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"Oi, pharaoh, get your ass out of bed!"

Atem jerked out of an uneasy sleep at the rude awakening and promptly fell out of his bed managing to hit his head and tangle himself in the covers at the same time.

"Don't make us come up there dumbass!" a second voice called when he didn't answer at first.

'Us?' Atem thought. The young ruler managed to untangle himself and make his way to the balcony where the voices were coming from. Peering into the darkness he could make out three figures standing below. The two who had shouted could only be Bakura and Marik; they were the only two people in Egypt who would talk to him like that. The third silent figure was his high priest and cousin, Seth.

"What the hell are you doing down there?" Atem asked.

"Having a tea party for Ra's sake! We're here to kidnap you, now get dressed and meet us at the tree."

Okay, make that three people in Egypt that would talk to him like that.

Hurriedly, Atem got dressed. He didn't wear any jewelry and pulled on his plainest tunic. He hated dressing up and didn't unless he had to.

Atem knew exactly what tree they were referring to and snuck out to the gardens. He had no idea what time it was but was pretty sure it as still a couple hours until dawn. He found his friends waiting for him and hurried over.

"Now will you tell me what this is all about?" the teenaged pharaoh asked.

"Bakura had the brilliant idea to get away from the stupid palace for a day and go into town. We decided to take you since you've never been before," Marik explained.

"You guys know I can't do that, I have responsibilities," Atem sighed.

Seth frowned. "You need a day off, you're being overworked."

"Yeah, and it'll be funny to see Mahado flip out, it'll serve him right for all the crap he's been making you do lately," Bakura put in.

It was true; Atem had been working too hard and was way too stressed out. Everyone at the palace seemed to forget that while he was the pharaoh he was also sixteen year old boy.

"I don't know guys, they might send someone after me," Atem said still reluctant.

"Well, we're not giving you any choice," Bakura stated flatly.

"Really?" Atem said skeptically.


Before he could even turn the young ruler was grabbed from behind by Marik and thrown over the older teens shoulder like sack.

"What the hell? Put me down you psycho!" Atem shouted. The other teens paid no attention as they turned to the tree. Bakura and Marik had climbed it a couple years ago and found it went right over the garden wall. They were going to help Marik with Atem but the pharaoh convinced them that he could climb on his own, but they still had to help with the really tall branches. but finally jumped down on the other side and headed for the market.

It was still early but some stalls were open and they got a chance to eat breakfast before heading down to the river bank. Marik loved to swim and dragged the other along just because he could.

"Aren't there crocodiles in there?" asked Atem. He had never been swimming before but had read stories of how they sometimes ate people ho swam out too far or were just unlucky.

"Yeah, but I'll take my chances," replied the blonde. Atem waded near the bank while his friends swam. He heard rustling behind him and turned around quickly. Standing behind him was a tall girl his age with short brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"Hello, how are you? My name's Tea, what's yours? I love swimming, don't you? The crocodiles just love me, they're so cute! There's this bid one I named Fluffy, would you like to meet him? You're cute, ya know that?"

Atem, not knowing which statement to respond to kept his mouth shut.

The girl, Tea, looked at him expectantly when a voice from behind her called.

"Tea stop bothering the guy already! No one cares a fuck about your fucking crocodile so shut the fuck up already!"

A blonde boy came up behind her. Atem thought he looked like a more innocent version of Marik, if that was possible.

"Hello Malik! How have you been? I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Uh, Tea, you just saw me five minutes ago in the market with Ryou, remember?" the boy asked obviously frustrated with the brunette.

"Ryou! Where is he? I know I'll use our friendship to guide me to him! RYOU!" Tea started yelling

"What the hell is going on here?" said Bakura. Atem was glad someone he knew was here, this girl scared him.

"Uh, look Tea, there's Fluffy!" said Malik pointing randomly down river.

"YAY! FLUFFY, I'M COMING!" yelled Tea and started running until she was out of sight.

"Malik what're you doing here?" asked Bakura.

"Looking for my fucking boyfriend, where the fuck is he?" Malik snarled. Bakura smirked and pointed behind him. Malik started to stomp over to where Bakura was pointing but Bakura stopped him.

"Before you guys start sucking face, where's Ryou?"

"Still at market, he'll be here as soon as he finds Joey. Now you answer my question, who's the new guy who looks like Yugi?" Malik asked gesturing at Atem.

"Our friend, call him Atem. We just took him along 'cause he's never been to market before," Bakura answered.

Malik's eyes studied the him and Atem was startled to find they were even the same violet color as Marik's.

"Great, now let me through so I can fucking curse out Marik!" Malik said turning away from Atem.

Bakura complied and Atem wasn't surprised to see the strange boy jump into the water and swim towards Marik.

Atem turned to Bakura. "Want to explain any of this to me?"

"Marik's boyfriend," he answered simply. Atem gave him a startled look so Bakura sighed and explained.

"Seth, Marik, and I go into town a lot and we made some friends with some guys. Well, we're a little more than friends now, but we still all hang out together. We were afraid that if we told you, you'd freak out on us."

"So you all have boyfriends?" Atem asked.

"To put it bluntly, yes."

"Okay, so yours is Ryou, Mariks' is Malik, and Seth's with?"


"So who the hell's Yugi and why did Malik say I look like him?"

"Bakura!" came a new voice. A girl who looked about fourteen flung herself at Bakura knocking him into the water. Without another word she started kissing him passionately. Atem looked away embarrassed but not before he got a better look at the girl and realized she was actually a he.

Bakura and the boy finally broke apart and stood up giving Atem a chance to really study him. He was skinny, and looked to be devoid of color. His skin was like porcelain and his long hair was completely white. About the same height as Bakura, next to Bakura's tan skin he looked even paler. The only color was in his big doe like brown eyes that were boring into his own crimson ones.

"You're Ryou, I assume?" Atem asked smiling. Ryou smiled also as he studied Atem.

"And you'd be Atem."

"Hey Ryou! Wait up man!" yell a voice. Before Atem could say anything else as tall blond boy slid to a stop in front of them. Well, tried to, instead of actually stopping, he slipped and fell landing on his back rather painfully on the ground.

All of the commotion coming from the bank had gotten the attention of Seth who came over just in time to see the blonde's less than graceful landing.

Seth rolled his eyes at the boy but then smiled and reached out a hand to help him up. Which the boy gladly took.

"Hey Seth, how you doin'?" asked the honey eyed boy.

Instead of answering Seth pulled the tall boy into a kiss.

Atem so far was the only one who hadn't been kissed by anyone yet and he felt a little left out. He felt even more left out when everyone went somewhere to either make out or swim, or in Marik and Malik's case, both.

So Atem sat on the bank just watching everyone. He was getting a little depressed though. He had never felt like this before, it was very lonely. And not even lonely like he was most of the time though he was constantly surrounded by people at the palace.

He was happy for his friends; it was just that he wished he wasn't single. As pharaoh he didn't have time for, or the inclination to find, a girl.

'Or a boy,' he mused watching Bakura and Ryou together.

No one at the palace caught his eye, not that he couldn't get one if he tried. Ra knew there were plenty of princesses who would jump at the chance to marry him and Mahado was always trying to get him to betrothed to one of them, saying that he had to produce an heir to rule in his place. Atem didn't really care, he wanted to have something special like the love that his father and mother had obviously had for each other. Hell, even something like what Marik and Malik had would be better than this.

Atem was jerked out of his thoughts when someone sat down next to him. The person had their back turned but Atem could tell it was a boy.

He was tan, like most people Atem saw making an exception to Ryou, and had spiky hair that resembled his own.

It's sort of depressing knowing you're the only one still single," the boy stated.

"Uh, actually yes, that's what I was thinking," Atem answered. The boy stood up and Atem followed suite. He was happy to find that the boy was actually shorter than he was. The boy turned to face him and Atems' breath caught in his throat. The face before him was the most beautiful he had ever seen. Gold bangs partially covered the angelic face. The boy's big eyes were a gorgeous purple. His lips were a soft pink just asking to be kissed. Even his nose was the cutest thing Atem had ever seen.

None of his emotions showed on his face, however. Atem didn't want to make Yugi uncomfortable. He did have to fight down a blush when Yugi started to remove his shirt.

"Uh, you're Yugi, right?" Atem asked.

"Uh-huh, how'd you know?" Yugi asked.

"Well, Malik said something about us looking alike," Atem answered.

"Oh," said Yugi and dropped his shirt on the ground.

"What are you doing?" Atem asked.

"Going swimming," Yugi answered, "What was your name again?"


"Well Atem, would you like to go swimming with me?" Atem.

"I would love to go swimming with you but I'm afraid I might drown."

"Can't you swim?"


"I'll teach you," Yugi offered. Atem thought about it for a moment before agreeing.

"Sure." Atem also removed his shirt. He didn't notice Yugi staring at his well muscled body, he turned away too soon. When he turned back around Yugi was in control of himself again.

"Okay, how do we start?" asked Atem once they had climbed into the water.

"Go under water," Yugi said. Atem looked at him curiously.

"Like this," Yugi said and dipped his head under the surface of the water. After a few seconds he popped back up.

"Just take a breath and go under," Yugi explained.

"Okay," Atem said. It looked easy enough. He took a breath like Yugi had done and went under water. Unlike Yugi however Atem opened his eyes and looked around. The water was clean and he could make out the blurry shapes of Marik and Malik's legs and chests in the deeper water. Soon he ran out of breath and came back up for air.

"The water's really clear," said Atem excitedly.

"I know, the Nile's so beautiful," Yugi said dreamily.

'Not as beautiful as you,' Atem thought to himself. "What's the next step?" he asked.

They spent the better part of an hour like this, Yugi going through a step by step guide to how to do several kinds of strokes.

"That's weird," he stated bluntly as Yugi demonstrated the 'butterfly stoke.'Yugi giggled at Atem's reaction. It was a cute angelic sound and Atem wondered how old Yugi really was. He looked about 13 or 14 like Ryou. But Ryou was 17 like Bakura and the rest of the guys. Well, everyone but Seth who was 18 and himself. Atem was the youngest at 16 and Bakura never forgot to rub it in when the issue came up.

"How old are you, Yugi?" Atem went ahead and asked.

"Fifteen, now lay go ahead and try it," Yugi answered. Atem did as he was told and Yugi corrected his mistakes.

"Very good! Usually no one gets it that well the first time. Are you sure you've never done this before?"

Atem smiled at the compliment and shook his head no to the question.

"Hey lovebirds, we're going to go into town are you coming?" yelled Malik. Both boys blushed at name and hurried out of the water. They found everyone waiting for them already. Atem noticed he and Yugi were the only ones without their arms around someone else. If Yugi noticed he gave no indication and they followed all their paired up friends into the city.