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Random Dabbles in the World of Conan:

Theme #1: Kazuha tells Heiji she loves him.

Author: magicbulletgirl

Kazuha was going to crumble apart. Shinichi and Ran were being held captive on the other side of the room. Vermouth in between the two groups negotiating. Kazuha herself was uncomfortably being held between two operatives.

"This is the only deal we can bargain Cool Guy. If you and Angel don't want to die you just have to let this detective come with me."

"Forget it!"

"Kudo! Don't be a moron! If I'm taken you guys will make it. What does it matter that I might die?"

"It's a life! Now you quit being a moron and get over here!"

"He can't do that," began Vermouth, "Gin and the others will be here soon and if you're not gone we'll all die."

"Kudo, get Kazuha out of here."

"Heiji you idiot! I'm not leaving here with out you!"

Heiji looked at Kazuha and smiled at her – "Don't worry about me. I'll make it out just fine."

"You guys have to get going! NOW!" called out Vermouth as they could hear Gin's car pull up.

Vermouth's loyalists began pushing them out of the room.

"No wait!"


I need to tell him-

Cause it might be the only time.

"Heiji! You better make it back to me! And-"

"Come on," said one of the men pushing her out.

"And what aho!" Heiji called back to her, a smile on his face.


He looked at her surprised for a second and then his expression changed to one that was neither smiling or sad. Simply serious.

"I know."

And as Kazuha was pushed out she looked back and saw that determined look on his face, that one she loved to see.

And then she knew he'd make it back to her.

Notes: Play off of that scene in Star Wars. Han and Leia are a favorite couple of mine. Now this short piece doesn't mean that Kazuha and Shinichi have kissed before this scene or that they are related in anyway. It was mainly done to point out that Heiji would probably say "I know" too being the arrogant moron he is. P