Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or the End of the Year TV Special that aired in Japan which basically lead up to this storyline. And, yes, Luffy was referred to as Oyabun throughout the entire special, mostly because Oyabun means "Boss".

The Feudal Adventure of the Great Monkey D Oyabun

We take you to a story of honor, berries and meat. This story takes place in Feudal Japan. It is the story of a young man with messy black hair and a straw hat hanging down the back of his neck. Along with his fashion statement is a red robe with yellow around the opening and a blue sleeveless top underneath. He also has a scar under his right eye and semi-tan skin. He also has a monkey-like grin and an addiction to meat. His name is Monkey D Luffy, but since this is the End of the Year Special, we refer to him as Oyabun.

This boy happened to be sitting down by the old fishing hole. He hadn't caught a bite all day. Oyabun started to fume at the head with rage and muttered, "Stupid fish… take the bait already… stupid fish…"

Suddenly, he felt something tug his line. He pulled his fishing stick back really hard and exclaimed, "THIS IS GONNA BE A BIG ONE!"

His hopes came true as it was bigger than your average fish. Sadly, this big fish was actually a useless bottle.

Oyabun grimaced and was about to throw it back when he saw a note inside. He popped it out of the bottle and opened up the scroll.

"Dear Monkey D Oyabun," he read. "How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while. I heard that you put away Buggy the Clown just recently and met Princess Vivi. I haven't seen you in a while. I knew that you liked fishing in this usual spot, so I sent the letter here. It did reach the right place, right? Anyway, I'm rambling. I plan on visiting you today, so you don't go anywhere. Just be sure to be at Onami's restaurant. I'll meet you there."

The next words surprised Oyabun the most. The scroll ended with, "Your older brother, Portgas D Ace."

Oyabun leapt in the air and jumped for joy as he ran back to the area he loved to hang out at most, the restaurant owned by his good friend Onami.

Onami was the owner of a pretty unsuccessful restaurant. Still, it made money, and was home to a great chef.

Onami and Sanji basically ran the restaurant. Onami was a young girl with beautiful orange hair and a slender build. She always wore a pink kimono with white circles on it. She also wore a red ribbon on his back carried a small purse (Don't ask) on her back.

Her hair was always done up in a traditional Japanese bun (With the sewing sticks and everything) and a blue ribbon ran down the bottom half of her kimono.

Sanji was the master chef at the restaurant. He had rich blond hair that covered his left eye and a creepy eyebrow in a spiral formation. He had his hair done up in a tradition Japanese man's ponytail and he wore a blue robe with a forest green belt. (At least I think it was forest green) He also wore blue dark blue pants, green shoes made from a lizard and two black wristbands.

A man sat at the table. This man was a strange one. He had curly hair that was in a ponytail and wore a green robe with a black top underneath. He had a blue handkerchief over his shoulder and a greenish-brown bandana. He was a mutated guy, as anyone could see. He had a long straight nose that resembled a tree branch in a way or two and fish lips. He also had tan skin and wore green pants the same color as his robe.

Finally, there was a small reindeer that often hung out at the restaurant. He wore a giant red hat with a white X in the center. He also had a shiny blue nose and stood like a human. He wore a grey robe and a red vest with the same white X's on it and blue shorts that looked kind of like boxers, but they weren't. His name was Tony-Tony Chopper.

These four people were simply sitting around and looking bored when showed up and swung the door open. He ran up to Usopp and exclaimed, "I have some great news, Usopp-sama!"

Usopp nodded and asked, "What is it, Oyabun-san?"

Onami shook her head and asked, "Did you finally find enough money to pay back what you owe me for that meal you mooched off of me last week?"

Sanji shook his head and replied, "He probably found out how to count to 2."

Oyabun grimaced and spat, "I know how to count to two! Watch!" He used his fingers and counted, "1, 3, and 2!"

Usopp and Chopper laughed hysterically at this sad display. You have to admit that for a guy who keeps the citizens safe from criminals, Oyabun wasn't very bright.

Oyabun soon regained his composure and said, "I have even better news than those two put together!"

Usopp nodded and asked, "What is it? Spit it out already."

Oyabun grinned and stated, "Portgas D Ace is coming over for a visit!"

He showed Usopp and note and he confirmed it. Ace was coming to this very restaurant for a visit.

Suddenly, he looked up at Oyabun and asked, "Since when are you able to read?"

Everyone laughed even harder until Chopper asked, "Who's Ace? Is he a friend of yours?"

Onami shook her head and replied, "Ace is more like a friend to us. He's actually Oyabun's older brother."

Chopper nodded in understanding as a monk with green hair, a traditional Japanese hat and a white robe with a brown vest entered the area and asked, "Did you say that Ace is Oyabun's older brother?"

Oyabun looked at his new companion, Roronoa Zoro and asked, "How do you recognize the name Ace?"

The monk sat at the table and said, "Ace is world famous. Supposedly, he managed to take down 100 dragons and is responsible for the capture of Baroque Works. HEY, ONAMI, CAN I GET SOME BOOZE OVER HERE?"

Onami glared at him and retorted, "You've had enough booze. Last night, I sent you to pick up ingredients, and Usopp found you sleeping in a tree. Unless you have money, I'm not giving you anything."

Zoro knew she'd say that last bit, so he pulled out a satchel full of gold and placed it on the table. Onami stared at it with money signs in her eyes and a wide gaping smile that creeped everyone out as she hugged the money and barked, "Sanji-kun, get this man some booze!" Sanji smiled back and exclaimed, "Anything for you, Sami-swan!"

Usopp turned away from that little display and said, "This is great. Ace hasn't visited in over 3 years! It'll be nice to see him! I have some new weapons I'd like to show him! I can't wait to see the look on his face when I show him what a muscular male role model I've become!"

Chopper cheered and exclaimed, "You're the best, Usopp-sama!"

Oyabun chuckled and said, "I can't wait to finally beat him in an arm wrestling match. 17 years has passed, and I still haven't managed to beat him yet."

Chopper turned to Luffy and asked, "Is it true that Ace is responsible for the capture of Baroque Works? That organization is said to be the most powerful in the world!"

Oyabun nodded and said, "It's all over the news. He's a great guy, that Ace."

We now take you outside of town where a muscular man had just entered town. He wore a straw hat Similar to Oyabun's, but it was more like a small cowboy hat. He had black hair that was just as long as Oyabun's, only it was straight and not a total mess. He also had big abs and refused to wear a shirt. He also wore a necklace with red pearls and black pants.

He walked into town as the townsfolk stared. He walked up to a young woman, showed her a picture with Oyabun's face on it and asked, "Have you seen this man?"

The woman nodded and pointed towards Onami's restaurant. It was then that the man remembered what his letter had said. 'Wow, didn't think he'd actually be able to read those instructions,' he thought.

The man opened the door and asked, "Oi, Onami, is Oyabun here?"

Onami looked up and exclaimed, "Hi, Ace! Oyabun is right next to you!"

The man, whose name was Ace turned around and say Oyabun sitting at the table next to where he was standing. Oyabun waved at him and said, "Hi, Ace!"

Zoro stopped drinking booze for a couple of seconds (It's a miracle) and looked over at Ace. He put out his hand and said, "Hello there. It's a pleasure to meet the man who put away Baroque Works. I am the one known as Roronoa Zoro. If you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my booze."

Ace grinned and said, "It's nice to see all my favorite faces! Sanji and Nami are still living together at the restaurant and Oyabun is still mooching off of them. I'm still wondering why you two aren't married. You live under the same roof."

Nami shook her head and explained, "It wouldn't work out. Sanji's a womanizer, we sleep in separate rooms and I don't really love him back."

Sanji glanced at her and asked, "Why don't you love me back? I can cook, clean and do all that stuff you like me to do! I even beat up cheapskates for you!"

Onami sighed and said, "It's not you… wait… it IS you! Sorry for getting your hopes up!"

Sanji just stood there and stared in bewilderment as Oyabun laughed and asked, "How many times has it been this week? Ten times?"

He found himself flying headfirst into the wall two seconds later. Ace laughed and said, "This place never changes! Say, who's the raccoon dog over there?" Of course, he was referring to Chopper with that last statement.

Chopper grimaced and transformed. His body became bigger and his muscles expanded in size, and his body was now 3 times larger than before. Surprisingly, his clothes stayed on.

He fumed at the head and retorted, "I'M NOT A RACCOON DOG!"

Ace just stared at this odd display as Usopp explained, "Don't mind him. He ate the Hito-Hito no mi (Human-Human fruit), so he's part Reindeer, part human. His name is Chopper."

Ace smiled and said, "Sorry, Chopper, I thought you were a tanooki!"

Everyone laughed at this display. Today was sure to be interesting indeed. What will Ace and Luffy do together? Do I smell a fight scene coming up in the near-distant future? All of that will be answered in the next chapter!