongs, someone that always seemed to bring the world from such a dark fate and be a true champion for the people, to be a true hero.

And Rouge had the generous luck to have the love and to have fallen in love with that person.

Rouge turned off the water to her shower and wrapped herself in a towel to dry off. She had finally decided on what to do about her little hedgehog love. She had something that she picked out earlier when she was still going with Knuckles that she never got to wear. It was a white silken lingerie, that had white lace stockings and matching garter belt.

When she put on the whole outfit one of the salesgirls from the shop said Rouge looked like an angel. The white gown plus her wings, Rouge almost believed her. Then again the salesgirl could have been hitting on her.

Anyway if that outfit didn't entice her Sonic, the boy would have to be gay!

After an hour of preparation, Rouge finally worked up enough nerve to leave her room fully dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time to get a good look at herself and the lingerie. The sales girl was right she looked amazing! And the lingerie really showed off her goods. It was tight and very low cut even though it fully sculpted her ample breasts. The white stockings really would make anyone literally stare at her shapely legs and thighs for days. And in the back...Well Rouge didn't like the back too much. The bottom portion, was more open in rear leaving her bottom almost bear besides a thin strip that went up her back.

She sighed after taking her third 'last look.' The young bat then pulled her self away from the mirror and moved to the door. "Here goes..." then poked her head out of the door. "Sonic?" Her voice timidly spoke as she looked out of her bedroom. The rest of her house seemed very dark, dark and quiet. She didn't know where Sonic was in place. The only sound that could be heard was her fire place going and the soft soothing echo of the rainfall.

It was almost too quite in her house.

Then a thought suddenly occurred to her. Maybe he left already! Maybe he left and he didn't tell her. Rouge would be at a loss if he did. She wasn't sure if she could summon up the courage to do this another time.

But after a few minutes of thinking Rouge quickly dismissed her worry. Sonic would have told her if he was leaving. That she was pretty sure of. "Well you won't find out, staying in this room," Rouge spoke out loud to her self. So Rouge slowly made her way back to the living room.

When she got to the area, the young bat was feeling two very different things. She was happy for the fact that Sonic didn't leave and he was on her couch where she left him. Though the girl bat was a little distressed cause the Hedgehog was currently in a deep slumber on her couch. His red sneakers cast to the side as his socked feet were propped up on her table.

"Almost had you..." Rouge solemnly said to herself as she left the room to change out of her outfit. She tenderly put the suit away, silently promising to use the gown some other time. Rouge then dressed herself in the large T-shirt she used for sleeping in and took a blanket.

The bat then journeyed back into the living room and laid down right besides Sonic wrapping them both in her blanket. She would get him some other time, she thought to herself. All she wanted to do now was find a peaceful slumber in her Hedgehog's arms.

It was a few hours later when Sonic woke up. The hedgehog didn't mean to take such a long snooze but the roaring fire place, the soft trickling sounds of the rainfall outside, combined with the coma inducing effect of Rouge's comfy couch was just enough to send the blue hero to dream land.

He was about to get up to find what Rouge was doing, but a slight weight on his chest prevented him from moving. He then looked up and found her peacefully resting with him. He didn't even realize the two were bundled up together in a blanket. Honestly though, he wasn't complaining. His emerald green eyes just stared off after her as she slept.


God, she was beautiful. Sonic thought as he was looking at her peaceful state. He brushed his fingers along her white hair and trailed slightly under her ears. She then stirred a little and let out a quiet sigh. Her full lips parting slightly as she drew in more breath. She then moved her arms slightly, to gain a little better hold onto his body, sinking deeper in his embrace.

Sonic just continued to smile after her. This was what he wanted. If time just could have frozen at this very second, he would be forever content, being her constant observer, her comfort, her protector.

Then Sonic noticed some more stirring from her. And after a few moments, Rouge's ice blue eyes slowly opened. Her vision was locked onto a kind Hedgehog face smiling brightly at her. The gentle sounds of the still falling rain were heard in the background. Rouge returned his smile as she brushed her hand along his face like he did only moments before.

Sonic closed his eyes to her touch, savoring the feel of her fingers invading the smooth contorts of his face. After a small amount of time Sonic opened his eyes. As he did, he felt the full impact of Rouge's lips pressed against his own.

Sonic was startle but the exchange, but soon gave quickly into pleasure. For so long he put off thinking that Rouge and him had a chance, thinking that it was only a pipe dream, something that was deluded of wishful thinking and puppy love. But good a part of him still hoped, still craved to be with her.

So when he kissed Rouge back, he didn't return with the small amount of passion that the girl was giving. He returned her emotion almost ten fold. Hungrily kissing and caressing her. Letting her know, how long he wanted to taste her soft lips. But if you thought Rouge would be intimidated by such an act, you would be mistaken. She met Sonic's fire with a burning passion of her that seemed to dwell deep within her very being. Meeting his intensity with her own. The bat didn't even know her feelings for the Hedgehog ran so true...ran so deep.

For several minutes the two feverishly made out, hands roaming over each other's body. It was nearly twenty minutes later when the two stalled to take a breath, both breathless but very eager to continue. Sonic looked into Rouge's eyes seeing wanting and loving emotion that mirrored his own. At that moment he had to tell her. Had to tell her the secret he had been keeping for so long. "Rouge...I..." He voice was caught in his throat. Even after all they've just shared he was still scared of what she would say.

But Rouge took it in stride and calmed her love with another kiss. "I know honey..." she tenderly whispered to him in between another loving exchange. He held her close to him as she continued. "I think...I think I'm in love with you too," her fingers brushed through his quills. "Just keep holding me..." A kiss to his chin and another one to his lips...

"Hmm..." Sonic nodded, increasing his hold, enclosing her into him, making her feel secure and safe. Like the whole world couldn't harm her while she was in Sonic's arms.

"Stay...tonight," she whispered into his ear. She gently licked his blue earlobe trying to entice him, trying to sweeten the deal.

She didn't need to. Didn't she know how much he truly loved her? "I will..." Sonic answered her meeting her lips again. Rouge then clasped his hand into her own. Then she gently slid his fingers to meet her breast, allowing him to feel her softness. A sharp breath escaped her lips as she felt Sonic's thumb rolled over her nipple through her shirt.

Rouge tried to stretch out but the shoulder of the couch seemed to be blocking her way. "Uh...Sonic..." she started to say, but she didn't even finish her sentence. In an instant Rouge fell against the soft ripples of her bed and she felt Sonic's lips once more. She didn't even remember the journey to her room. All she could recall was the sensual feeling of Sonic's hot breath against her skin, his lips against her body and a sensation of weightless as they moved from room to room.

Rouge looked up to Sonic again as he was descending towards her. His lips again raining burning delight upon hers. The new couple hands were both working nearly in synch, tugging desperately at each other's clothes.

Rouge nearly trembled as she felt Sonic's fingers caressing her bare skin. His lips sending down blissful droplets of kissing along her chest, the Hedgehog's advance finally settling on her large ample breasts. His tongue swirling and coiling around her hardening nipples, meanwhile his hands were working over her hot aching sex. The hedgehog placed one digit inside his nocturnal lover's hot dripping flower. And soon one finger turned into two fingers that were probing her slit.

Rouge thrashed around under Sonic's blissful torment. She couldn't believe it. It had been less than a few minutes and she could already feel her first orgasm. "Aaaah S-SONIC!" The white bat's body tensed up as the intense avalanche of sensuality washed over her. She gripped tightly on her sheets as she rode the rest of the quaking feeling of her orgasm.

The Hedgehog merely grinned at his small conquest. He then went back to his actions determined to bring the girl to another fruitful climax. At that moment Rouge knew she had to stop him. Sonic was going to make her past out from exhaustion if she keep letting him and the girl really wanted this, their first time, to be mutual in affection. She wanted to give Sonic pleasure as well as receive it.

So using all the strength she didn't know she had, Rouge pushed Sonic onto his back. For a minute the Hedgehog was puzzled. Thinking that he erred somehow and that he did something she hated. But after taking a good look at the fiery lust that baked in Rouge's sky blue eyes, Sonic was the wiser.

Rouge began a mixture of licks, kisses and small nibbles that descending on Sonic's body. She let her fangs run gently along Sonic's chest, slightly titillating the Hedgehog's flesh. She then nibbled hard on one spot causing a small welt. Or small passion mark, if you will.

The girl then met Sonic's lips again. He tried to regain his position on top, but Rouge wouldn't have it. "Let me do this for you, honey..." Rouge whispered to him. Her hands running along his legs till she gently sought out his member. Sonic let out a groan and closed his eyes as she lightly stroked him again and again. Her tongue then quickly dashed out of her lips as she received her first taste of his organ.

The girl made a medley of kissing and licks to the boy hedgehog's sex organ. Sonic let out a sharp breath at each sensual touch. Rouge then ran her tongue along his shaft and then took him into her mouth. She toyed with his member with her tongue, softly licking and sucking him with great abandon. It didn't take long for the Hedgehog to feel his own climax coming.

"AAAhh...Rouge...!" Sonic tried to warn, but it was too late. But it seemed like the girl wasn't even fazed. The snow colored bat eagerly swallowed her lover's hot seed, it was like nothing couldn't have been more normal to the girl, nor more pleasant.

Though she did stare wide eyed when she noticed that even after cumming, Sonic was still hard. She looked to Sonic who merely shrugged and then made a hooked finger to the girl beckoning her to him. It was obvious there was much more in store for her.

It seemed it was going to be a long...but very enjoyable night.

Sometime later when the rains finally stopped...

Rouge let out a slight moan as the young bat let out of a big stretch. She felt the instant rush of cold air against her naked skin as she did. The blanket that was covering them nearly sailing the floor, "I guess we know who the cover hog is?" Sonic voiced echoed to her, as he retrieved the blanket.

The young bat let out a small laugh. She then returned to her previous position, resting on her lover's chest. Sonic ran his hands along her body.

It was dark in Rouge's bedroom. Only a few strands of lights poured onto her soft white sheets. That small amount a light illuminated the form of the two people at rest. "Hmmm...I can hear your heart beat..." Rouge purred as the sound continued to echo through her ears. "Its sounds like its going a hundred miles a minute.

A smile pressed against Sonic's lips as he looked down at her, "I'm not surprised. On the outside I might be calm and cool...But the inside...I'm excited...Scared...Happy...All at once." The hedgehog laughed at his own confusing confession.

Rouge grinned. "I think I know how you feel. It's like that with me too," she closed her eyes as she felt Sonic hold increase. He ran his fingers through her hair again. She loved the way it feeling. Rouge then looked up at him. "God...I didn't think I've ever felt like this with any other guy. Like how I feel with you..." No, not even Knuckles invoked the serene emotion she was feeling now.


"But I'm still kind of scared," she continued. Not meaning to cut him off, but still she wanted him to hear what she had to say. "After what happened with Knuckles...I'm not sure if I can trust my feelings..." She looked away for a few seconds but then returned his gaze. "But I don't want to stop being with you. You're the only person, that's always been there for me. Whenever I needed it or not," Rouge looked away again, this time almost seeming like she was deep in thought. When she looked back at Sonic this time, he was surprised to see such a totally distraught look on her face. "But can...Can I trust you to continue to be there for me..?"

Sonic smiled almost as if the answer was so apparent, because for him it was. "If you can't trust me, then trust this..." He then placed her soft hand over his ever beating heart.

The white bat marveled at his act not to mention his words. She held her hand over the pulsating heart for a while, and then a grin came to her lips. "Jeez...you're really good with this Casanova stuff." The hedgehog sighed and rolled his eyes. "But I'll hold you to your word..." Rouge admitted. "In the mean time..." A seductive smirk, "You ready for round two?" She coyly asked already knowing the answer. She had been feeling his eagerness for the last ten minutes now. It was actually she herself that wanted a breathier.

"Are you...?" Sonic asked her, remembering exactly who wanted to stop. It seemed that Rouge didn't take into fact that the fastest runner in the world would also have the best stamina in the world.

She let out a cheerful almost schoolgirl type laugh. Rouge then laced another medley on her Hedgehog lover's lips. The young bat paused when she noticed Sonic's worrying look.

"What's wrong?" she asked him.

The hedgehog shook his head, trying to deflate her concern. "I'm just thinking how I'm gonna explain all this to Tails," the blue hero stated, recalling how his little buddy would be mortified at the development of their relationship. "You know he still sleeps with one eye open. He thinks your gonna come back and get him in his sleep."

The bat let out another mirthful laugh. "Awww...Poor kid," she stated wiping away a stray cheerful tear, "I guess I should apologize to him."

"Yeah I think it would do a lot for his nerves." The hedgehog noted.

The girl paused while in thought. "Hmmm...I'll think about it." The invoked another laugh from her lover. "I will..." Rouge firmly stated. But Sonic didn't care at the moment. He just wanted her all to himself. And so he did...