Meanwhile, Willow had begun to venture through the downstairs' rooms. Arches sufficed for doors and the openness that resulted was quite refreshing. The air was somewhat musty due to being closed up for so long, yet the young Wiccan could make out a permeating aroma of sandalwood and lavender as well as some other scents that were very familiar...

Moving deeper into the house, she found herself in a long corridor. Doors lined the walls, all of them closed except for the last one, which hung open on rusty hinges. It was too dark to make out what was in the room, so Willow slowly headed for it, silently casting a protection spell over herself as she went.

The doors down the corridor were identical: all of them were painted a soft off-white and had brownish gold doorknobs. She tried the first few doors on her right with no luck and didn't even bother with the rest. Instead, she pushed on towards the room at the end. It was a lot further than she had originally thought, but she finally got there.

"Lumos," she whispered, arriving in the doorway. A spark of light appeared and everything was suddenly bathed in a warm, pale yellow light. Willow glanced around quickly for danger, and sensing none, took a step forward.

The room was a library. A dark cedar wood table surrounded by a circle of chairs centred the room and shelves of books lined the walls. A rich, velvety red carpet lay over the floor, contrasting beautifully with the dark cedar of the furniture. In the corner, a fire roared in the fireplace, warming the room but somehow not giving off any light.

Willow shrugged off the discomfort it brought her and progressed over to the table. A huge pile of books sat on it. At closer inspection, most of them had dusty covers and had seemingly not been read in years.

Willow let her gaze fall past them and was about to turn and go when a particular volume caught her eye. Unlike the rest of the books, its cover was clean of dust. That wasn't what had gotten her attention though. On the cover was a huge silver pentacle.