Contains spoilers for up to the end of Season 2.


This is prom. This is prom the way teenage-pink-hair-girl would have wanted it. This is girls in pretty dresses escaping from the formalities to a bar where people sometimes look at them strangely but they don't care, because there's tequila and they're away from it all and those two things make up for a lot.

They should hate each other. They should. They should be clawing each others' eyes out, or something, but instead they're just sitting there drinking in formalwear, and at some stage Meredith falls into Addison's lap and realises she's beautiful, and Addison catches her wrist and won't let her go, and it's the kind of kiss that would never ever happen if they were sober, but there's a lot of things that wouldn't ever happen to Meredith if she'd been sober, and she's learned to live with it.

She already knows that this isn't something she's going to regret. Because this is exactly the kind of prom experience that her younger self would have wanted, and Meredith may be older and wiser now, but it's still just what she needs right now.

This is prom. This is perfect.

- end -