Prelude: In the begging there was only a brave boy and a gleaming blade in the heavens..


The tiny hand reached into his hair. Milk-white nubs lacing red-orange locks. His voice never wavered. Steadily rising, then falling with the trilled chorus.

Not once since he had grasped that he, too, could create had the man ceased. In the silent nights, and then the pain, the tears, the cries and shrieks that split his heart—his blessing, her curse—now past, he had found for himself a voice.

His friends, no, his family, called it strong, lilting, and heartfelt. He simply found it soothing.

His eyes were lightly shut as he moved with the slow rhythm of the low lullaby. A simple child-song, altogether common. He had not heard it in his childhood, but he heard it, now, because of his child.

A contented sigh melted into the soft hum.

He cradled him, his son, in his lean muscled arms, loosely, surely. The child had freedom, to move, to play.

Kenshin opened his eyes as the tiny head nestled deeper into the soft fabric of his new gi, midnight blue, like the sky beyond the open window.

Two hearts beat as one, the son's easing, slowing, the father's swiftly speeding, in the warmth that was both still new and familiar.

Midway through the song, he broke off, breathing in the newness.

"Koishii!" the warm, throaty cry brought a wide smile to his lips.

"She needs me." He whispered to the little sleeper. "Us, needs me; we need us", he finally corrected.

He drew up his precious bundle in one arm and deftly drew the curtains. And moved off, into the waiting darkness.


He strode along the non-existent path, rocks crunching underfoot, his lithe form offset against the bare cliff face.

Hard-set eyes in a stony face marked his way in the still, sunless, morning.

The first of the rays he met with a scowl, even as they set aflame his red-orange mane.

The path crackled underfoot, his tender hands moved low to steady him when his feet strayed. He rose every time; swiftly, angrily. Head held aloof, determined. He moved on.

It wasn't far now, the little shack atop the mountain.


A-Notes: So I almost choked from the utter WAFFiness, but Kenshin deserves at least that much.

As always a huge thanx to my beta Sueb262..

Updates on this will be sporadic at best, Ashes still retains priority.

This is a bit of a present for a dear friend, but I hope everyone enjoys anyway..