Title: Moonstar

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Only get pleasure no money. Welcome to the world thru my eyes.

Summary: Dean is crashing after a string of bad jobs. One last, terrible incident pushes him over the edge. He's on a downhill slide and the Moonstar is the last place he needs to be.

Angst and hopefully some horror and action.

A/N: This is a snippet from the new multi chapter I'm working on…any interest?

Sam braced himself to leap across the short space between him and where Dean crouched, his favorite hunting knife pressing against the thin skin of his forearm ready to draw up toward the elbow. There wasn't a doubt in Sam's mind that Dean knew exactly how to do it so there would be no hope in hell of getting him help before he bled to death. Slashing across your wrists was for pussies and grandstanders who wanted attention. Up the arm, into the elbow was for people who meant business.

"Dean! Jesus! For Christ sake, Dean, don't!" Sam cried, forcing himself to stay where he was despite his every instinct. As Sam, watched a thin line of red appeared just under the blade. "Dean, please! You don't know what you're doing!" Sam voice shook with desperate emotion, tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"Leave me alone, Sam. You don't want to see this, go." Dean's voice shook too, his glazed eyes were wild. Blood began to trickle in a thin line, running down his arm to drip off his fingers. Dean's eyes flicked down for an instant as the red drops hit the floor then shot back up to Sam. The corners of Dean's mouth twitched into crooked smile, beads of sweat on his face ran together and joined the blood dripping to the floor. His eyes softened. "I can't do this anymore…"

"CHRIST, DEAN, NO!" Sam screamed, throwing himself forward.

Boring…stupid…all of the above? I had to get this part on paper. Sorry. Because of this, I have to rewrite the other chapters. (the voices…my God, the voices….)