Contains spoilers for up to the end of Season 2.


Veronica Mars is a girl who will always be defined by her past. The girl who lost her best friend. The girl who was raped. The girl whose mother left. The girl who almost got the Kane scholarship. The girl who can't ever get away from it, who can't look towards the future without being painfully aware of what she's trying to run from.

When she kisses Mac it is a kiss weighed down with the past, with everything that has happened. It a kiss about mysteries solved and situations left unresolved, a kiss about high school and secrets, a kiss about pain and the night the world almost ended.

It is a kiss that reminds her of the things she has lost, and the things Mac has lost, and she knows that some things are irretrievable and that some wounds never heal completely.

When she kisses Mac she thinks that she will never be the sort of girl who can be defined by her future, by what might become of her, by hope and dreams and ambitions, because for Veronica it's rooted entirely in what has happened to her.

But when she kisses Mac it is also a kiss about the present, about the summer and about togetherness and late nights up talking and lazy days with picnics, about holding on to one another, about now, today, this second, this minute, this kiss – and that is why it's enough.

- end -