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A beautiful little girl walked down the street. She couldn't have been more than five. But this was no ordinary little girl. She was a hedgehog. She had long black fur with a flash of pink here and there. This little girl looked like a certain black hedgehog that the military kept as a project, which was extremely coincidental, as she was his sister. Her name was Shadette.

Shadette was younger than her brother because she was created after him by Professor Gerald Robotnik to destroy the world. But he didn't think she would survive. So, in turn, he altered her brother's memories in order to destroy the world that killed his granddaughter, Maria.

Somehow, though, Shadette survived. But all she knew about herself was her name. She aged slower than her brother while she was being created. So she was, as a result, younger when she emerged from the capsule. She was created to age until she reached adulthood, then stop.

Shadette was looking for a hedgehog that looked similar to her. She was four when she awoke for the first time. She found a space transporter and warped herself to Earth, and then saw a picture of a military secret codenamed; Project Shadow. She saw this picture from a bat that called herself Rouge. She was a beautiful creature who was only twelve at the time.

Shadette stopped walking to rest. 'Why can't I find him' she thought to herself. It had turned to night a few hours ago, and she was scared. She looked at the stars, admiring their beauty.

"I want to find him," she said to herself quietly, "someone help me…"

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